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My friend Greg (Mediocre Films) made this. I laughed so hard, I hit my whole family.
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I laughed so hard I cried! Thanks Wil :D
I like you man.. Do you like to come to the RMI,.. It is really good, and I wil be proud if just come
"Turtle necks?" "Pet section."
Yes, come to RMI. We give you television... VCR... remote control... But if you cheat on me, I crush you.
I'm stealing this from you.. Funny shit right there ^
the japanese children thing at the end really crossed a line...but other than that, hilarious!
toddler sized shark cage....classic.
funny...but would be 1000 times better if they werent laughing the whole time....
+Wil Wheaton tell Greg that he could find "premade toast" at the local Gigante or any Mexican supermarket. No joke. Look up "Bimbo (prnounced beam bo) pan tostado." My parent's old liquour store used to carry the stuff.
As someone who actually DOES remove eyes, the eye removal kit was my favorite... heheh
I think Target actually sells pre-made toast. Yeah, that one's real.
I guffawed so loud my littlest cat came up to me with a concerned meow. (Musta thought something was wrong with me. Yeah, OK, there is, but, like, not this...)
Definitely helped with this Saturday morning work business. Thanks.
Oh dear, my belly hurts :-D I'm going to spread this all over Germany! Danke für den Lacher!
wow.........Elli pirelli...
"Do you also have Japanese children?"
A toddler sized shark cage....doesn't everyone need one of those?
This was ok. For real fun though, go into a store like Walmart. Go on the intercom and say something like "Attention Walmart shoppers. The next ten customers to buy a HDTV will receive 50% off."
LOL. Here in Germany they would jell at you after the first question.
OK I laughed a lot with this but... hey you are mean! Not good thing to mock the people when doing their job! Anyway LOL
(Japanese children? wtf!!!)
Either laugh or yell, +Steffen Koehler ;-)

So awesome!
Hmm "humour" that's takes advantage of people desire to be helpful and polite? And people wonder why there is no manner left in the world anymore!
I was laughing so hard, kicking my legs frantically in the air!
this is the funniest thing ive seen today. outstanding.
Good way to start my saturday. Thanks for sharing Wil!
Many stores here in Dallas also carry "Texas toast," which is premade garlic toast on thick white bread.
what is the meaning of black friday shopping..........y black
+benson sally Since it's the single biggest shopping-day of the year, it's supposed to be the day that finally puts many retailers "into the black", where they've made more money than they've spent on the business that year. (If they spent more than they made, they're "in the red".) Also it's a bit of a pun, since for many shoppers it's a crazy and exhausting and long day that people might not be looking forward to, so a dark or 'black' day on the calendar.

ETA: Corrected by +Phil Nolan further down. Serves me right for not hitting Wikipedia first anyway! I always thought that 'in the black' story seemed a bit odd...
Dear god! I think I need those "Whoopsie Daisies"!
fuck these guys......i really have to put up with assholes like this at work
Bill K.
That was hilarious! I don't know how they kept the fairly straight faces. I would have been laughing too much. Thank you for sharing! was funny ...felt sorry for the workers though
+Morrin Textrada +benson sally The name originated here in Philadelphia in the 1960's. It originally got the name from the police dealing with the huge crowds of people. Later people started saying it was because stores were "in the black".
Will, that is so funny! Bout peed my pants laughing so hard! As a former Target employee ..... I approve of this prank!!
turtle necks in the pet section PFFT!!! too funny
Thanks. I needed a laugh.
If you do hear about a painting of clowns storming the beach at, never-mind.
I did not think I'd laugh, but this is pretty damn funny.
Yes... Definitely had fun watching this one...
hahahaha classic. I am adding this to my next scavenger ankle grease.......rofl and daddy butter......hahahaha
LMFAO @ 3:14 "An oil painting of circus clowns storming the beach at Normandy?"
"Do you have Japanese children?" ... "Is that like a toy?"
I have to admit, I laughed. But at the same time, I've worked retail and in this situation I would probably hate these two guys more than I've ever hated anyone ever.

