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Oh, hey... one more Droid question:

I was about to pull the trigger on a Gnex, when I saw that it doesn't have an SD slot. Now, I've never come close to filling up the 4GB I have in my HTC INC, but I've always liked being able to have removable media storage.

If you have the Gnex: how much do you miss the SD slot? If the S 3 really is coming out in a month, I'll wait, because it seems like it's the best of both worlds.

Oh, also? Holy fuck shit the amount of crappy spam blogs and websites there are indexed on Google when you're just trying to get actual, useful information about mobile phones -- especially the Droid phones. [image of me tearing out my hair]
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the GNex has 32 GB of internal storage. had mine for 4 months now and storage, so far, is not an issue
I've never had a phone storage problem and I listen to a lot of audio books.
I got the 32GB and didn't even think to look for an SD slots. Never came close on my 16GB phones, though, so I guess YMMV.
I've never had an issue with storage space ever, but having the slot available to transfer data when all other methods fail is a Big Deal to me.
Considering I use Google Music to stream my entire music collection all the time, I don't miss an SD card at all.
Jay M
I haven't missed it at all. Nothing whatsoever. It has huge amounts of storage, and everything is becoming so cloud-based that the device is merely a temporary resting spot for data. Plus, it hooks up to a computer just like an SD card (the computer "sees' it as an SD card, so if need arises it would be easy to move files on and off.
32GB is nothing to shake a stick at.
Now 32 sticks...
Ian M.
I don't miss it at all. You get 32gb with is more then enough for music and most files. Plus with all the streaming options.......
Seriously, wait for the S3. You will only be disappointed if you don't.
With services like Dropbox I really don't have any problems.
It still has 32GB internal, just mainly accessible via USB.. I use a lot of Google's cloud stuff like Drive and Music, so there's no reason for me to load up the 32GB. It's nice that it's there, like if I were to travel I can offline a lot of the stuff.

If you want/need security, I'd say wait for something that fits you better. The Gnex is a nice phone, but something better will always be coming out.
I do not miss the SD slot at all. I really only used the SD for music and Google Music easily fills that role without using ANY of your onboard storage.
I don't miss the SD card at all. I have the 32GB Verizon version, and have never come close to filling it. I think a big part of that is the fact I can have all my music on Google Music and access all of it whenever I want over a 4G network (it even works well over 3G). Also, with the addition of the Google Drive, onboard space will probably never become an issue ;)
the gnex is a great phone (sgs2) the main drawback is the lack of an SD card, but the slight concave makes up for it... if you've never killed 4gb i think the better camera awesome video and sound quality of gnex will change your mind on storage... that said though waiting a short time for a sgs3 as your next jump is probably better due to the improvements that it has for battery life (supposedly) the sgs2, at elast mine has about 6 hours of life in regular exchange games and speaking useage but im running CM9 on it. witout hacking it's a LOT less.
I had planned on waiting for the S3 as well... but then in my research I learned of the new Motorola phone in the works... Droid Fighter... and I have had nothing but good luck with the Motorola ones. Even though my screen is all cracked up right now, I am holding out for the Fighter I think...

I think what tees me off so much with the S3 is that in the US will it be castrated to a dual core instead of quad.
Searching for credible info is insane.
When using google music why does anyone need anything bigger than 1 gig
Jay M
I just checked mine, which I've been using since launch in December. Of 28GB available, I am only using 7. I have 21GB just sitting there, despite having all my music, apps, documents on it.
I've downloaded a butt load of apps and have plenty of space left. It depends on if you prefer to use the SD card as a means of transferring media. To each his own. My buddy rejected the GNex for that reason.
I haven't missed having an SD card so far, but then again I never bothered fiddling with SD cards in my previous phones. At 28GB, I don't really feel the need for additional storage.

I do customer support for Android apps, and is my go-to site for device specs, if that's helpful.
I don't miss the SD slot one bit.
+Wil Wheaton , someone from the Droid App. developers community I've in my circles, shared a matching circle of Android professionals on Tursday. I'lll look for that and link it to you. These guys could help you with serious knowledge.
I have a nexus s 4g with the 16gb usb storage. It is more like the iphone in the respect that it has the memory onboard. The Gnex should have 32gb which is quite a lot. The advantage that the gnex has is the lack of Samsung and Verizon software that can't be removed. I personally don't like the Samsung Touch Wiz and prefer the naked android UI but that might make me a purist.
I just picked up the 16GB GNex after selling my HTC Amaze 4g that had a 32GB microSD in it. I haven't missed the extra storage yet, but I've only had the GNex about 3 weeks.
Wait a couple of weeks and get the Galaxy SIII. I am getting one for my contract upgrade and they have a 16, 32 & 64GB versions with removable microsd and removable battery
no gnex, but nexus s with no sd card. I've never had a need for one using audiogalaxy and/or google music.
I have a Galaxy Nexus and don't miss the Micro-SD slot from my Nexus One at all. The performance on the Micro-SD cards was never great anyway being slow and making boot up time obnoxious if you have a lot of apps installed to SD. Of course I did get the 32GB model so that I wouldn't need a Micro-SD card unless I went crazy with huge file downloads.
Many may disagree with me here, but I upgraded from a HTC Desire with 32GB SD card to a Galaxy Nexus 16GB (at the time, the GSM phones were only 16GB)... and I haven't come close to filling the 16GB on the phone. Don't miss it at all.
Ever since i moved my music collection to Google Music, i haven't connected my ancient HTC EVO to a computer at all. Movies are different, but manageable when you can play with offline storage and cloud/streaming options. Not an issue IMHO.
My most recent android phone doesn't have an SD card. I thought I would miss it, and I haven't. If I had the extra space I would probably put all of my music on it but I stream my music through Google Play Music, anyway. The only time I would miss it is if I had no cell signal and wanted to listen to more than 5 gigs of music.
Not being likely to upgrade for a while my thoughts are only hypothetical but there are two I want in a phone or I don't even want to consider it

1. Removable SD card
2. Removable battery

Everything else falls into the "nice to have" category but if it doesn't have those, I will read about them but don't want.

This could be why I won't touch iPhones but there are other reasons too,
I thought I would miss it coming from my OG Droid, but in reality I don't. The only thing that chews up the space is multiple nandroid backups and those can be off loaded to your pc...
The only thing that gets me, is the move to MTP for file transfers. While it makes sense in the long run (MTP is a pretty good idea as transfer protocols go), Linux support for it is still pretty young to be "every day useful".
But with Google Drive, that's less of an issue on transferring files to my Linux machines nowadays.
The only thing I really used my SD for was music, so I quit caring about on-phone storage when I started using Google Music. If you're into watching movies on the phone or you record a lot of jittery phonecam video you might need real storage, but otherwise a few gigs is a lot of space (thousands of books, hundreds of pictures, etc.)
I don't miss it much. Mine had 27 gig of free space on it when it was new, far more space than my sd card. It took a little work to get mtp to work in Ubuntu 11.10. PTP worked. I also use the andftp to connect over the wifi to my linux desktop to move files on and off it. That seems to work well too.
Oli Lan
I don't miss removable storage at all. I had a micro SD card in my last phone and I never removed it once.
I was very concerned about that before i got mine. Now i have it and i am not even close to a full storage. Got some music on my phone , some .pdf and pictures but i am far away from the 16gb.
I like my gnex but i don't want to say it's "better" than the S3. It IS curved though.
It is rarer and more geeky and you won't find a person that has one in the subway ;=) (but if you do you can exchange those knowing nerd smiles)

With streaming getting more and more important and online cloud storage more accessible , 16gb should be perfectly fine.
I don't miss it, but, that doesn't mean I don't hate Samsung/Google for not including it. I have a 32Gig Class10 card that is now just a glorified flash drive :/
There is a trend to move more and more stuff to the cloud. I'm fine with non removable sd card. Most everything I get streamed. And if I'm traveling I use my tablet that supports sd as well as USB sticks.
I don't miss it at all, get an OTG cable (male microUSB, female USB A) and you can carry around as many thumb drives as you want, without removing the battery to swap them. Plus the vast majority of my stuff is "in the cloud" most of the time (doesn't help on a plane, of course).
I like to view content on my Android device, so videos, music videos, ebooks, reference documents, backups of G+ content all serve to fill up a 16GB SD. This lets me have access to the content without burning through bandwidth. It also gives me access when in 'airplane mode' or in dead zones. I can't imagine being without local storage.
It depends on where you go for your holidays. I can usually get phone but 3G was not common in some remote places I have been.
I don't miss at all, and I love the fact that you can encrypt the entire phone.
I am, of course, assumed to be biased. However, I am very hardcore about my phones and I don't miss the SD slot one bit.

If you have a lot of music or photos to move around and you don't use Google Play Music or whatever we're calling Picasaweb these days then you're going to have a bad time.

I am an avid Audible listener and mobile picture taker and I also cache a lot of my music for road trips. I've only used up 4GB of space thus far.
i have GNEX and do not miss the SD slot at all. I love this phone like i have no other. i have had zero problems with it and tons of people wanting it. it does all. If i can help it, i will have this phone forever. period.thanx
I've found that even with the SD slot, I'm not even needing it. Instant upload sends all pics to Google, all my music is on Google Music, and contacts, email and everything is in the cloud. The only thing on my phone are my original copies of pictures, which are duplicated in the cloud. I think the trend we'll see in coming years is LESS phone storage, which may benefit the batteries. I love the fact I don't have to worry about my phone dying or losing it - just a remote wipe via Cerberus.
To be honest, I purchased a Droid Bionic (Motorola) through Verizon, and I love it! It has SD capability, and while removing the card can be a little awkward (you have to remove the battery to get to it), I would still recommend the Motorola brand of Droid phones. For photo or video storage, having that SD card as backup memory could prove very handy indeed.
I'm about to get the HTC One S, and was freaked about no SD card slot either. However, with google drive, google music and backing everything up to dropbox once a month, it's a non-issue. I've barely touched over a gig of internal storage on my sensation.
I have the 16GB GSM model and I haven't missed removable storage at all. Word of warning, MTP can be finicky at times
Danny J
it might make a difference if u get fringe reception......which is mycase so i need plenty of storage cant rely on the cloud...also if u root or sideload u want storage for backups etc. i am waiting for a quad core..hopefully the s3 will have one in the us.
I am starting to hate trying to track this info and find credible dates for when phones are coming out.
I'm with +Scott Watson in removable battery is not a choice for me until battery tech get better through the years.

But, seriously, pick the phone which more likes you and fit with your digital life. Today every piece of hight-end mobile tech that go out factory is quite fine for most users.
Personally, I wouldn't buy a phone that didn't have removable storage. I would recommend that you wait until the S3 comes out in a month, unless your incredible is really dying now. The Nexus is awesome when compared to the Incredible, but of the phones that came out around that time, it's actually kind of meh. I upgraded from my incredible to a razr maxx, and I love it, but I don't know that it would work internationally, so...
So long as you have unlimited data you do not need much memory. All my music is in the cloud except for some "emergency" tunes for when I am on a plane or otherwise disconnected.
I've had the gnex since it came out and I'v enot missed the removable storage for a day. Using Google Music to stream the majority of my music, the biggest need for space is photos and apps, and I've not even come close to running out.
Don't miss it at all. Lots and lots of space on the phone, and I don't see myself ever coming close to filling it up.

Edit: my model has 16Gb, and I don't think I even have 16Gb worth of useful material to put on the phone if I wanted.
Hey +Wil Wheaton, I don't miss the SD slot at all. Its 32gb, and the way that the GNex mounts to your computer makes it so you can transfer files without having to unmount storage. So, all 32gb is available for apps and storage with no partitioning. The only real issue is battery life. I recommend flashing the updates, rooting, and then putting on franco kernel milestone 3. You get a huge performance gain.
I haven't missed the SD card slot at all on my GNex. I don't have a lot of stuff to store on there. I don't store music or video on my phone I get that stuff from the cloud or my tablet.
I don't miss the SD slot. Most of my media lives online these days.
Do NOT go without an SD card. I'm on my 4th droid and I fill the phone storage on average in 2 days. The expansion/upgrade flexibility of an SD card reader is NOT an option you will wish to go without.
Wil face it you never used it.
I just use an SCP client to transfer files to a private folder on my personal FTP server. I don't miss the SD card one bit.

