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Is there a way to permanently ignore a user? If I never see Paris Hilton on my G+ feed again, it will be too soon.
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I know you can block users, I'm sure you would never see anything from that person again doing that.
You know you can completely eliminate What's Hot from your stream, right?
I would like that, because even if you block someone, they can still be shared on your profile. Same with twitter :/
but she's so informative.
I was laughing when I logged into G+ today... particularly after your comment yesterday.

What should be hot but Paris?  Bringing out the stupid indeed.
Blocking people. That's hot
You could kill em.  prolly a "crime" though.
Why are you following her in the first place?
Report it as spam? .. It's worse.. but there is no word yet for it.
If you block her, you won't see any of her posts.

Edit: Not sure if this includes What's Hot posts, though I would assume so.
Perhaps we need a super-block, so that you won't have to see even re-shares by your best friend.  (Note to Wil's friends, sorry about the width of that brush, I really didn't mean it that way)
you can block a user, you can also limit what's shown in your stream.  
click on the cog in the upper right hand of the screen,
click on profile and privacy,
in the second section there should be an option to edit network visibility.
That jumped right out at me too! It was jarring to see that kind of crap unsolicited. It's what set G+ (which I'm absolutely useless with even still) apart from Facebook for me.
+Wil Wheaton Do you have her circled? You can uncircle her profile and if you really want to, you can block her. I'm not sure if you want to do that though. :)
+Paris Hilton talking to you? Some would consider that a high-class problem :)
I had to mute that stupid Paris Hilton post myself.Although I'm pretty sure O had taken her off A N Y of my circles.
You can block someone via a tiny gray link on the right-hand side of a person's profile, underneath their photo and "in their circles".
you can press "block" under the people in her circles if you find her on here - I just tested it (with her)
Hi +Wil Wheaton, if you visit a person's profile page you'll find a link on the right side labeled (for example...) "Block Paris". It's in light gray under who has them in circles.

Paris may be appearing in your feed via What's Hot. You can a) turn down What's Hot by using the slider at the top right of Explore or b) block the users individually

Thanks for using G+!
Then we should raise a petition to get Paris wiped from G+ entirely. I bet it's not even her, it'll be her agent. 
I can't stand someone so vacuous. Is that thing about her feet even real? Hell, most of her isn't and, on second thoughts, actually I don't want to know. 
Is it worth typing just to say that I don't know of such a thing?

Let's be friends.  Just kidding.  Unless you're not.

Don't block me now.  I said to much.  Haven't I?  I have.  I know it.  I could just stop typing.  I could never hit enter.  But I will.  I am such a narcissist. 
Is she appearing because you are following her, you are seeing her posts reshared, or they are under What's Hot ?  If under What's Hot go to Explore, and turn the slider up top all the way to the left. If the others, well, uncircle that person.
I could unsubscribe from What's Hot, but the truth is... I've stumbled across some interesting users that way, so I'm not going to hide it just because I occasionally see something there I don't care for. 