And I want that oil painting.
The items on the list were funny. Forcing employees to humor these two or risk their jobs on one of their busiest days of the year puts this smack in "don't be a dick" territory.
I want some chocolate rosary beads and a three breast bra.
This was cool. Thanks for sharing Will. 
I can see how that would be funny. As a retail worker, it's just tragically familiar for me.
Would have been funnier if the lady spoke English as her first language. You could tell she just didn't understand him most of the time.
You know, I would find that funny except I work at a Library and this isn't that abnormal. And, yes, you have to keep your cool.
Too funny! I love how she knows where everything is!
ok where the r you gonna get fish priosn ok these is very funny i cant stop lol
Yeah, I posted that on my Facebook page a couple of days ago. The first time I watched it after finding it on Mashable, I laughed so hard, I had tears running down my cheeks. No, not THOSE cheeks!
Hahaha! Episode 2 please:-)
Okay man this is so funny. Thanks for sharing!
Mildly amusing until the Infant item, then hilarity ensued...
Reminds me when my friends and I would do photo scavenger hunting (each team makes a list of pictures that have to be made, and the other team needs to complete the list in a few hours). Some items on the list would require the assistance of strangers, and that was always fun.
While kinda funny, is it really nice to make the life of minimum wage people harder?
Pre-made toast actually exist....
I think "Mediocre" is an appropriate name.

It. was just plain childish, and might have had an element of that kind of infantile humor at another time of year. At this time of year, store employees are already rushed off their feet with legitimate customer needs. There is an element of meanness in adding to their stress with this time-wasting activity, and there was a clear attempt to make the employees look and feel silly - or worse. That, too, is unkind. Taking advantage of folks or making their life harder is not funny.

My compliments to the employees who behaved with courtesy to these thoughtless folks who were taking up time which could have been used to help actual customers or to tend to other legitimate business.

Store employees in college or university towns used to be warned about this sort of thing during Rush Week. It is the type of activity that was required in fraternity initiation - most of the time the sororities had more class.
Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!
OK. I thought it was funny but my wife who works in retail (16 years at Target!) did not.
The thing I thought was the most amusing was the different reactions Greg and Ryan got. The one clerk knows he's being had, the other just keeps on telling Greg where he can find most of these completely ridiculous things...?! Toddler sized shark cage... XD
What the heck Tiffany? You'd send your toddler to play with sharks in an ill-fitting shark cage or worse, none at all? What is wrong with people these days?
OK... Now I want my very own toddler-sized shark cage... Someone get it for me for Christmas? Apparently they sell it a Target.. o.O;
Oil painting of circus clowns storming the beach at Normandy? Sporting goods.

Sorry man, couldn't resist it =/
Funny as he'll Greg is. Favorite its the last one... Japanese children
Toddler sized Shark Cage is epic win.
This is BEYOND funny....this should be REQUIRED watching...
Toddler sized shark cages! So funny!
Ryan wrote the best list by far:D Fish poison, Fancy Boy Lip Glitter -- I don't know how Greg held it together so well. Brilliant!
I couldn't hold it together either....those list items were great! 'Eye removal kit', it's something needed for animals :)
The only thing I don't like about this is that I didn't think to do it first. Amazing!
Love the oil painting of clowns storming the beach at Normandy!!
non-alcoholic whisky is a real thing!!
leg rubbers? you are dating the wrong girl..
Next year You don't need to go to store, Just buy on my link , enjoy online shopping. !!! Lol
i don't like it. he's dumbass, those people are trying to be nice to him and he's just making fun of that and laugh at their faces!! i don't know it just pisses me off. if i were the latino guy i would want to punch him in the face. it's funny though but not nice he should've been respectful.
Thanks for sharing the fun, Wil! I enjoy you.
Would have been funnier if some of those items didn't make it quite so obvious that the employees were being pranked. The joke's not funny when the employees figure it out and are just saying stuff to get rid of them. The big Latino guy seemed like a good sport about it though.
boys and girls, let's play a game... check my recent post on my profile u will like it ... sorry, i am not spamming.. just highlighting :) cheers..
Oh god... Thank you Will. I'm typing this trough tears and in the middle of laughter convulsions. Will share!
Mormon Disco Ball - I laughed SO hard! xD Defo a Re-Share!
Left-handed washing glove!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha
Fancy Boy lip glitter....awesome....I need some of that
Why in the world would an oil painting of clowns storming the beaches of Normandy be in sporting goods??