What I do is a little bit slower, but, darn it, I'm paying for my web hosting, I might as well actually use the tools I'm paying for. It also means I can transfer content from any computer to my phone, without needing an SD card reader, or a USB cable. It's all in the cloud.
I don't miss the removable storage either and it was one thing I was worried about. But with Google play having my music on the Cloud, I can't say I miss any extra storage. 32gb is more than enough for apps and images.
Thought I would miss it a lot -- but I have a 32GB GNex and it hasn't been an issue. (If I was away from The Cloud more I'd have a bigger issue, but that's rarely the case for me...)
I haven't had a storage problem with my GNex at all, and was worried that I might. Have had it since December.
Going from the Nexus S to Galaxy Nexus I didn't miss the SD slot at all, I've never come close to filling up my 8GB - but then I'm using Google+ auto photo upload so that takes care of photo storage... and Google Music let's me only pin the few albums I absolutely need access to without data (when I'm flying).
Don't really miss it. I use only half of my 16GB. But since you use CM you might as well get the S3. It's a whole lot faster and that's always nice. Plus, it has a better camera.
I've had a SGS2 for a year, and I have never needed the SD card slot built in. The Gnex will have far more capacity built in, so I wouldn't worry about it.
Most of the time you won't miss it, +Wil Wheaton But when traveling, sd is a must. I have a Galaxy Note. Big enough to enjoy but small enough to be portable. It has an sd slot and you can plug a flash drive into it.
With Google Music, and not having to use any space on your phone for music, removable storage won't be much, if any, issue.
Well, it comes with 16G, and I use the app AirDroid to move stuff onto and off of it. I don't miss the SD slot.
32gb works just fine for me. I don't even come close to filling it, and I don't have to worry about apps being on internal vs sd
I used to be annoyed when phone manufacturers omitted removable storage from their designs. But I still haven't come anywhere near filling the storage in my Galaxy Nexus so I don't miss the SD slot.
I don't miss it at all, Verizon isn't getting the S3 until the fall, and you may find yourself much happier with the upgrade to the Incredible... Which reapply is coming out in less than a month.
Get the 32gb and you'll probably be fine. I do understand the fear of no SD though
well the rumors seem to indicate that the S3 will be out in June, as reported on the Twit network anyway. i know I'm going to wait for it.
Jan G.
+Wil Wheaton I dont miss the sd card slot. I never used the whole 16GB, and if i need more space there are so many cloud services you can use.
Oh...and a good site for Informations about android-phones is ;-)
I don't miss the SD card at all. 32GB is more than enough, especially with cloud services like Google Drive and Google Music. But if you're going overseas or across national borders, be sure to pack a survival kit of music.
+Wil Wheaton I've just shared the mentioned circle directely with you. Hope that will help you.
I have the Galaxy Nexus, and bought it with full knowledge that the S3 was coming soon. 32GB is so much space that you won't miss a mSD card slot, and pure Android - without a Samsung skin, or apps added by your mobile carrier - is well worth having a dual-core CPU instead of a quad-core. After all, this is a phone: if it is smooth on the internet, in calls, in apps, and when playing music or video then what more do you really need?
I've got an unlocked GSM Gnex on AT&T (got it from eXpansys). Don't really miss the SD slot. Transferring files via USB cable seems to do the trick most times.
I have a Nexus S and I haven't ever ran out of space or miss having an SD card. The ease of rooting it and having bloat free stock android is awesome.
I find that a lot of the internet is saturated with crap like that in this present day. It's hard to do research on a subject without filtering through all the garbage.
A thing to consider. Gnex gives you stock android and usually gets is updates first. GS2 and 3 use touchwiz which means by the time you get the next big is update, you will be 2 behind what Google is pushing out.
+Wil Wheaton The top selling phone in the world (iPhone) doesn't have an SD slot. Doesn't seem to be a problem with them ;)

Galaxy Nexus is 16/32GB storage.
I don't miss it at all, not even a tiny tiny little bit. It was way slower than the internal storage.. and the amount of storage is plenty for me.
PS, get a Galaxy Nexus and I'll give you a ROM Manager code for your upcoming unlock. I want to be able to say +Wil Wheaton runs ROM Manager. That'd be awesome.
Go with the gNex... you wont miss the SD slot in any way shape or form... I've been rockin my gNex for several months, no where near filling up the 32gb.
I do not miss the SD card slot at all, Google Music makes me happy :)
you won't miss it, i have never come close to filling or
I've got myself the HTC One X, which also doesn't come with an SD Card slot, and I don't miss it at all. 32GB is heaps of room, why does it matter whether or not it's removable when a USB cable can be used to access it as a mass storage device?
I've got a Galaxy Nexus, and I use it to take photos all the time(for reports to the boss). I've found it incredibly easy to send/transfer data, and so the lack of a removable SD card is a non-issue.
32 gigs is a lot of space, and because the GNex is the Android 4.0 flagship, there's not much bloatware taking up space. Also, Android 4.0 is the best thing since sliced bread. Truth.
i just replaced my N1 the only thing I miss is the pogo dock's. But this phone rock's get a MHL -> HMDI and a Blue tooth keyboard w/mouse pad and site back an enjoy the non-standard use of a phone. I can now cut the PC cord to the TV.
The GMS Gnex has about 13G free, have not missed my 32G SD card yet. And the xda Gnex toolkit rocks so DrodWall & DNS changer work well. Have not gone CM9 yet but do miss some of the CM7 stuff from my N1. As for speed H+ is about 8M & WFII is 24M that will do pig.
Also remember the S3 comes out in a month, but it took the S2 like three or four months to to make it Stateside.

Gnex is a pretty awesome phone. Love my S2, though.
I don't miss it at all. Google Drive and Play Music filled the hole quite nicely.
I have a 16GB galaxy S2 and a 16GB SD card installed. The only thing on the SD card are Titanium Backup files, which is just for redundancy since they are also uploaded to Dropbox and Google Drive. Since the S3 is being released soon though I personally would wait the few weeks and then compare them in person. The S3 has a pentile display which you might not be a fan of but is newer and faster.
Yea I haven't missed my SD slot at all the storage is great I found I can have music a season of battle star and still room to spare
I don't miss the removable storage on my Nexus. It can be convenient sometimes, especially if you mess around with ROMs a lot, but there are other options to keep data safe when you do a new ROM flash.
I have the gnex and was worried about that myself but have found that I don't even realize I'm without it. Especially with all the free cloud storage I have no issues
I thought I'd miss it horribly. Instead, I'm glad to have a phone that has plenty of built in memory for just about everything. And if you go nuts taking photos, they'll automatically upload to be stored privately online for later use.
I really don't miss it. I realized that for all my want for a microSD card, I never actually took it out. Also, I got the 32GB Verizon Nexus.
too many spammy blogs. and too many blogs that just parrot other blogs. i don't have a gnex, but i insist on every phone i get, does have removable storage. indispensible on trips
Gnex is plenty of phone for a long time. Stock Android is worth skipping the S3. Haven't begun to fill the 32g. Though I would miss an SD slot, but haven't even thought about it.
I say S3, the SD slot is nice for being able to quickly upload something, especially if you are using #GDrive. My S2 has a SD slot, plus the oodles of on-board storage, and while I have filled neither, I'd rather have the option than not.
maybe if you were nicer to Sheldon and his friends, they would help. (having beers and couldn't resist. I do not apologize for my lame post!)
I've got a Galaxy Nexus, and used to have a Nexus One. I thought I'd miss the SD card (one reason I waited so long before getting it), and I think I might still miss it later on, at least when traveling, but if you're close to a wifi access point must of the time then it's mainly app storage you have to worry about, so the 16GB is ok. The only ironic thing is that it works fine for HD content, but if you wanted to store HD content on it (not stream) you wouldn't be able to carry that much content with you.

Other things though, it's light, screen is lovely, battery lasts all day and then some (for my fairly constant use at least), and I love having a pure Android experience rather that TouchWiz
Don't miss the lack of SD slot. If I did, there is Dropbox and Google Drive...
I have the Verizon version which is 32G. The Google version is only 16G I believe (double check as I may be wrong. There are definitely two sizes though so make sure to check before you buy). I keep music, audiobooks and audio/video podcasts on my phone. I also have 100+ apps (only a few are games so most are small) am able to get enough of everything I need with 32G.

I also have an iPad which (obviously) doesn't allow SD storage. Same thing there as far as storage. On both devices there are times when pull stuff off in order to add different items (ie traveling I will add a couple TV shows and a movie or two. Will pull off some music for the trip).

My routine was pretty much the same with my Droid X. I had a 16G SD card with 16G of internal storage. I have found no issues as long as I have at least 32G no matter whether it is internal or internal/external. I'd personally have a tough time with just 16G.

Think you'll love the GNex. It is great stock but if you are into rooting check out Bugless Beast for a smooth, battery friendly, stock experience or AOKP for additional features like AVRCP bluetooth and fast battery charging. 
Friends don't let friends buy Android. iPhone or Windows Phone, trust me.
I never miss the SD slot. Pictures are automatically uploaded to G+, music, books and movies are streamed from Play.

I would definitely get the Nexus. Stock Android is worth a lot.
+Wil Wheaton I don't miss a removable SD on my Nexus S at all, 16Gig is more than enough for me. Also, quit wasting time with Google searches, save your hair and head over to - That is the development thread for the Galaxy Nexus. ANY AND ALL questions you could possibly have, have been asked already on that forum. Promise!!
I have the HTC One S (no SD cards slot here either). For me, it is a non issue - especially with Google Play, Google Drive, etc.
Doesn't the Incredible have 8gb internal? Mine does, at least. That may be why you've never come close to filling it ;)

If Android phones didn't have USB drive capabilities, I'd say an SD card slot would be a requirement - otherwise there's not much of a point. The only major benefit I see to having an SD slot is the ability to upgrade your storage on-the-fly. I'd rather buy a 16gb SD card than have to buy an entirely new phone (if for some reason I need the extra space)

It almost seems like the Incredible treats the SD card as a secondary internal drive rather than a separate card (I'm guessing other phones do as well), so it can get kind of confusing digging through the labyrinth of app files that save to SD by default when you're trying to look for something specific. I see having one unified storage space being a huge benefit for that reason.

Plus, because you have to pry the back plate off to get to the SD card slot on the Incredible, I often forget that I even have one. I don't think my SD card has come out of my phone since I bought it.
Oh, and for other files, Drive integration is good already, but I'm sure it'll get even better with newer OSes. You'll want the new Android versions as soon as you can get them. Nexus is the only way.
I always have the criteria of needing the SD slot, but never actually make much use of it, or run out of storage. Like others, everything is on the Cloud these days... or at least on a local server over WiFi.
The main reason its missing an SD card slot is becuz its a "Google" phone and they are trying to push everyone into their cloud services. Though I've found that the 32gbs of on board storage is more than enough for me personally, as I keep most of my music, pics, and docs in the cloud
i don't miss the sd slot at all. plus with on board storage all space is the same. theres no partitioning of free space for apps or documents, etc. another bonus is that even if your phone is mounted as storage on your computer, you can still access the same files on the phone at the same time. can't do that with SD.
Adam BH
Nexus has google's stock android software and more frequent updates as a result - the 3rd party phones sometimes are 6mo-1yr behind the latest updates, nexus phones don't suffer from this.