It's like Michael Bolton in Office Space: "Why should I change my name? He's the one who sucks."
Yep.  "Block".  Works just like you think, they'll never know you did it, and while they can still see your public posts I believe--'cause well, public--they can't comment or anything either, and you'll DEFINITELY never see them.
I think we need a "-" button next to "+".  That would make a huge difference...
Actually, here is a relevant article for you.
you could block....but that only eliminates the one user....not the 8 billion re-shares  :(
I am full of G+ fail today.  I either need beer or a nap.
Lower right column of her profile page - look for the Block link; click it.
I agree! I think she is the only one who likes her.
Could we move to a parallel Earth where people are famous for their positive accomplishments?
How are you seeing her in the first place?  Is she in one of your circles?
+Wil Wheaton Ah, "What's hot"?  Hit that circle directly and there should be a slider at the top with "How much to show..." or something on it.  Drag to "None" and you'll never see "What's Hot" again.
I never do, but then I only see the people I am following...
You can set up your feed to only show specific circles.  I did that.
Just did a test, blocking a user does remove them from What's Hot.
J. roto
You mean you don't find her inspirational?
I was thinking the same thing when I saw her fitness post.
My "uncircle inactives" app showed Paris as inactive/never posted. I think she came in by a shared celeb circle. Well, nothing she has to tell is actually interesting. So nothing lost by getting rid of her.
Sadly the world needs clowns like Paris Hilton for entertainment. 
I wouldn't worry about Paris. She usually just lays there like a dead fish anyway.
if you find it let me know too please
I blocked her half an hour ago coincidentally
I never subscribed to her either and she's showing up on my feed as well.  Is it actually Paris Hilton posting or a spammer?
Should be able to block by viewing user profile page and on the lower right hand side are two links to either report user or block user. This should block it from your "Hot on G+" feed as well.
I saw the same thing, and thought the same thing, and then I saw this post.  Go figure.
Block works nicely. You do not see the posts from that person, and you also do not see comments from them.
I tried "Mute this post", but it may have only muted a single post and not the whole Paris experience.
+Wil Wheaton happy to help! Here at the office, we're all pretty psyched to have you as part of the G+ community
It's ok you don't have to hide your love for Paris. :)
un-circle them?
Or is there a reason you need to keep following such a person?
+Travis Koger Yeah... this had worked before, but there is always a bit of flux in how things work on G+ so I wasn't 100% sure.
+Tim Calvin I imagine it's for the same reason I thought "Man, I want to block her." Something she posted made "What's Hot" and popped up in my feed. Right below this post from +Wil Wheaton, actually. That amused me.
Yes, block them.

I have already successfully blocked:
- Paris Hilton
- Justin Beiber
- Kim Kardashian
- Brittany Spiers
Click on 'em, scroll down about a screenlength and click "Block <user>".  You'll be asked to confirm.
Totally block the user. I have blocked some crazy people who feel that women shouldn't even be seen, much less heard.
I'm with you wil. I was going to comment on how pathetic it was that her working out got 420+ comments but I didn't want my phone to blow up all day with responses from un intelligent people. LOL.
JP Lang
I can't believe anyone would actually put any merit to anything that comes out of that woman's mouth.

And yes +Wil Wheaton - hit 'em with the ol' BLOCK-stick. That'll silence them.
If you are using the iPhone app you can block them by tapping on the user, tapping on the settings cog wheel in the upper right and tapping block. 
On a scale from 1-fuck paris hilton, someone videotaped that already.
Yeah, Block is the answer, I've already been doing this to repeat offenders in What's Hot, mostly posters of facile "inspirational" quotes
Although I'm intrigued about that "what's hot" stream. Don't seem to have that :) Must have done something right at the beginning of my G+ experience. 
Yea, there is. Just go to her page and hit the "Block..." button.
Have you heard the story that Patton Oswalt tells about Paris Hilton being the reason he was fired from "Best Week Ever?"  Hilarious.  And I happen to concur with everything he says. 
Turn down the volume of "What's Hot" to nothing and, when you want to check out what's hot, you could click Explore and browse it. You were the first to tell me that she was on G+.
I've used something like that in the past.  If she's popping up on What's Hot there should be an option on in the drop down menu at the top right.  I think that's how I blocked her.
You can install a greasemonkey filter that will simply change the words  "Paris Hilton"  into "a large babboon"  It doesn't make them go away, just a lot more entertaining.
Thanks for posting this +Wil Wheaton , because I was thinking the same thing when I saw her in my stream and didn't know what to do. I feel the same way about what's hot. It might only be 1 out of 20 that is someone or something I am truly interested in, but I don't want it gone forever :)
I laughed at this at first....then I scrolled down and she was there.  Thanks for the contextually relevant instructions on how to block someone.
Scariest dream I've had in a while - "Kardashians" showing up in the 'Trending on Google+' box.  That one bothered me all day...
I was considering asking her if she'd mind posting the famous sex tape.  I never saw it, and I feel pretty much alone in that regard.
Oooh, oooh, I'll play.  "How do I block Queen Elizabeth? Damn monarch mouth makes me mad!"