Working retail isn't enough of a hell -- in this or any economic situation? Shame on you both.
I call cheating with asking an "ESL" employee. Not only is her unsure grasp of the language making his job easier, it's more like the prank is on her. Which is kinda mean. Just sayin'. Still funny.
Did Wil Wheaton just post a video of people violating Wheaton's Law? Because that's what it looks like. This would be funnier during summer, when retail workers aren't living through absolute hell.
An infant-sized shark cage! LOL That was great.
ROFL epic guys! Now back to my oil painting of clowns storming the beaches of Normandy....
Hysterical I'm going to ask for possum with broth in a can
I had no problem shopping on Black Friday,I took my stun gun and zapped who ever got in my way-Beautiful!
Shopping in the stores is for those who like to enter mosh pits or watch raptors feed. Me I just shop on line.
I snarfed so hard, I have tea coming out my nose. LOL!
I think this is Hillarious! Hill Hair Hee Huss!!! (slides you a slice of cheesecake...)
That's the best. I was dying. 
Greg was way better at the list items. So awesome.
LMFAO!! You guys are both hilarious(: you have a t.v. with no commercials hahaha
All the people that think this is funny have made me lose faith in the kindness of the human race. This is just sad.
I thought I was done laughing, and then he said "Japanese children"
Turtle Mix is a real thing. Its for making a type of candy called Turtles
Awesome! I need to pick up some of that ankle grease. 
the toddler size shark cage and oil painting of circus clowns storming the beach at Normandy really got me.

How long do you think it'll take for the clown picture to become a reality?
Great Laugh! Thanks for sharing.
Toddler sized shark cage about made me cry....
I know this is random but arent you from stand by me if you are me and my friends love that movie all of my firends like river pheonix but i thought you did the best!
I need that painting of the Circus Clowns storming the beach at Normandy!!
I would totally hang out with these two.. this was awesome!
OMG! I think I pee'd a little! This is the funniest thing I've seen today! 
man I bust a gut on this one. Disposable slacks did it for me. SHARE
These guys are hilarious. My freind says they are getting a TV show.
Do you also have Japanese children? Rofl...
Too freakin funny! I just checked with a Mormon friend... he's got the disco ball!
That's hilarious. One of the best pranks I have seen lately.
OMG!!! it gets better when you play it again!! ! llol
Avoiding the great shopping crush was why replicator technology was invented, it's all that saved humanity from self destruction.
one of the most hilarious things i've seen in a long long time.
Target apparently has everything! Awesome video, I couldn't stop laughing
Good Lord, this is funny. That said, everyone at Penn knows where to get premade toast!
It's good to see this tradition usually used in engineering circles for the new employee sent on errands. "Can I have a bag of spare sparks for the grinding wheel?" "Do you want red or blue?"
LMAO! "mormon disco ball" and "toddler sized shark cage" This was seriously funny! thanks for sharing! :)
You should also see the other 2 videos- Ryan's second try and Greg's uncut take. All of these are really hilarious!!
Oil painting of circus clowns storming the beach at Normandy! XD
This is brilliant but it is also the reason I moved to Asia.... a long time ago!
This made me LOL at 530 am, woke up my wife... Thanks a lot, Wil!! :-)
Jay Wiz
Toddler sized Shark Suit and the Picture of Circus Clowns Storming the Beach of Normandy were my two faves.
Japanese children is the best one! Hilarious :D
Yeah I want done Japanese children under my tree
Too funny....definitely made me laugh out loud!

Overall rating
A picture of clowns storming the beach at Normandy. Oh lord, the visual!
^Don't add the Justin Beiber fan, it's a Trap.
The Mormon disco ball is classic.
This is freakin' hilarious!!! A toddler sized shark cage? Classic!
That was great.........i needed that laugh tonight...
My gods that's funny!
B Bagby
I can't plus one this enough!
Jesus Christ now I want to hit my whole family
I was hoping he'd find the non-alcoholic whiskey on his list!
That was so funny. People at work are looking at me funny now.
lol thank you for putting a smile on my face today! Thanks for sharing!
: ) Tammy
I wish that were my job (note the correct use of subjunctive mood).
Ha Ha, reminds of the time I asked a Walmart Associate where I can find the Shrinky Dinks (it's an actual thing). Not sure what she thought I wa asking...but she turned beet-red and laughed.
too funny!!!!! its like going to the home depot and asking for a board stretcher or nail extender LMAO
I also laughed so hard I hit your family.
Where the heck are the adult diapers? I could use some now! OMG!
Toddler Size Shark Cage!!! hahaha
First: this was funny. I was crying from laughing so hard! Second: Did these guys do it to make fun of the sales people? NO. Did they do it to irritate the sales people? NO. They did it to make each other look goofy and for the amusement of the viewers. Sorry, I am all for treating people well, but our rush to judge the situation rather than see the humor or the true intent of it is one of our shortcomings as a society. Not everyone is out to "get" someone else. Sometimes, they're just trying to tell a joke. Nothing more, nothing less.
I had a bunch of lolz at this one.
Barb E
Non-alcoholic whiskey! I saw this on It exists. For some reason.
Seriously Wil, you have the BEST friends!
Funny. Looks like Mike Teutul did a cameo at about 1:49. :-D
That is the funniest thing I've seen all day.
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