I do not miss the SD on my Nexus S - I have around 10GB of mp3s on there and not much else, I haven't gotten tired of the music I put on there yet but when I do it's easy to swap out with new stuff.
The secondary media scanning that comes with external SD cards is something I wouldn't miss.
I have a nexus S and have never come close to filling up my phone. I dont see much need for and SD slot unless you like to fill your phone with lots of video/music. Also there is a lot to be said for the true Vanilla google experience, which you dont get with a S3.
No SD was one thing really pushed me away from the GNex, that and the camera isn't too great. One really cool thing with my Razr Maxx is that even though it has plenty of storage it can also stream music, videos, and such from my home computer. 
+Omar Vasquez Actually, the main reason was the move to MTP in Ice Cream. With a removable SD card, you still have to worry about block-level access...
Adam BH
Consider the Nexus S too if you think these newer android phones are too big.
I though I would miss the SD slot from my Nexus One when I upgraded to my Nexus S 16GB, but in all actuality I haven't even filled half of it yet. For me most of the storage was used by MP3/OGG music but with the cloud music options from Google Play, Amazon Cloud, Pandora, etc. there isn't a need for storing music locally anymore. I haven't worried about running out of space at all. With good 4G/Wifi coverage it works great. Of course this won't be true for everyone as everyone uses their phones differently, but for my uses the fixed storage is fine.
+Phil Nolan Yea, the camera seems to always be inferior on the Nexus .. and that is something that matters to me. I like not having to buy a separate camera. I'm too broke for that.
I haven't missed the SD slot yet. Also, I came to the GNex from the OG Droid and never once swapped out the SD card on that (wasn't really meant to be swappable since you had to remove the battery in order to remove the card.

I am very happy with the GNex but am super intrigued by the S3.
I think the S3 is the more market mature product, while the GNex is good for developers and power users, and provides Google with a little hardware independence.
I haven't missed the SD card in my gnex but if it worries you the grab the Sgs3. It should be out end of June.
I thought I would miss the SD card slot. But with 32GB on the phone, and easy access to countless free cloud storage services, it turned out to be completely irrelevant. I actually haven't even thought about it since I bought the phone.
I have a Gnex, and I haven't missed the SD card slot at all. Most of my music is uploaded to the Google Play cloud, and I stream my videos from a Plex installation.

I don't even use up half of the space, and I'm definitely a power user.
I haven't missed it at all.

And when the S3 is the other contender: the value of an SD slot is completely outweighed by the benefits of not having one's device (Touch)Wiz'ed on.
I don't miss it too much. With auto upload enabled and dropbox and Google drive there's almost nothing I can't back up
I have a 16GB Galaxy Nexus and don't miss having an SD card. Writing to the internal memory seems faster (at least than a class 4 I usually had). The main reasons I have a Nexus are OS updates from Google and strong community support. Jelly Bean is coming out soon and Nexus devices will get it first. Also, I love having a multi-color notification light so I can tell what a notification is without turning on the screen.
I would be SHOCKED if the Galaxy S3 came to Verizon at all, but I don't miss removable storage at all, I only put the music I care about on it and I still have 14 gigs left
Also, a good place for info from people with whatever phone you are thinking of buying are the forums on XDA & Rootzwiki. Even if you don't want to root your phone there is almost always a "how do you like your xxxx phone" discussion in the General section. Great way to see what people who are using the phone have to say about it and what issues they are having.


Rootzwiki GNex:
I've had a GNex since release and haven't really been bothered by the lack of an SD slot. 16GB is more than enough for what I need, also all of my music is stored in the cloud on Google Music which saves me a ton of space, I also use Plex to just stream video from home.

It really just comes down to how you use your phone and how much space you need. But if you haven't even come close to filling 4GB of data on your current phone, then you should be fine with 16GB on the GNex.
With 32GB available, I've never wished I had an SD card.
I've got a 32gig card in my Samsung Charge, and it's surprisingly full with various files, since I also tend to use it as a portable media player and a flash drive (I have a COMPLETELY library of D&D 3.5 pdfs on it, for example)
I have owned 2 other Android phones before the gnex. This is the best phone I've ever had. It's even great without custom roms, something I always did in the past. Also to your question I've not once missed the sd slot.
The capacity is 32 gigs, so I don't ever touch the limit as I pretty much only listen to podcasts endlessly all day and night. If you are keen on storing videos or a billion songs, then an SD slot is really nice. But for most folks, especially those with Netflix, probably don't ever eat up all their space. I don't miss the SD card at all.

As for the Galaxy SIII - I have no doubt that will be a fantastic phone. However I opted not to wait because A) The Galaxy Nexus is already a beautiful phone at half the price and B) I was keen on having pure Android. I am sure Samsung's modifications to the software will be cool, but I like the idea of quicker updates and getting to choose my own customizations.

I also like having a phone without any mandatory bonus software on it. On my old DroidX (a phone I loved but outgrew) I was forced to endure looking at numerous games and other software that Verizon made indestructible. I started to grow anxious and frustrated - and that frustration grew into hatred as I was made to stare at these useless programs nibbling up my app drawer and mocking me with their stubborn persistence. It was...troubling.

Galaxy Nexus = problem solved, sanity regained...that is a self diagnosis of course.
The big + of the Gnex, is the update... and having "naked" android version (no additional graphic overlay)... that's the reason why I have always choose Nexus after trying htc and samsung...
Honestly, +Wil Wheaton, if you want Jelly Bean first and can manage your media, the Nexus is what you want. Seriously.
Use things like Google Play Music to manage your music and the +Google+ app to upload all your photos and you'll be fine.
Will, i sell and develop these phones for a living and i carry at-least 3 phones daily, the nexus is my daily beater and my god is it reliable, quick, responsive and slick as hell. as for space, since Google uses cloud services (Drive,Music,Gmail,Picasa) you don't need much physical storage on the phone itself, personally the most ive had filled was 14/16GB and that was for a massive 1080p avatar movie. Lets put it this way even if i could get a free replacement for my current cell, even with all the new stuff i would still take the Gnex because i know with other google products it will work like a charm, its built to last like most of the nexus phones are and its kina unique in some ways.
I have a real hard time buying an Android device that is missing some of the clear advantages of the platform: external storage and a removable battery.

So it's likely that I will be getting an s3 this generation.
I didn't come close to filling my 4GB sd for my MyTouch Slide. But I did fill my internal memory all the time DLing apps to my phone. My HTC One S doesn't have an external SD slot either, but this has been a blessing. Since all the memory is internal I have a LOT of room for app installation. I have been able to install every app that I like to use and not come close to filling up my phone yet. So I'd say that the lack of SD is a plus. So, I don't know about the Gnex, but if it's like the HTC, you won't miss it.
SD cards are outdated, the phone is its own sd card, just plug it into a usb port and you are as removable as you need to be, unless they come out with something more than 32gb in an sd, you shouldn't feel the need for an upgrade.
I guess you could wait for S3, if you are not dying to have a driod phone right now.
I've been using a Galaxy S and i'm satisfied with it.
+Wil Wheaton I went from the HTC Incredible to the GNex as you are going to on Verizon. Don't miss the SD, but you will want the Seido Extended battery. Its a must for all day usage.
+Brent Liberatore I agree the SD card isn't missed due to the face that it has plenty of internal storage but the battery is a must both due to the extended life and the fact that frankly the GNex has a better feel to it with the extended battery than it does au natural :)
Hi, I have the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless. The space is not an issue with 32 GB. Not an issue at all.

I'm going to echo a previous comment and say it's worth investigating into the Seido extended battery because the battery life is a serious issue.
I have not blown the internal memory on my Atrix (8Gb) but I have an external 8Gb as well (with two partitions, and other crazy nerdy stuff). If you do a lot of movies/pictures/sound I would recommend having an expansion slot. At a minimum, to be on the safe side.
I personally don't miss the removable SD card at all. If I want to bulk-copy stuff I don't pop out the media and put it somewhere else; I just plug in via USB and copy it to my computer.
I have the GNex and do not miss the SD card, it's much faster transferring content to the internal memory than it was on my old android phones with SD cards. I also use Google Music to stream most of my music which saves space but i'm only using like 15GB total
I haven't missed extra storage on my Galaxy Nexus. Previously, I was always running out of storage and it was a pain moving apps to SD (which meant they weren't available when you had it mounted via USB) and not all of them could be moved. I have the GSM version of the GN which only has 16G, and I have 5.5G free at the moment. Most of my storage is taken up in apps and pictures, and the pictures have all been automatically uploaded to G+ so I can delete them if I ever run out of space. I have most of my music playlist there, and it takes up less than 1G.

The Verizon version has 32G, so I think you will have even less issues with storage.
I don't miss the SD slot, but I have come close to filling all 32 GB by attempting to put most of my music collection on it. I often drive in very remote areas with poor reception so I wanted some music stored locally. The rest of the time I stream it from Google Music.
If you are really interested in the Galaxy Nexus call 1-855-86-NEXUS that is the gnex Google play support line. They can answer any questions about the device you may have.
My Verizon GNex has 32GB of onboard memory. I'm far from an application junkie, so I still have plenty of room available. I even have a few albums worth of MP3s loaded on mine so I don't have to stream down from Google Music.
Happy user since Google released the GNex. Had a Nexus S before and I've only missed the SD slot .... Never. music photos and docs are in the cloud, who needs an SD card?
It is all about how you use it. I went from the Inc to the GNex. Like you, did not use nearly all of my storage. The nice thing, is that like you, I have unlimited data. By staying on Verizon, this will continue when you move to 4G. Therefor, you should be able to get a large amount of extra cloud storage that will more then make up for the missing SD slot. I still think you can get 50 GB from Drop Box, 5 GB from Google, and there are more if you give it a bit of a look.

Of the two phones, I would go with the GNex over SIII. Updates will continue at a faster rate then the SIII, you can get it now, and it is cheaper.
I've never used more than a fraction of the available space on my Galaxy Nexus. I'd say take look at your current phone storage usage and see what you're really using now. If you truly need the space because you have a ton of apps or you like to store a lot of movies on your phone than you may want an SD card, but if you're only using a few megs then skip the SD slot.
I had a 32gb card in my Dinc2. I don't miss the slot because the Gnex came with 32gb.

There is one thing I don't like about it, though. Apparently, because of how Samsung built this thing, you cannot expose the storage as a drive on your computer. Windows apparently has no problem with this. However, if you use a Mac, you will have to download a tool from the Android site to access the storage.

This is a huge problem, really. Bigger than it should be.
As long as you aren't running GNU/Linux, getting files off the GNex is just as easy as any other phone with an SD card in mass storage mode.

If you're running a Linux system, it's another matter entirely. PTP works but is very slow, and MTP is functionally hit or miss. The KIOSlaves for PTP and MTP don't work at all.
It uses MTP instead of SD mountable storage. Which for quick transfer has its upside but not all the time.
Well Wil since I know your incredible is rooted, you could get an otg USB cable and use a flash drive to exchange media or other things on or off the phone. Just watch out and be ready for a very bad camera. You might want to wait for the incredible 4g launching this month or next month.
Never had a problem with storage on the G Nexus, although the battery does deplete very quickly. Other than that, it is a fabulous performance machine!
I long ago gave up trying to use MTP for my galaxy tab. I installed sshDroid and I started mounting via sftp from Linux. No more messing around with nasty wires.

Actually, these days I just use Dropbox and DropSync...
Its has 32gb internal storage that should be plenty and is a sweet phone
Don't miss it on my gx... When I have slot is only had a 16gb card in it anyway and never swapped it...
I thought I would have an issue with no SD card on my G Nexus, but it hasn't even remotely been a problem. I had honestly forgotten it didn't have the option until I read this post
I haven't missed the SD card at all. the 32GB of shared space, is great because all your apps and music and videos share and play nice without one side losing space when you have tons on the other. The usb is a bit awkward with mac but its workable.
I wouldn't worry about the storage. I have known people that have had reception issues compared to other phones though. Personally I would wait and see if the next update for it and see how it adresses this. I would also consider the next nexus due to the close release date.
Didn't both me, 32GB is plenty. On my PC I'm normally a data hog, so I had a 32GB Class 10 (super fast in order to ensure it wouldn't slow down the phone) MicroSD card for my previous Droid Charge. Other than larger games (like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit), since the battery doesn't make the phone a practical MP3 player substitute, I don't have many large data needs on my phone. I've really lost the need for an external memory card.
For me it was a minor hassle getting data from my old SD card to my GNex (no card reader in comp, limited free USB slots), but I don't miss the removable SD Card as much as I thought I might.. I may change my opinion when it comes time to upgrade again but, for now, I'm fine with it.