"Yeah, I totally just unfriended the Pope."

"I find if I go to the correct setting page, stick my left toe in my right ear, and chant the proper EULA, I can completely remove all the vowels from Paris Hilton's posts."
I've never seen the so-called "sex tape" either... and I never want to. I'd be just as pleased to never know who this Paris Hilton person is. Or the... who was it? Kardashians? aren't those a race of space aliens from Star Trek? 
U Hol
+Wil Wheaton First you shocked me Paris Hilton is on G+, than I also find Britney Spears. Hell, its sunday 10:44 pm in Germany and this weekend couldn´t get worse... ;-)
I think you can put her in a circle of IGNORE and then set that feed to never update
I hope the irony of this post isn't lost on folks
Thank you folks, I didn't think of blocking her from her page, now I can make "What's hot" more usable by blocking the more drooling of the people who get thrown up there...
Google Math X= A + B  In this case: Let the First Pic of Paris Hilton on Google+ "What's Hot" serve as X.  Then that equals, A (Shutting off "What's Hot" ) + B ( knowing Google has no idea what is hot.)
El blocko...... And report as abuse.... To your sanity
Hehe... trending topic! 

Just 35 minutes later, techie +Dan Gillmor (with a mere 666K circlers ;-) echoes +Wil Wheaton's sentiment:  "I just found Paris Hilton in my G+ feed, inserted there by Google to tell me that her post was hot stuff. I muted it, but was tempted to report it as abuse."  lolz
Try to ignore the semen stains on her top and get to know the philosophical side of Paris, hmm?
I bet it's written for her by a publicist. I doubt she can even string a cohesive sentence together.
I'd love to see a line added in someone's profile, right under where you see how many people have them in circles...see how many people have them blocked :)

Cause Paris just got a bunch of those, based on this post, including me. 
Thank goodness for SEO! Also, thank you for complaining and asking that question. Until now, I'm sure half of us were doing the same as you; putting up with garbage for some really cool shit! :D
True dat!  And I'd like to automatically ignore every moron that comments on her posts, while I'm at it.
I suspect when Paris Hilton dies there will be a loud clap as air rushes in to fill the void she leaves behind.
OK, I just scrolled down and saw the offended article. Sandwiched in-between a +Doctor Who & +OMG! Ubuntu! post.

Time to use the "What's Hot" filter!
I died a little inside when I saw her on my stream
I've blocked both Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga, my Explore feed is a thousand times nicer to read (with still room for improvement)
Oh, f***.  I made the mistake of mentioning <attention whore with name beginning with K> in a +Wil Wheaton thread, and apparently he has enough followers that it brought said person onto the Trending on G+ for real, like saying the name of a Lovecraftian Elder God.

I'm sorry, you have my permission to shoot me now. ;)
I just clicked the selector for the "what's hot" stream down to 0 and I never see ANY of that shit anymore.
Unfortunately, if she's in a thread you are in, you will keep getting her updates on that thread even if she's not in your circles. You've got to actually block someone to not see anything they post.