In fact, the only gripes I've got about the GNex are the battery life on LTE (true of pretty much any LTE phone at the moment) and the poor signal at home (in general poor signal here, but every phone I get seems worse than the previous).
I have the Galaxy S2 through Sprint and it is awesome, but it does have the SD slot...
With the rise of Google Music and G+ auto picture syncing, I don't miss the removable storage at all. 32GB is plenty for pinned music and other things that I want to keep local. It is possible I may feel a little pinched if it were only 16GB, but I'm not certain. The only thing that takes up a bunch of storage on my device are recovery backups, but that is because I flash my phone more than most.

If you are just looking for the removable storage for the purpose of reading SD cards (e.g. pulling images from a digital camera), pick up one of the adapters that let you have full USB host functionality on the device - then you can just plug in any card reader you want. I carry one of those, as well as an HDMI adapter when I travel.
GSMArena is the only site i use for phone info. Also: Galaxy Note uber alles.
I have the GSM GNex and the lack of expandable memory is not an issue for me. I'm rooted and always have at least one full nandroid saved on my "SD" and with my app backups, all the apps saved data and such, I still have at least half the space (8gb) available.

Between Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote (there's more), I can access documents without needing them saved locally. I use Google Music, so my music is in the cloud, and if I know I'll be away from WiFi/Data, I just make some music available offline. (I have an iPod touch though, so I rarely if ever need to do this). My photos/videos auto-upload here (and to Dropbox) so I can delete them if I need space.
Have a GNex... was worried about that exact same thing... hasn't been an issue and I actually don't miss it. I only thought about it because you asked the question.
The cloud is the future :-) Also, the S3 looks nice but nexus will get updates faster so it'll likely have 'project Majel' sooner. Are you as excited to have 'computer' on the phone as I am? Should kick siri's butt. But it might be a while before it can make earl grey tea. :-)
I've never had a concern about no SD slot on phones. With the ease of Google+ instant upload, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., storage of media is not an issue. And I have about 100 apps installed on my Galaxy Nexus, and never thought about needing more storage.

I love the Nexus, but at this point, wait for the S 3.
The new DInc is my answer (I have the original DInc now).
Wil, get the white HTC one x , intl version. Then do dropbox, no need for sd. Our entire office is hooked on these.
I still feel all warm inside when I start up an ftp server on the droid and watch all those #### fly bye. It feels so early 90's except it's on my phone!
Honestly I haven't missed it, with Google drive, music, and the 32gb on board memory, I really don't ever need anything else.
The S III is awesome and has a lot of features but, it may take some time to root it. People usually find a way to root the phone in a week but since the S III is a flagship, I think it'll get rooted in a day.
I think 32GB is plenty right now. It's nice not having to move apps between SD card and internal storage anymore.
"the amount of crappy spam blogs and websites there are indexed on Google when you're just trying to get actual, useful information "
It's true. Trolls are slowly rendering the internet useless. A sad indictment on the so-called collective consciousness.
I actually like having only integrated storage (no SD) on my Nexus. Why? Because on Windows, you don't have to mount/unmount the phone as a USB device; you can just copy files freely back and forth in Explorer, and unplug. Couldn't be easier.
Will, check out gadget pron on g4 for real world reviews. Loving TT, btw.
Day-to-day use you probably won't miss it. I have a 32GB card in my phone & still have 10GBs free (an additional 15 if I clean off the photos & vids I don't NEED on the card), so space really isn't an issue. I've only taken the card out once (see below) & use Dropbox or the USB cable to transfer files to/from phone & PC, so it acts sort of like internal memory.

The only time it may come in handy is if your phone has hardware issues. Last summer, when I rebooted my phone it suddenly decided not to power back up & Verizon sent a replacement. All I had to do was swap the SD card into the new phone & power it up and all of my locally stored (& naturally not backed up) files were instantly on the new phone, ready to use. If it were all on board memory I would have been screwed (not that I had anything too important on the phone, but).

If the SD card is important, consider the HTC Rezound, like I said in the last post, its very similar to the GNex hardware wise, except it has an SD card instead of NFC (& I believe you can get an NFC sticker to give non-NFC phones NFC abilities, so...) - Or the GS3 which will apparently have 16, 32, and 64GB models with SD cards (according to a previous commenter).
I am not even close to filling up my gn verizon phone. The bad part about the gs iii is it has samsung's touchwiz ui over top of ICS. I love the stock ICS on the gn.
32gb Nexus, space isn't an issue. too be honest I thought i would miss the sd card, but I really don't.
You've never come close to filling up the 4GB in the Incredible and you're worried about the 32GB in the Gnex? Don't. I've got several gigs of music with the rest on Google Music, and what files I want to have access to on my phone are now on Google Drive since I want access to them at home as well. I don't miss the SD slot at all.
With Dropbox + Google Drive + Streaming Music apps I have no real need for an SD card anymore.
I've had the last two nexus phones and no longer miss sd storage. The phones are plain faster without it.
by the time you fill the 32gb in the gnex you'll be looking at the gnex2.
I don't have Gnex, but I have about 1/2 the SD card on my tablet filled up. I'd say it depends on what your data plan is and how good your coverage is.
I have the Verizon Gnex, which comes with 32 GB. I have about 1200 songs + 1 GB of apps, + a whole bunch of High Res TED movies. and no where near capacity. It comes fine with the stock storage. Also you don';t have to muck around with storage management and making sure apps install to the SD card and such.

The GSM version I think has 16 GB, but still. Not enough for me, but if you never came close to filling up 4 GB, you'll be fine. That being said the galaxy Nexus' Battery life suck. I carry around a USB charger in my satchel (its for survival... I call it a survival satchel or SS for short. I'm Jewish, SS is me taking ownership of the name... shut up!) that have been life savers on quite a few occasions.
Chances are, you'll never miss that SD slot. 32 gigs is a huge amount especially if you've synced your music on the Google Play store. I would personally wait the month (maybe more) it takes for the S3 to come out. Two year contracts suck when you're not 100% satisfied with your phone man.
I have a 16 gb Nexus S . My previous Droid phone had micro SD expansion. I honestly don't miss it at all. But if SD storage is a must you might wanna try the galaxy s3 or anything decent with OLED screen is really nice on the eyes compared to LCD.
Don't miss it at all, thought I would: Google Music + Pandora solved it.
12GB of music, while really limiting what I listen to, photos and apps. So I'm looking to swap out to a 32GB card. Not having that option would be...irritating.
I used to think that a micro sd card was necessary. However... recently cloud services such as dropbox and google drive have had made 32 gigabytes more than enough. Plus, Google Music lets me stream my entire music collection!
When it comes to android phones, having the expansion slot is a must. Agreed that the gnex doesn't have one. Although a great phone that is a deal breaker. A lot of the moto android phones now aren't too bad. Htc falls short in my opinion.
I was the same way, always wanting to get a phone with an SD slot. But with services like AudioGalaxy, Dropbox, and Play Music, I have yet to go past 5 GB on my current phone.
I have a Nexus... and yeah I haven't missed the SD slot at all. Not once have I had a "no! If only the phone had an SD slot!" moment. Google Nexus is awesome. I feel like this is the first phone I've ever owned that makes my data plan worth the money I pay for it.
I think having a removable card is a must for backups. But even more important is a removable battery.
I had the Galaxy S Vibrant previously with a 16gb class10 microSD card in it, which was the only reason i hesitated before getting the 32gb Galaxy Nexus. I haven't approached filling the 32gigs yet, at most maybe 20gigs, and I use it for movies/music - I live in an area without 4g so it doesn't make sense to rely on the cloud to stream things suuuuper slowly. The only difference between mounting the internal 32gig GNexus and the class10 microSD card onto my computer is how slow it is to transfer files. It's not so slow that I don't ever do it, but it is really slow compared to transferring onto my old microSD card, or even a flash drive.
I've had no trouble at all with space. Plus, when you plug it into the computer, it is super easy to sync... automatic backup of images to picasa and music to google play takes care of the largest files
Don't miss it at all. In fact, I couldn't be happier. I no longer have to fuss with moving apps to sd, etc. Its well worth it. I don't copy music or movies any longer, since everything is streamed.
Agreed on the SD card; I was also looking the the Nexus, but no expandable memory was a deal breaker. I went with an HTC Raider (which I think is Canada's name for the Vivid?). Resolution isn't quite as high, but it has been pretty reliable for me so far. And it is upgradeable to ICS from the gingerbread it ships with.
If you want some opinions, go to I've found they have very solid information on phones and such. I used it when I worked in the industry.
Damn you +Wil Wheaton! I was about to buy your way, but ... PS - dudes at Google are still talking about your disparaging comments, but love you too.
For androids without SD cards, what about Dropbox?
+Wil Wheaton The most important thing you can do is this : GET A PHONE WITH ICE CREAM SANDWICH INSTALLED. Next in the next two months its expected that google will release the specs of Android "Jelly Bean" so you want to make sure your new phone is compatiable. The only way 50+% certain is if your phone comes with ICS installed on it right out of the box.
With 32 GB of storage on the GNex, I think you'll be fine. You can make use of Google Drive or Dropbox to store files and you can use Google Music for that, so no need to use up all the space on the phone. I think the SD card were more important when the phones came with little storage. They are still nice to have but not as necessary as they were.
The galaxy nexus is simply amazing. I recommend it for everyone.

Also, go to Android forums for info. Most reliable source I've found.
I actually didn't know my Nexus didn't have an SD slot...

But I have to echo everyone else's sentiment. I don't miss removable or expandable storage (coming from iOS, that urge was beaten out of me), and Google's cloud solutions like Drive, Music, and Picasa mean that I'm only using 6GB on my phone, and most of that is apps.
260-some comments later, but my $.02:

I have the Verizon GNex, before that I had the original Droid from Verizon. I have not had a problem with missing the SD card. In fact, I don't feel like it actually helped on the OG Droid. I had a 16GB card, but most of the apps (including a lot from Google) didn't have the option to move to the SD card. So I had like 14GB free but was running out of space on the on-board memory to install apps. :-/ At this point I'd rather just have a large chunk of storage available for anything and everything. As it is, I'm not close to touching the space available on my Nexus, either.
Love my GN. You have some spare cash. Buy the GN now. If you care to learn to mod it go ahead, its pretty easy. Then get the SGS3 and replace the ROM on that as well. Once the newest Nexus comes out around Christmas, switch back to that. Even tho you are mad busy, it's pretty painfree to move between devices.

I dont miss SD at all. I dont store a lot of local music but i've used like 15% of my disk, its all moving to cloud.
With 32GB of storage, you don't need the external storage. Especially if you've never hit the 4GB on your DInc. Team your GNex up with Google Music, Netflix, Hulu+, and some cloud storage (Amazon, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and you'll almost never NEED any extra storage for stuff except backups.
Yeah, I've got 16GB on my S2 + and 32GB microSD, but since I've got on the dropbox/Google Drive/Google Music sync/streaming services... I don't need the extra 32GB at all.

At the same time, wait a month and get Bluetooth 4.0 and all that other jazz coming with the S3. It is only a month away.
You won't miss it unless your phone completely shits the bed and you don't have your content backed up in the cloud or on your comp. We're talking unimportant stuff like photos and videos, you know, those priceless moments you wanted a record of.
I don't miss my sd slot at all actually (didn't ever take the card out of my old phone anyhow).
Don't miss the SD slot. Photos etc go up to Google+. And there's 32gb on board. Still think it's a great phone. Android Ice Cream is a vast improvement.
Though I had the same thoughts going thru my head as you did Wil, I ended up never missing the SD slot on my GNex.

One advantage with the GNex is that because there is no SD (which is slower than main memory), the system is significantly faster in accessing files you might put on the device (like music, ringtones, apps, etc). It may not seem like a huge difference, but in practice it definitely makes the device more usable.

I've had SD cards get corrupted before, and during an upgrade (from one version of Android to another) this can seriously cause problems if the upgrade gets stored on the SD and gets corrupted. Of course, if the internal memory in the phone fails, the same thing happens, and you can't simply buy another SD card and replace it, you'll need to send the phone off.

PS: If you get a GNex, update it to 4.0.4 out of the box (or make sure it comes with 4.0.4). Mine came with 4.0.1 and it had some slight issues with battery usage OOTB.
The folks that I have talked to that have a GNex all say they don't miss the SD card at all.
I thought I'd miss it. I don't. What I DO not miss at all is waiting on updates, the phone becoming slower and slower due to the bloated 3rd part UI's and whatnot. I've had several phones since the Droid 1 .. the Gnex is the first that I don't seem to tire of .. I just like it. And stock Android 4.x is damn nice. You'll like it.
At the end of my Motorola Droid's life I could barely have and apps on it because they had become so large and the onboard memory was so small. It seems very few apps can be migrated to the SD card. I never removed my SD card in my Droid, so probably we have different needs for our phones... I listen to music and podcasts with it, but do not watch videos nor use it as a primary camera... but when I bought my Galaxy Nexus I just downloaded about 10-15 GBs of music over wi-fi from the stuff I've uploaded to Google Music and installed Dropbox and feel I'm good to go.
"Holy fuck shit the amount of crappy spam blogs" Amen
I think the best way to get accurate info is just the way you did. Post it to g+
SD card slot hasn't been missed for me, 32GB is a decent amount too. So much can be cloud stored anyways, between Google Drive, Dropbox,, etc.

Purely having stock Android 4.0 and easy to unlock bootloader... i'd still go gnex. It's impossible to say if/when Verizon will be getting an GSIII variant.

Wikipedia is actually a pretty good comparison tool for phones. For reviews, stick to the big guys... +The Verge, +Engadget, etc.
I have a 16 GB version and for almost half year never filled it. Not missing at all. Same with my 16 Gb tablet. Gnex is a great phone.
I just ordered a Gnex from Google after 18ish quality months with SD-card less Nexus S. The only thing I miss is the redundancy of having all of my data on a card that can be taken out and accessed should the phone end up being bricked. Of course the vast majority of my important data exists inside my google account, so it's not a major deal.
I thought I'd miss the SD card slot, I thought it was a valuable asset in a phone. Then I realized after having an Android phone for 2 years I had never once removed or upgraded the card or gotten close to filling it. If you load your device with your own videos and music, it could be valuable. I stream everything and I've never missed the SD card on my Gnex.
Cloud storage dude! plus yu can do wateva yu want wen yu plug it into Computer... I got 32GB on VZW. Love it
I got my nexus one day before we left for japan for 2 weeks. Loaded all my favorite apps and a few graphic novels before we left, then took 142 photos with it at the highest quality setting. I haven't even broken 4gb out of 32. Used to hate the idea of non removable storage, but with this kind of capacity, it just doesn't seem to matter. Cloud storage, Bluetooth, nfc, and USB transfer are super simple, so from a storage perspective, I really love it.
I have a Droid 3. As long as I had a USB or other connection (even bluetooth) that I can copy data over I wouldn't miss the removable storage so much.
I think I'd wait for the next round of gadgets... you'll probably just end up disappointed with the Nexus. I had one for about a month and returned it. Other phones being able to be unlocked and running ICS really took the wind out of the GNex' sails, IMO.
+Will Wheaton,

I thought that the lack of SDcard would be a miss, but I have yet to fully utilize it. 32 GB onboard is pretty spacious,and if you need additional instant storage, you can always look to offload some to any of the many cloud storage systems.

I <3 my G'Nex.
yeah, part of how Google rates a lot of things in the relevance rankings is by what's mentioned in blogs and how often. sad but true... if you want to sell a product, get about 3000 people to mention it in their blog and Google will think it's more popular than bread.
I use a droid razr 910 and have a class 10 16Gb, runs like a top
Not sure about the samsungs, but haven't seen the limits on expansion
OH and your original question! ^_^ i have a 32BG card in my HTC Desire HD but i never remove it and any pictures i take i upload immediately. most of that 32GB is either empty or music I never listen to anymore. what i'm trying to infer is that if you never remove the card in your current android and are good with the built in memory, i personally wouldn't worry about it.
Since upgrading to the GNex from the Dinc I haven't had an issue with storage. The 32Gb built in storage seems more than enough.
I have had the Gnex since Christmas, and I dont care for its cheap construction. I dont like that I have to plug it into my computer to transfer photos or music or movies. Before I had the Gnex, I had the Droid RAZR and it was awesome. Solid construction, and I didnt mind the non-removable battery as much as I thought I would. I vote no on a Gnex.
I have a Nexus S (also no SD slot - guess it's a Nexus thing) and while I somewhat miss the removable storage, I have found myself not really needing it. I store a few documents and videos on Google Drive, songs on the Music cloud. Everything I need on my phone, I can access without issue.
I was nervous about the lack of sd card, as well, but honestly, I don't miss it at all. And I download full 700M movies on my phone.
I don't miss the SD card at all. However, the battery is pretty small, especially when using LTE.
The only time I would imagine this being an issue is if you need to change phones for warranty or whatever... Or for data recovery if the phone wants to take a bath... Beyond that, i don't ever see that being an issue.
I recently got the GNex GSM; chose it over the Galaxy S3. So far, very happy with it, would do it again. One thing to consider with respect to your storage question...I believe the reason they went with the non-removable storage only was so they could use a better internal file system than FAT (which is needed for SD card compatibility); the GNex provides a unified internal storage space, which prevents the problem on other phones where you may have 32 GB of flash, but can only use a small amount of it for apps. So unless you really want to carry massive amounts of music (or whatever) locally, the GNex setup is actually more flexible in some key ways, even though it doesn't have an SD card slot. You can always use a wifi file manager and SSH to transfer files on/off the device conveniently, too.
First of all: holey crap, how do you keep up with all these comments? Well, let me add my useless bit: I read up on current (HTC One X) and up coming (Galaxy SIII) Android phones on,, and (mostly fed to me by my younger brother, who is a serious phone whore). I got the direct-from-Google GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus because 1) the SIII was taking waaaay too long to come out and 2) I was chewing my hand off with my slow-and-totally-full 2-year-old Nexus One. I guess that's all really one reason. Anyway, all the data, both on board and on the SD card from my old phone (and then some) barely made a dent on the new one. I think the lack of a SD card slot is a poor choice for Samsung, but my impatience won me over.
I love my GNex and it is the GSM version with 16GB. It's a beautiful device (better looking than the GS3 IMO, and it has all the power and storage you should need in a phone for quite a while. The only reason I used the SD on my old phone was to move apps to it to make room on the limited internal storage. I haven't missed it either. You should get one +Wil Wheaton !
+Wil Wheaton, you should check out AirDroid. It's a cool Android app that will allow you to easily move files to and from your new device.

Also, if you aren't already on Google Music, you should jump on it. You keep all your music in the cloud, and pin the stuff that you are listening to the device. Pushing your collection onto Google's servers can take a long time if you have a bunch of them, but it's totally worth it. It's a sick service.
Not at all. Cloud storage is cheap and easily available, and I have signal enough of the time for it to not be a problem. YMMV depending on what the cellular coverage is like near you.
+Wil Wheaton Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but you can also hook up an external USB stick for those times when you just want to bring a few movies on the plane or whatever. That way you don't have to take up space on the device itself. I have done this many times and the microUSB to female USB cable is like $4 on Amazon.
I don't miss it at all.

Don't get the S3, it's Android goodness is spoiled by Samsung's crappy Touchwiz interface..
I thought I'd miss it, but never did. I wouldn't worry about it. You can always use something like Dropbox.
the gs3 has removable media... the ROM community around Samsung devices is off the chain... you'll find yourself well supported.
You can also store 20,000 songs for free on Google music so you won't waste storage for music.
I am assuming you are planning on getting an S3 international version? The US release will not happen until late summer at the soonest.

I have the AT&T HTC One X - 16 GB of memory and I have no issues, but I also stream almost all of my media.
I don't miss the movable storage on my nexus. My largest space sucker upper is music and I just use Google Music for that. I have like 25gb left on my phone and only that low due to a few videos.
If you have an OG Incredible, chances are you have unlimited data, ne? Go with the GNex and cloud storage -- for both your files and your music -- will be there to support you. :D
I would still suggest the Nexus as it gets the updates the fastest and is also by far the easiest to root, one more thing worth noting here is the new Design Project started by the Cyanogen Mod community, I don't exactly remember the name but they'll be porting all the extra goodies the manufacturers pack into Andro to the CM and if we've to go by past, these will be imported first to the Nexus devices.

P.S. There's not even a rumor about the next nexus or would've suggested that.
I have the Galaxy S II on Sprint (with SD card & 16GB onboard storage) but still make use of online cloud storage services (Box & Google Drive) simply for the convenience. I'm into custom ROMs & themes on my device and I've started noticing that some utility apps built to support my habit are integrating support for these cloud services right into said apps. I don't think I'd miss the lack of an SD card slot.
Most people I work with like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 
As much as I personally prefer having the SD card as an option, if you put your music in Google Music and such, you'll never fill 16 GB. The cloud is your friend.
I love my Galaxy Nexus. I don't miss the SD card since 32 GB + cloud storage is plenty.

The easily swappable battery is the real win. With the extra battery/charger, I just swap my extra in when I get low and charge the used up one.

The battery life of the SGN is actually pretty good during normal use, but on heavy use days (ex. music and games on the bus ride to work/home), the battery swap keeps me from missing a beat.

For days I know I'll be out for a while and taking random photos, I pop in the extended battery. It adds very little extra bulk, but gives me a bit more wiggle.
I was surprised that it didn't bother me at all. I was worried about not being able to expand... but I haven't even come close to filling it up, even with a few 720p movies o there.

Stock Android is the biggest reason for me to have a Nexus, but if you root and rom, which I do, I guess it isn't such a big deal.

I have to say though, having the phone that ICS was created on and for is pretty sweet.
I live in an area that still has Edge, so no effing cloud storage for me! Would consider getting a phone with no SD if we had 4G here, no telling when that will come around. But I really don't see the need if you have the data speeds. Although, I do like to have all my music with me. Never know when you need some spontaneous work dance party!
I take a lot of pictures and video, and so having the SD card is really useful since I'm not always able to transfer everything off before running out of room (HD video takes a long time to upload even with good 4G signal).
Gotta have the sd as its important for the rooting process.
I don't have a Gnex, but I want SD slots in some of the electronic devices I own.
+1 for the mention of crappy spam while trying to find solid information about Droid. I remember a day when a search yielded mountains of relevant information on most anything you could think of.
I had the same struggle as you Wil before buying my nexus. But as of now I'm not missing it. I recharge the phone attaching it to the pc so I've a backup routine set that starts on connection to the usb port.
I love my HTC INC and it shall be my squeezy until it dies. Which is likely soon. Damn you planned obsolescence!
Main problem of the Gnex is the too weak speaker, memory is not an issue.
Have the Nexus "USB Mass Store" conecction to the PC?
Han Lee
I switched from GN purely because of lack of unlimited data in my country (UK) and need for large storage for my media files (mainly due to FLAC, not mp3 as my main music source, and GN released only as 16GB model). However I switched to Sony Xperia S, which also does not have removable media. I do miss it at times but in case of state you have unlimited plans available, google music, and various cloud file storage to make up for it.
+Wil Wheaton I got the Galaxy S 2, it has an SD slot, but I actually enver use it. There are enough other ways to share your data, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Bump, Bluetooth, Wifi Direct and so on. So don't be afraid of not having an SD slot.