Keep in mind, Wil posts a lot of Public stuff that anyone can reply to, even if they are not in his circles.
You know i was just thinking "wtf! Why is this idiot on my g+ at all!" Block block block
I lol'd because there was a Paris Hilton "What's Hot!" Post embedded right above this one.
use the slider in explore tab.... :)
Jim Cox
+Wil Wheaton As others have suggested, blocking is the best option, and I took my own advice in this case (though I doubt she'd be interested in my profile :-)
Turn it into a drinking game. Every time you see her post, take a shot of your favorite Irish Whiskey and start looking for Rainbows... lol
Blocking her might work. I never saw anyone I blocked again.
+Wil Wheaton use your star power to lead a crusade against the What's Hot "feature" for starters.
I think you can disable the "What's hot" feature. You just go to the "Explore" section and move the slider at the top right to the far left to turn it off.
+Wil Wheaton There should be a feature which a user can block/ignore all Celebs & then Unblock them if you wish to Follow (I would unblock you in such use-case)
+Wil Wheaton, if you click on my profile pic and open my profile, right underneath my profile pic is and area with how many are in my circles, and right underneath that you have the option to block or report profile.  Once you click on "block" a screen will appear telling you hat exactly happens when you block someone, and you have to confirm that you want to block them.
Hey, thanks +Lee Brewer. Never knew that before. I tested it by blocking you, nothing personal :-) Now let's see if I can figure out how to unblock someone.
If there's someone I don't want to see but don't want to block, I add them to a 'crap' circle and then set the visibility of that circle in my stream to zero.
You can block a user.  It means you will never see something they type.
I blocked K'im of Cardassia and filed a bug report whenever she showed up on my stream. If enough people do this they might build in permablocking
Thanks for the heads up. Life is way to short to have to listen to anything Paris Hilton has to say.
I wish there was a way to rate a "hot" post with thumbs-down (ie, "this is lame, I don't care how many other people are giving it +1)
Jim Cox
+Jules Ius Great suggestion the crap circle for those you don't want to block.  I am creating an "ignore" circle now.
Sorry +Robert Clark, but had you blocked me, I would not have seen your post, nor would I have been able to tag you in this post.  When you block someone, neither one will see the other.
Don't feed the trolls, Wil. They just grow stronger and eventually make a sex tape that launches them into pseudo-stardom.
And to see your blocked list, click on "circles" on the left side of the screen, go to "actions" on the upper right of the screen, and "view blocked".  From there you can unblock them.
Awww, that's not very nice +Wil Wheaton, +Paris Hilton has some wonderfully informative and thought provoking posts! There was the one, wait...well whadabout the time she said...hmmm...ummm....
What I wanna know is if Jim Parsons is on Wil's G + feed! I'm fairly certain that Sheldon Cooper isn't! LoL
There was that one informative post; a picture of the sun with the caption, "That's hot".
Adam N
strangely enough she appears on my feed directly below this post under the banner of "what's hot"
Let me know if you find a way!   I am a old fan Will.  Thanks for the memories....Peace
So tempted to try and troll her but know she can't read. 
Purely out of curiosity, what the hell is that woman famous for?  I mean seriously, what did she do other than be born into money to account for anyone paying any attention to her at all?
I must live right, I've never seen her here.
I think mute is supposed to figure that out.
Fans of people like that showing up on G+ I take as FaceBook's swan song. Refugees in the wrong place.
Now I'm curious as to what she's posting on G+. I hope I won't regret this...
Wil, just log into her account and delete it, her password is same as the name of the dog in her purse, she thinks two step authentication is a European pole dance.
I saw this post and was like "That's odd" then scrolled down and found the referenced post. Just thought I'd share a little gem which I saw in the comments:

"Im going to add you to My Hotties list x"
I was just thinking that after looking at one of her ridiculous posts.. Man, she is really awful.
Just go to her stupid page and Block her. Then no more posts and she can't send you anything.
I blocked her the first time I saw one of her posts. I doubt there is anything she would share that I would be interested in that I haven't seen before.
Great question,I don't recall ever adding her but then again I don't think I added you. Will Wheaton I am happy to read, Paris not so much.
+Alexander Loh
You may be right in humanistic way, but her name is a brand. Be careful of what you're allowing to be advertised. Next thing you know you get a "check out my new work out line of ass perfume."
Even if you block her, +Wil Wheaton you will still see every damn public reshare, so there really is no way to completely remove someone from your stream as long as there is someone else out there that thinks you were missing out on it the first time.
Certain parts of her are quite watchable. 
Im circling you just for this comment alone.
At least #ScienceSunday  is trending at #2. We should just reshare everything Paris Hilton posts and tag it with #ScienceSunday  
I passed a PH post and thought almost this exact thing. Perfect.
Block indeed, Obama's page and the white house page were on my blocked list awhile back.
Are you crazy?
I try not to miss any Paris Hilton posts, so I can do some high-quality trolling.
And while we are at it, Kardashians and Bieber are also fair targets.
If you haven't found it yet, it's in the right column on a user's profile page. Just below the "Have her in circles" list.
Hooray Blocking!
How crazy seeing u again, Wil. Gonna go see Kings bury Devils Monday? I was on the glass for game 4 & can't afford another game. Never imagined it going to game 6!
This epic post is why I had to add +Wil Wheaton to my follow list.
That & I think he made an awesome serial killer on Criminal Minds. ;-)
Blocked her. But she is still there, with her endless wisdom on Explore. Funny bit I noticed when i was blocking her was her first contact is Dalai Lama. Not sure if he added her back.
You can set how many posts you see from each user. It's in your settings. I wouldn't want to see her posts myself.
You can still block What's Hot. I deleted that entire section in one awesome swoop.
You could threaten to give me her G+ address...
"If I never see.... it will be too soon."