I don't know if you're capable of the german language, but if so, then you could check out, they got data sheets from almost all Android devices, very usefull.
I've always had 8gb or more of internal memory and now I've only got 512mb + a mSD card. Still "run out of memory for apps" because of the internal...
Wil, you are better off with the Nexus. We don't know yet whether or not the S3 will be root friendly or not. If you want a killer phone and you need external expansion, get the SGS2.
I'd say it can matter, depending on your uses. I have a 16GB one and I keep a lot of music pinned on Google Music. As a result, I don't have a ton of space left. The nitpicker in me wants to free up space all the time, but if I don't pay attention, I haven't actually had to at all. I have enough room for all my pictures/videos too. Make use of cloud space (G+ for pictures, Google Music, etc) and it won't be an issue.
Ok best android phone on the market atm for your needs I work for geek squad UK we have been hands on with the s3 with is due here on 29th May tbh it between s3 and one x and you couldn't go wrong with either sd card slot is not missed as the 26gb on the one x is. More than enough and use can always plug it in and access it like a usb stick both systems are amazingly quick well built and generally awesome speed wise they are very similar gnex is a good handset but has been riddled with issues and if you want a future proof handset probably no the best choice
When travelling un areas with no/bad network or no/restricted/expensive data plan in your provider contract, you cannot rely on cloud services. You need to consider your storage needs (photos, videos, music) for your journeys, and whether u be able to sync, say with a PC, or over some WLAN hotspot. I live in Europe, need that on every border crossing...
I agree with you on principle, but the reality is that 32 gigs probably enough. It's pretty easy to shuttle stuff off (cough*fuckyouitunes*cough), so if you do find that you're making too many stupid cellphone videos you can throw them onto your computer.

The GNex is my first smartphone and I love the hell out of it. It's interesting that when I use my wife's iPhone, it feels clunky. Strange given that Apple is all about the industrial design.

And if 1400 or so posts aren't enough, unlocking (Do this first thing! Factory wipe!) and rooting are dead easy. I did it via the command line and it took 10 seconds. Note that if rooting doesn't work, make sure you have the correct version of su.apk, the one that matches the exact version of Android that's running.

Get it. It's awesome. Have fun.
Also good to remember is that with the new higher res cameras files size fir photos and vids is much higher. If you intend to take a lot of photos and vids with your phone then removable memory is nice. Personaly I like removable storage for the inevitable point in time when some thivng catistophic happens to my phone and I can no longer access my saved data. Just get a new phone, pop the SD out of the old phone and into the new and nothing gets lost. From experience:Micro SD cards are water resistant, smart phones are not.
I quickly skimmed through the comments and I don't think that what I'm about to add has been stated like this before. So bear with me +Wil Wheaton

While the SGS3 is the clear winner in the hardware camp at the moment of its release you don't have any other choice than to run the Samsungified Touchwiz OS. Though I'm pretty confident that in time the device will be able to run custom AOSP based ROMS (like CM9, AOKP or even MIUI) there's no guarantee yet and it may even take several months before the community cooks up something usable.

The GNex has it all: Plain Vanilla, CM9, AOKP, MIUI, ... And it still packs some powerful hardware (while not as powerful as the SGS3).

So if you want some CM9 goodness (if I'm not mistaken you're running Cyanogenmod on your HTC too) then I'd go for the Nexus.
Have a Nexus for a few months now, never missed the SD. Then again, I don't put a lot of music on it (although if I needed to, there's Google Music), or movies, so that might change your mind.

Other than that, I'm absolutely in love with this phone. Definitely, definitely go for it. I'm sure you've heard all the reasons.
I`d wait for SIII, as it seems like a really good phone in general, and it will also come with a lot of storage to begin with+ max 64gb SD Card compatibility (just for the SII), also its pretty awesome.
Seeing as you came from a HTC, I'd just got for a One X or One S. Easy enough to root, better than the Nexus, and you won't miss an SD card slot with the space provided. But then I don't know what Verizon is offering, and the European market is more open to unlocked phones.
I've gone from the HTC Incredible to a GNex. I don't miss the SD slot since much of my media (photos, music) is now uploaded and stored on the cloud.

Also, not to be "that guy", but "Droid" is what Verizon calls most of their Android phones. It's just Android.
The problem with the S3 is that they went for HW buttons and decided to include the deprecated menu button instead of the new and awesome multitask button.
I barely ever notice my Gnex lacks an SD card. Only concern is that it's MTP not USB-Storage, but adb's ability to move files means I don't care about that any longer either.
Wil your the best simple.
I bought an HTC Rezound over the Galaxy Nexus, despite the internet echo chamber snubbing the former and praising the latter. Much better camera, removable SD card, better screen (higher pixel density with better color reproduction).
I was concerned about no memory card slot when I was buying mine, but I haven't thought about it since.
With pics being sync'ed to G+ and now having Google Drive, I have no need for an SD card. I have the GNex and love it.
Not an issue for me. I'll take the almost guaranteed android updates over sd-card anyday. Nexus isn't the best phone out there hardware-wise, but having google to release new android versions straight for your phone is great. Even newest samsung phones can take nearly 6 months for them to update, and even then they are bloated with their useless apps.
I use my SD card a lot cause I watch TV-Shows on my phone when traveling. If you at some point would like to record movies or take a lot of pictures its nice to have the SD card. Also if you want to use your phone as a USB stick at some point it's rather nice that you can convert the SD card to a perttion that allow lager files than a FAT partition and can still compatible with your computer.
With time apps and the OS will start consuming more space, as the possibilities increase, so a phone with an SD slot is definatly a safer bet concerning the future. Then again it all comes down to how you use your phone. I would go with the S3, it is sure to be an awesome phone. :-)
If it was me, I'd wait for the S3 and get the international unlocked GSM version. If you are on a budget :-P the GNex direct from Google is going to be the most popular phone in the US since it's now only $299 unlocked which is just amazing.
I used to say I needed one, but I refuse to use my phone as a portable media player so I can actually call people on it when it's important.

Think of it like the floppy drive or the DVD drive on your computer. It's a really rare occasion I've had to the use second and I went through two computers with the former before I realised I had never put a disc in the drive.
I forgot I was lacking an SD card in my GNex. I think you should be just fine. It is an awesome phone I'm sure you will be happy with it.
For the most part, I haven't missed it, definitely no worries from a space standpoint. I did miss it last week when my phone got wiped by accident (long story), but it was my fault for not copying my backup somewhere other than in the phone.
Feel your pain Will, should look for a ics rom that works, thats been my dayo fun
I use the shit out of the sdcard in my Thunderbolt, and its not even media files.
I've never had a phone that did not have an SD slot so I know I would be missing it if it were not there. What were they thinking?
This is why I pre ordered the EVO one and didn't get the galaxy nexus. Old school bit I like having my files with me.
Don't do it Wil. It's a battery hog, even on the extended, and the lack of SD card is a bad idea. I sold my Nexus. Battery life is top priority for any phone I own. Nexus fail.
I actually that I can live with the lack of the SD card, but the battery life does suck. Verizon even started offering a bigger battery with new ones. I love my Gnex, but get the extra battery...
You will never miss the SD but my Gnex is a terrible batt hog especially on 4g, if you go that way get an after market extended battery!
and you can get a micro-USB adapter to plug in a thumbdrive or mSD reader (and even a mouse that brings up a cursor on your screen =/)
The Gnex is my third Android phone (G1, G2x). I bought the unlocked version straight from Google. It's the best phone I've ever used and comes bloat free. I don't miss the SD card slot at all. With everything moving to cloud storage, 16gb is a lot of local storage. And I get great battery life. Maybe the bloatware is hogging the battery on the carrier versions?
In my opinion, an SD card slot is of little use. However, I would still wait for the Galaxy S3. Either way you need to put AOKP on your phone. I can help you root and ROM it if you want. It's actually super easy on samsung phones.
I personally don't miss the SD slot, but then I run a somewhat spartan setup (under 30 apps installed, including Google ones it comes with) so I don't need much storage anyway. Waiting to at least get a release data on the GSIII isn't a bad plan though. It looks to be a great phone.
Wait for the S3 - I'd like some company standing around the campfire waiting for mine :D
For me an Sd card slot is a must have...and the battery has to be removable. Its nice to be able to pop in a battery when needed and not have to worry about finding an outlet that all of your iphone friends hog up lol. I love my Galaxy SII, and I also looked at the galaxy nexus, but those two factors were a deal beaker for me. The SIII will be out in a few months SIII I think you should just wait. ;)
I passed the GNex in favor of the HTC rezound simply for the SD card slot. Though lack of an OTA update irritates me.
Get a HTC One X/XL I love mine. The design is beautiful. No SD card but you get 16/32gb internal so you really don't need a card slot. The screen is much nicer than the GNex screen too.
I have the GNex, and I say that the SD slot is less than necessary, considering that everything is two way. Music has Google music and pandora, documents are easily shared through drop box or google docs, photos get uploaded to G+ automatically and can be easily uploaded to any other site directly from the phone. You may hit your allotted data limit, though, if you didn't get the unlimited plan granfathered in.
Google Drive. Google Music. Or other cloud storage. There's no need to keep data on hand that you may use once or twice a year
And i thought i would miss sd on the gnex but i havent for one second. And i had a 32gb card in my og droid
I have the Droid X2, it has a memory slot but I have always only has 8GB in it. The Razr Maxx has an external SD Slot and by default, including the SD, has 32GB memory and the battery lasts all day and then some. The Nexus only has 16GB, we tried that first but my wife hated it.
sdcards are basically a hack in Android anyway. I'm nowhere near filling up the 32GB on my Gnex.
I don't miss the SD slot at all. 16G is quite enough for me (I don't watch movies on my keitai).

For music I stream, and the software I use (subsonic) lets me keep the last n gigs dynamically on the local storage... so I found out that the 'moving window' of my music taste is about 4 gigs (out of 300G) of all of my collection. I think people that insist carrying all of their music with them are a bit silly...

Pictures, still seems to fit in just fine? I'm a photographer so I don't use the keitai camera that much... occasionally and they're anyway jpg's that take no storage whatsoever.

If I ever run out of storage I'd hazard that I would just delete all the local pictures since the android uploads all the pics to picasa anyway so they will still appear in the gallery regardless if I've deleted them from local storage.
Never even noticed. Great phone but def get the extended battery, it's basically unnoticeable and helps a lot! Try out the liquidsmooth ROM, my favorite so far.
ES File Explorer, its a great app that allows you to transfer files by wireless fast. I never get close to filling my 8gb because I'm continually emptying and reloading files. I cant stand having too much on there and having to trawl through to find the music I want.
You won't miss it. If you have an SD card, chance are you'll never swap it anyway. Plus SD card is slower than internal HD for storage. Gnex is great.
Jeff F.
I don't miss the SD slot one bit. I think it's easier to manage without it. My old Droid was giving me trouble not seeing apps on the SD card sometimes. No such issue here.

Also, with the S3, I hate that they messed up the placement of the Nav buttons. That's a pet peeve of mine. I like the Nexus layout with back-home-recent. Clean and simple.
Anyone saying they managed to fill up their storage space obviously isn't using cloud services properly. Enjoy your new Galaxy Nexus, +Wil Wheaton. Everyone else does.
I don't miss it. I haven't come close to using the 32gigs and you are still able to hook it up like a USB to transfer files.
If you don't use a lot of space consuming apps then you probably won't miss it. I use a bunch of emulators, and cloud services isn't going to do squat for you yet if you want everything ready to go. Plus those crazy large apps and games like popcap stuff is going to suck down your free space. My phone and 16gb sd card are always full.
After three months of downloading apps and taking pictures and movies (including a vacation to Hawaii), I've used 3 GB out of 13 GB available on my phone. Being able to stream my music saves a bunch of space, so I haven't missed the SD card.
I think if you're gonna have a smartphone, especially a droid one then expandable memory is a must. Yes you can store a bunch of stuff in the cloud but if your on a plane for example suddenly all you have is a glorified calculator because you can't access the cloud. It's amazing how much space you can use up on your phone without really trying, especially if you get into Hipster or Instagram.
Whether your not you need expandable memory basically comes down to how much media you plan on storing on your device.