I think you mixed your uh, expressions.
Who gives a damn about that piece of white trash, seems like u all need attention !!!
NJ Mann
Will Wheaton, better to have than Paris. Star Trek all the way! 
I thought the same thing when I saw her post today.
I felt the same thing when I saw her on my feed!  :-/
She's popular enough to be annoying.
I blocked her a looooong time ago. Haven't seen a peep from her since. Not anywhere, not even in What's Hot. Sooooooo nice.
Great, now I can block her too, Thank You from the bottem of my heart
What more is there to say?
Delete yor acct, so you could ever be around her ass again!!
Although not a major fan of Ms. Hilton. She has toned it down a bit. ( thank goodness) but I agree, not " BIG" whoa.. I could leave it ...
she likes to say that's hot and she appears on what's hot... anyways who decides? 
Wil Wheaton,
Any one else you'd like to censure?
because she is hot and rich, has many affairs. ^_^
After Celine Dion, Ms Hilton will be next for the wall and blindfold once my revolution takes place.
I heartily agree.  Such a shallow creature.
I did it a while ago. this hilton must be the lamest, fakest person not on G+ but the face of the earth... removing form circles seemed to be enough, she doesnt even show up in my whats hots.
Blocked; thanks for calling attention to the fact that this was a solveable problem.
To block a user you have to click through to their page and then break out your magnifying glass and look until you find the tiny little "Block" link. "Mute this post" does just that, mutes that specific post. There's no easy blocking of a person from that tiny menu in the post itself. My "hot on Google+" list is slowly going from "shoot me now!" to "this sucks" after I keep going through and blocking all the fake Gandhis, the fake Earths, the fake "Wisdom", etc etc. 
Dav Bob
I have more people blocked than I have in circles, the what's hot  tab seems like such a great idea until they allowed morons to comment. For every photographs of a sunrise you will have 500 people declaring proof of god. Don't even get me started on the Einstein quotes or schmultzy love proverbs...
I'm currently blocking anyone posting inspirational quotes. My 'hot' stream is so much more a pleasure to look at.
Curiously, it has become increasingly complicated to block a user... Before you only needed one or two mouse clicks, but now... No less than four, and you go back to the start of your stream...
Just thinking the same thing
Ha, what is going on!?
Your lucky, we get to listen to Katy Price on what seems to be every tv channel in UK!
I think I know the post you are talking about, and comment #500 is freaking classic. I LOL'ed.
I get the feeling that it's good to live in Germany since the what's hot stuff seems to be country specific.
Never got a single PH news (or at least I succesfully whiped it from my memory) in the what's hot posts.
Instead I found +Wil Wheaton and +Felicia Day via what's hot and started following ;-)
There's a "mute this post" which I've done to Hilton like posts and never seen them again (or their progeny).
Well said, Will!  I agree!  :)
i was just thinking about the same thing !!!!
Wow such a nice guy you are +Wil Wheaton I mean if I had as many followers as you I would get on here and blast people I don't like too. Ah I love this junior high attitude....
+Justin Garcia I would read his post less about Paris Hilton and more about G+'s increasing talent for showing you stuff you're not interested in and didn't ask for.
It would help if you didn't have her in your 'Fantasy' Circle  :p
Added to circles just for this statement.
thank you mr. wheaton! now how do we do that readers of the web, help us! ha ha good idea. yes ruben, my first non reletive, add to my cycle  
I keep seeing this Wheaton fellow popping up!
She probably wants to remove you too will.
Can't you just do a 'block user' on her?  I think that'll eliminate it from everything for you, including 'What's Hot'.
Blocking Paris Hilton was the first thing I did when I started using G+; I highly recommend it.
Ugh, I ran into her at the Luxor in Las Vegas.  I thought she was a fembot whose skin needed a little more steel wool to dull it down.
I just blocked her.
Paris Hilton bashing? Talk about fish in a barrel.
block. And you can always drop a brick block on her head. :)
Yeah, I was surprised to see Paris on my feed; so I took the opportunity to ask her why she was wearing so many clothes.  I am disappoint.
I think its called hiring a hitman... Hell, I'm sure there are people out there who'd volunteer to do it for free.
Come on, shes not that long as she isn't seen or heard.
Do you see bernie sanders? What do you make of him trying to be a hero and save us all from losing our social security to the government?
Michael Beck - We lost our SS to our parents not the gov't...  Granted they horribly mismanaged it...
After reading this I felt this undeniable urge to go to her page and block her just so I never have to go through the terror of actually seeing a post from her.

Thank you Wil, paying it forward lol
to all those that think there is no war between the rich and poor. think. it IS a war fought with MONEY! the poor only just started fighting... The rich have been at war since birth. The poor never knew they had an enemy. It boils down to this. Do i think things should be fair?yes? Fair for you or fair for everyone? profit or principle?The difference between conservatism and liberalism. in my question you can see my leanings. A con would prefer..." helping this guy out or looking after your bottom line." help would be something like say.... customer service or having enough staff to hold the place down, provide cover for holidays, loyalty rewards in payment. extra pay for out of normal hours. bottom line meaning YOUR salary. Years ago when human resources thought humans were a resource, people had some value. these days they are considered an expense and a devaluing of a bonus. i can close a business in a year and still make a profit every day. you just have to gut the place, keep thinning the staff and screw every customer you meet. all fair though right? extreme sapping of wealth from a machine of business eventually closes said business. eventually..... not till your shares are sold off though. not till the last of the money has been filtered out and the only bills left are pensions, wages and dividends... 1 guy sitting on a yacht laughing his ass off. 15,000 out of work or lost pensions or dividends (also a pension).  see? i could do it.. it doesn't make you clever in doing it. just a dick. cream rises to the top the way shit floats. thats why libs are cleverer than cons. however not always richer financially. but then there are other things of worth in this world. I am not after perfection here just less people taking the piss. a few more years and even the sports fans will start getting distracted. then we will be seeing heads on spikes. you have been warned, 1%. 
Did you see that Kanye posted a nude shot of Kim Kardashian? Or or or Kim's denial? Or or or the revelation that it was a "double"? If Paris just got out of the way, there'd be room for someone with a real rear end on your feed!
How exactly did Hilton land in your feed? And what pearls of wisdom does she have to say lately? I've quite missed her in comparison to Kardashian.
I saw that South Park episode with Paris Hilton, I lost my marbles LoLoL
I love Paris Hilton posts. It allows me to tell her about my disgust for her without censor.
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
On second thought, I'd rather know where +Paris Hilton is at all times.  I don't want herpes infested cockroach sneaking up on me.
Totally agree! She's a big p.o.s.! The day I take life lessons from her, is the day I swallow a bullet!
OK, I just tried this. A presidential candidate I'm not voting for is showing up on the What's Hot. Even after blocking them. I don't want to turn off What's Hot, some of it is interesting. IS there a way to remove someone without banishing a bunch of other people?
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