Are you going to fill 2/3rds of the base storage with music and video? If so, expandable storage might be a good idea. If you don't store a significant amount of music and movies, you probably don't need the expandable storage.

I have a 32GB Galaxy Nexus on Sprint, and don't foresee myself using all that space. Heck, even my Asus Transformer is only half full.
If you're not in a big hurry I'd wait for the S3, or at least wait till they announce the spec for it in the US. Also have you looked at the HTC One X? Seems to be an updated version of the Gnex.
I just bought one and I am not feeling space pressure so far. I have a bunch of apps, music cached from google music and a number of ebooks and audiobooks, but no video that I didn't take with the phone. I have nearly 10GB free.
So, if you don't want to carry your whole media library you are good.

Also it has cool docks (that use the 3 dot contact on the side) like my favorite accessories for the Nexus One, but you can't actually buy them.
Hello Wil,

The likelihood of your reading this particular reply might be low, but I know that there are a lot of geeks out there who may be able to help so I'm going to take a leap of faith and hope for the best.

Also, this is pretty far off topic from what you're polling us for, (and I apologize up-front to everyone for this), but where I'm going with this is uniquely germane to a project you're working on and you're the only guy I think who might listen to this idea and provide some constructive feedback...if not you, then your gazillion followers, all of whom are bound to be the very brand of intelligent geeks from whom I need feedback.

It all starts with a radio station here in the San Francisco Bay Area...

KFOG, (okay, Cumulus), just caned their morning show radio personalities out of nowhere. The conglomerate is looking to change it to a typical "penis jokes" format show, changing the name from "The KFOG Morning Show" (a 30 year institution) to this;

"The Morning After"

.... Seriously!?

The one thing we look forward to while getting ready for work or driving to work in the morning is an intelligent and engaging block of time, filled with insightful interviews and local guest bands playing an occasional acoustic performance to plug an upcoming show or simply a clever contest for some concert or another and now it's vaporized.

One of the on air personalities had been with the station producing the show for 14 years. For that loyal service, he was handed a pink slip yesterday. A Friday - totally ruined his weekend, to say nothing for his wedding plans...he just got engaged.

We, here in the San Francisco Bay Area are still in shock, and very much appalled by this, and...Well...I don't ordinarily do this, (spammin' a post), but a bunch of people just lost their jobs as well, a whole demographic of listeners spread all over the world just lost the only glint of intelligence on the radio they had. (Again, my apologies for the length of this), so...

I'm hoping garner some attention to the cause of starting another YouTube channel like Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton did with Geek and Sundry, only it would focus on creating an intelligent and engaging morning show; broadcast in such a fashion as to allow the kind of talent that's out there to be heard.

I’m just some dude with an idea. But you're a dude with a following of uber-smart geeks, some of which, I am hoping, have the know-how and the desire to help something like this happen.

I think it has the potential to huge as well as a better way to provide an intelligent morning show. I know they exist because ours was just canned.

One more time, sorry for the out-of-context post, here. Just hoping to attract a wee bit of help, if not some suggestions and more ideas, in order to get these poor folks back on the air some how. Add me to your circles and contact me if you feel you can get behind this idea. I am open to suggestions on how to make it work.


If you want to store your music and movies on the phone for use on the plane, or to keep within data plan limits, it might be an issue. Not a big deal for me so far.

+Matt Cutts might want to know about the poor Droid search results. If you remember any specific queries that would help.

Enjoy your new phone whatever you decide!
I'm in the exact same boat with an aging Dinc. The lack of an SD card in the GNex is one of the reasons I'm holding off to see how Verizon prices the new Dinc 4G LTE. If it is priced in the $99-$149 neighborhood, I might just jump. Any higher doesn't seem worth it and I'll probably settle on the GNex. Dinc doesn't have as wonderful specs as the GNex does but has a good pedigree for allowing root and s-off. I also am more than happy with not-a-huge-screen. I only paid $199 for the Dinc two years ago, so phones in the >$200 range just seems unreasonable for a one year half life. Not sure if that reasoning helps, +Wil Wheaton , good luck!
I only missed it really on the transfer from my incredible, made restoring things a tad more cumbersome than when I went from Eris to Incredible. During regular use the only time I miss it is that I can't pop out my backups so I had to decide if I trusted the cloud for that and what I had to save there. Space wise though it hasn't been an issue with 32gb.
I don't miss the sd card at all. The internal storage is more than enough. I would also guess that the S3 will be quite a bit more expensive (if that matters) and will likely have some sort of custom Samsung interface (Touchwiz) that you may or may not want.
This is the only feature the Nexus line of phones don't have, and I don't miss it at all. If anything it's one less thing to worry about. Also if you've never filled 4Gigs than you'll never have to worry about it.
I haven't missed it at all yet, between online storage and the 32 GB in the device and SD card slot seems like overkill. I've always had bad luck with those memory cards going bad anyway. No fun turning your phone on one day to find all your data is missing/corrupted.
Oh, and I forgot, with things like Google music and Pandora about the only thing I end up with on my phone is apps and pictures.
I've had mine since December and haven't missed the SD card at all. I was like you thinking I would have to have it, but I really haven't missed it.
32gb are more than enough for most people. Only issue is if you're going on a trip and plan to store a lot of HD movies or tv episodes on it. They can go up to 4.5gb or so per movie. I have a iPhone, but is the same as it has no removable storage, and I did want to be able to keep my movie on it for trips so I got a 64gb iPhone 4S since I had come close to filling my 32gb iPhone 4 before, also before I broke it.

Only issue is SD cards are useful when doing root or flashing custom firmwarea on Android as you can make a nandroid or complete cmw backup of user data and save it to the card to easily retain all your apps and settings when you play with custom firmwares. 
Never missed the SD slot. Using the cloud for additional storage. It works out the same as my ever present backpack. Even over a few days away from my A/V and book libraries at home it's a handful of things I found use for and an additional 10 kg of unneeded insurance.
I've got a Nexus S and I find the 16GB built-in is good enough for me. Especially with all the streaming services such as Google Music and Netflix.
+Wil Wheaton Wil the SG3 is everything you need and more. Say no more ;-)..definitely worth hanging on Ensign.
Imagine carrying your favorite movies anywhere you go. With the HDMI-out cable for either handset you can then play your own collection in 1080p on any suitable TV/screen. Wireless media connections support this power now, too...from handset to big screen!

Carry an iPod? Why? You can have between 16/32 with built-in to 48/64 with MicroSDHC or even more with MicroSDXC (which work in most newer handsets even if the docs say no).

Carry an iPod and wear the headset? Why? Unleash yourself with a stereo BlueTooth headset. I've used them for 5 years now, and continue to wonder why folks live with cables. Bizarre.

Got a data plan with limits and overage fees? There are apps and services that allow you to cache audio and video content, downloaded when on WiFi, so you don't have to rely on your data connection except when necessary. Use the data for real stuff, like online gaming connections!...maybe.

BlueTooth everything from speakers to devices for use with your handset. Now you can even play music and movies via WiFi media server software so your phone can play movies via the new digital content boxes like the Apple TV and similar.

Yep, this is where you might want the SD capacity. Cloud covers your needs?...for free with unlimited data? Ever get stuck in 2G land or, worse, w/o coverage but with a nice new TV with HDMI or even WiFi? Some folks may never fill their phones, but they also don't imagine their phones could do much more than play music and podcasts and stream content. It could instead be the BigAss 9000 Pocket Media Player with phone features.
Wil, have you considered the DROID Razr Maxx? Can handle up to a 32GB SD card and MASSIVE battery life (I've gone 2 full days on one charge). The only thing the GNex has on it is ICS and that won't be the case for much longer.
Storage is never an issue and I have lots of documents and music on mine. Honestly one of the best phones and if you like to keep things new you can root and install custom ROMs.
Local phone storage is soooo last year!
Everything you need should be on the cloud/internet
I think Jeremiah's comment sums it up. It really depends on how much media you plan to carry around. I run 32G of storage. When I fly, it isn't enough because I want a few TV shows to watch ohnt he plane. I keep my music uncompressed (FLAC), and it chews up 15G pretty easily. It just takes a few TV shows off the Tivo, and 32G is full. With that said, I know my usage is unusually extreme. 16G should be more than enough for most folks.
one advantage of an SD card is that if you ever have to reset your droid, the SD contents remain intact.
No need for SD. 32 gig is plenty and if you need to offload any data before a reset you can do that by simply plugging in to computer via USB.
One thing that should be mentioned. No matter how big your SD card is. Android phones are limited by small internal memory. So many apps do not let you store on SD card. Even those that do need to be installed on the phone first. I have not missed my SD card one bit since I no longer have to erase an app anytime I want to try a new one.
I personally just picked one up, it was also my biggest problem with the phone too. Honestly though since getting it I absolutely love it, there are so many benefits compared to what I had been using (HTC Amaze and the G2). Wouldn't trade my GNex for anything now that I've started using it.
To be honest, I can't talk about the Gnex, as I don't know a thing about it, but the recharging cable for my G2X doubles as a USB connection, so retrieving data from my phone is pretty trivial. I don't really miss the SD slot at all. I would expect a Gnex to have the same feature available.
Can someone post a link to a place that tells us how to unlock a samsung phone?
Don't miss the SD slot at all. I was bummed when i first heard it but 32Gigs is more than I will ever use....hopefully.

As far as the GSIII goes....idk. I mean, it's going to be good and fast and everything but the Samsung skin and bloatware is just such a big turn off. Now, if you are going to root it and hack it all up then I guess that point is moot. Stock Android, updates from Google and no bloatware, for me, is where it's at.
honestly, unless you are buying your phone today in a store, you have the luxury of time. seems to be pretty impartial, and you have question about rootability, look no further that xda developers for more info, as the users there have extensive knowledge of what's wrong with every phone out there, and how to get past the various obstacles with the different phones. ntm you can use that as a gauge for where to look. also, once again, call Verizon tech support. you've obviously had your phone a while, and though not everyone you talk to will be as much as expert as some of the people on the xda forums, once you get past the customer service political correctness, the techies there actually have to most knowledge into network side things, and the vast majority of them test phones out on a daily basis. The tech guys will at least give you and honest comparison of which phones they like on vzw, and a few even use other carriers.
I've heard good things about HTC One and I believe it has SD card. You always want expandable on Android phones.
HTC One doesn't have an SD card, but its got 16GB or 32GB storage which is more than enough. Plus the screen is so beautiful it defies words! I speak from experience as I own one.
I've never maxed out the 16GB on my iPhone, so I'm sure that you'd be fine. Apps are of similar size so I'm sure unless you go app crazy it'll be cool.

Nexus sounds like a great phone!
If you're looking for information about upcoming phones, try or When I worked for Verizon those were the two go-to sites for info. (I swear this sounded less spammy in my head)
Bryan K
I initially had the same reaction, then I thought about it for a minute and realized that I never once ever removed the SD Card from any of my phones- then it didn't bother me any more. It has 32GB of memory so it isn't all that horrible. :)
Haven't noticed the lack of an SD slot myself.
Wil, I have a friend that works for Verizon in their Enterprise sales, he said that the SGSIII isn't coming for a "long time".
The lack of SD slot was almost a deal breaker for me, but now that I've had it for almost 6 months I don't miss the SD at all. Plus, having pure ICS and an extremely easy to root phone have more than made up for no SD. 
I have the GNex, as you like to call it, and I have not really noticed the lack of SD slot. I am interested by the S3 but I love my GNex too much.
I actually prefer the onboard storage and no SD card on my GNex to the SDcard on my original Droid. Basically, the phone can use the onboard storage for files and apps, where an external SD card can be used for files and apps, but you need to partition the SD card and you have to manually put apps there, and many (especially ones with widgets) don't usually work. So sure, if there were 16GB onboard and an SD slot, that's better, and the SIII will likely have that, but the SD only storage is not a good idea on an Android phone.
If u use instand update, all your vids and pics are in the cloud so there's always a backup somewhere.
I meant instant upload, fat finger syndrome... the new HTC one X looks wicked tho
To be honest, all my music is on the cloud and if I want video, I tend to use Netflix. So, local storage is just for photos/video, and to a lesser extent apps. The 16gig card that came with my Droid X took a year to fill with shots of my kids.

I think a bigger issue with the S3 is that you've got Touchwiz, unless you're going to try an ICS rom. To be honest, I'd rather take (almost) pure ICS off the bat on the GN.

The other thing, of course, is will Verizon actually carry the S3? They didn't have the S or S2 (the latter because they "already had a Samsung 4G phone", presumably the Charge or some crap).
I like removable storage and I am a storage monster so for me it is a must. I went with the Samsung Captivate Glide. It has a keyboard another must for me. I am very happy with it and how well it has organized my life. I am not big on auto back ups so I turn them off. My daughter swears by her Motorola Atrix 2 it has all but replaced her tablet for her. From how I see it you need to find the things that matter most to you and fit the phone for you. I find I always need more storage I use my 8 meg pix camera a lot and love storing music, 
I prefer to have the best of both, My Galaxy S2 has 16GB on board, and expandable slot up to 32GB of which I use 16GB extra microSD I did weigh up between Nexus and GS2 and came to conclusions that I preferred to have an extra SD slot for backup of information like contacts, photo's & video's. A lot of this comes from fear and paranoia of losing everything, which is why I don't have an iPhone. xx
+Ming Johanson Google offers free data backup for all Android phones. You don't need removable storage anymore.
+James Merrill I know and I do rely quite heavily on Google backups, again it just comes down to paranoia, the whole just in case scenario, right now I'm preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse as we speak :)
The SD card comes in handy if you are an app addict, or to put music, movies, or those big files on. But you don't need it. In my experience if you don't have the SD card, you'll need it. If the S3 is coming out in a month, which is iffy to stand on, I would wait.
I love the expanded storage on my Note for movies and shows, but I'm not sure I'd miss the storage on a regular cell-phone sized Nexus or S2.
there is no SD slot... the droid x is inside - open open the back cover for the battery and pull the battery out... it s/b there. and prob has a small 1g in it or such. I hope I am not wrong by saying it s/b there... would be really surprised if there were none to be found. I filled up the 32 g I put in with the 7th grade talent show at my son's school this week.... and a bunch of scout photos from our trec to the USAFA a few weeks ago camping there with the troop. (side note - retired 60 US Flags... very moving.) anyways ck again after the battery is out, and let me know too.
I heard that the S3 has dabbled into witchcraft and was raised by wolves which is super righteous. I would definitely wait till the end of summer when it might hit the USA of A. Sure, it will have a "castrated" dual core processor that out benchmarks the quad core exynos. But ya..... Raised by wolves.
It depends on your needs. I have a 16Gb iPhone and I have never even come close to using it all. I also do not dump all of my video, music or pictures to my phone. I constantly dump all of my photos and videos to my MacBook Pro and then to two external hard drives (then I delete them from my phone).

I have had phones with SD slots and I never really used it, except to dump my wife's phone to my MacBook Pro.

Remember, there is always something new around the corner, so just get something that works for you and don't look back. No regrets!!
For me, the purpose of the SD slot isn't really extra storage, but transfer. I have never come close to filling up the internal SD card on my Android device, but I frequently use the external SD card to move pics, music and documents between my phone, laptop, and tablet. For me it's quicker and easier than syncing through "the cloud".
I'm probably late to the picnic, but I'm with Addison Smith in that i use the SD card for transfer more than anything.
Tearing out your hair? You trying to look like Patrick Stewart?
I haven't missed the SD slot on my GN, but I don't really listen to music on my phone.
Slot or not, I would always buy a stock Android device over something running TouchWiz or Sense, and would still go with the Nexus. This is just my personal preference, though.
thats to prob with Android....enough choice to make the average consumer pull their hair out. I'm and iPhone user myself they all work the same and work well no crashing better battery life than most droid phones but to each their own I guess
I love my Glaxay Nexus and have never noticed a storage space problem, despite not having the SD slot. With the prevalence of all the cloud-based storage solutions available these days, I find it less and less necessary to worry about local storage capacity.
Now, I get by with the tiny little stock 2GB card that came with my Ideos rather nicely, but then it's just a voice-text-email-twitter-shoutcast-Angry Birds machine. I don't keep very many books on it, no videos, and stream all my music.
+Philip Peebles This. I don't know what sort of person keeps their entire life on their phone. I look at my smartphone the way I looked at like, my walkman. If I want something specific, I shove it on there til I'm done with it, then swap it out for something else. Usually I just turn on the radio.
I was worried about it when I realised it didn't have an SD card slot. Haven't even come close to needing it and loving the phone far too much to care.
I to was worried by the lack of SD card slot, but I haven't missed it one bit. Even with the lack of Google music in the UK it has not been a Major issue, I sync all my music with Doubletwist.
This is not the droid you are looking for. You should move along.

Sorry, don't actually have an opinion, just couldn't resist that.
If you have never filled up the 4 gigs on your current phone, then how are you worried about filling up the 32 gigs on a Gnex? I have one and I havent even thought about the sd card missing.
As I said before Wil, I'd just wait for the S 3, it's going to be worth it.
I used to love the removable media, but I have a Nexus and I never miss it.
Don't think I'd miss the SD slot because it has something like 32 GB internally. I would check to make sure you can change the battery though. Also the S3 and HTC 1X are both incompatible with 4g LTE so they both have to have the old Tegra 2 chip instead of the Tegra 3 so waiting for one of those is silly unless you get an unlocked international version and then you have the choice of AT&T or T-mobile. (GSM and CDMA). I'm looking for a phone too, but my phone isn't broken so I'm waiting for the perfect phone. The Razr Maxx I decided was the best for me currently but Verizon isn't international, so I'm waiting for a while longer to see if a Tegra 3 phone with NFC shows up, preferably T-mobile because I travel a lot (GSM and CDMA). I really dislike AT&T for personal reasons . . not least of which is their research and development of nuclear weapons.
I don't miss it at all. Dropbox + 4G > SD Card
I think I'm in the same dilemma, but a buddy of mine just got the htc Rezound and its looking better and better everyday. Faster 1.5 g DC apu, same 720P lcd and sd card slot. He got it for $50, but i think 200 is good. its getting ICS soon too.
Honestly it's not a problem... however the lack of a quality dock is frustrating. If someone has found a good home dock and im mistake please + for all of us.
I was in the same dilemma till recently... But then finally decided on the Gnex... I think performance wise the dual core is sufficient.. plus the added benefit of the updates coming to the Gnex before everything else... (with Jellybean on the cards I really wouldn't like to wait to get it while others are using it.. ) as for the SD card... with all your photos saved to the cloud... and services like spotify... There is very little that you would be keeping on your phone... and 16Gb should cover all that easily...and last but not the least.. paying the extra amount for S3 for features that I would mostly not be using very much does not make sense... Hence Ordered my Gnex this week finally...
in brief: wait and find one with sd card slot... simple!
Yes wait for the S3,
I haven't missed the SD slot at all. 32 GBs is plenty of space (unless I wanted to use my phone to hold all my physical MP3s instead of stream), but I never really used the SD card for anything besides internal storage. All my photos upload automatically to G+, so I don't even have to worry about transferring them to the PC.
no iphone?
Love my Gnex....truly has not bothered me that there is no SD slot.
Best thing is to wait so you can get user reviews for Samsung its always best to let someone else bite first user bullets
I know that I'm late to the party, but the only way I've been able to fill up my storage is by copying all of my scans of the New 52 (each issue, 7+ GB). Toss in a few music albums, which is kind of unnecessary due to me having everything uploaded to Google Music, and that did the trick. In my opinion, the Galaxy Nexus has more than adequate local storage, at least for my needs. I don't remember ever taking out the SD card in my post two phones (EVO 4G and Droid Charge) due to a lack of storage.
I don't miss the SD card slot at all but the biggest problem is mounting with linux. The galaxy nexus uses the MTP protocol to sync with computers. This is because the internal storage needs to be mounted to both the phone and the computer at the same time and mtp is the only way to do that. If you use windows or mac you should be fine when you connect your phone to your computer. The easiest way to mount the gnex in linux is to write a script but if you don't use linux you should be ok.
That was a concern for me briefly..but it has plenty of memory unless you store massive amounts of music or video on the music clears a lot of space. I have mine for several weeks now and love it. Once you experience true Android without the crap-ware you'll never want to go back.
I'm not sure if anyone else pointed this out, but the s3 is going to have Samsung touchwiz user interface. That will affect how you feel about your phone. I just recently upgraded from the Incredible to the nexus, I love the phone. The operating system works great because Google helped to design this phone so you get a sense of iOS fluid processing. Aka it all works really well together. The s3 will have a better camera (8mp w/o shutter lag) but the 5mp no shutter lag on the nexus takes crystal clear photos in almost any condition. As for the issue of an SD card slot, that was a concern for me too, I don't miss it at all. If your life is on Google, the nexus is the way to go. Hope this helps.
I'm sure the S3 will get Cyanogen and many other custom roms, flashing them is a matter of using simple tools and one-click operations for the most part, so even if Touchwiz is pissing Wil off, there will be plenty ways to remove it in a couple of months. You could even just use an alternative launcher like AWD for a whole other look and feel. You don't even have to reverse the polarity to switch launchers! :D
John E
SD cards are irrelevant.
I upgraded from a Dinc to a Gnex. No looking back. It was the logical course. Verizon just needs to release updates faster than they have been, but can't blame the phone, just the provider.
Preparing myself for a slamming here - but either get a Windows Phones or an iPhone. If the "closed" system really bothers you, jailbreak it. Currently, the software on the Android side just isn't up to par with Apple or Windows (and I expect harsh retorts to that, but talk to anybody who does serious programming). Why is it that Android requires a processor far more powerful than Apple's to give the same performance? So many Android phones have amazing hardware (which in many cases far outstrips the hardware from Apple and Windows Phone manufacturers) - it's sad to see such crap put on such amazing hardware.
ignoring all the crap. I had the droid x before getting the Nexus and i do not miss the memory card at all. the built in 32gb is plenty big. I shoot a lot of 1080p video of my wife gogo dancing and do not have to clear it very often. And I keep about 10 gb of music on it as well.
I have a GNex, and don't miss the microSD slot. With 32 GB of onboard storage, it has all I'd need anyway. Also, on a lot of phones that have a microSD slot, the slot is so badly placed (i.e. beneath the battery or something equally stupid) that it's almost useless for swapping cards in/out anyway.
As a NexusS owner, the lack of a SD slot hurt at first, but google's move towards cloud-based services seemed remove that need for me. 16GB is more then enough for most of the files I need to pack with me, and services like Google Music saved tons of space that would be dedicated towards MP3s in the first place. I wish I could do more with movies, but I don't have that many in the first place, nor the means/time to watch them just yet.
Don't really miss the SD card at all. I have the 16GB Verizon Galaxy Nexus - so it is plenty spacious for my needs.

For me, really the only downside is the ease in which you can pull things off of a phone with a SD card. With the GN you have to tether the device via USB and use "Android File Transfer" (if you have a Mac anyway) to transfer files between it and your PC. (Or of course install something on the GN to do this wirelessly as a network share)
Get the S3. It's definitely better, by far. But, you won't get OS updates as frequently. If you plan on rooting it, then it's not an issue. I got my S2 a few weeks ago and love it. I'm drooling for the S3.
The GNex is a fantastic phone. Pure Android experience (well, as "pure" as Verizon will allow it on their network). I have the GS2 on Sprint and as much as I love it, I do wish I had waited for the GNex.
SD Card is very important to me.  I am always throwing video files on my phone.
The S3 has a locked bootloader, you cant install a custom Kernel, also I don't know if I have been scammed or not, but when I got my 32 GB model, it was just a 16 GB model with a 16 GB SD card pre installed. I feel cheated by Verizon ;(
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