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I'm making an IPA tonight, so it can ferment while I'm gone for PAX, Eureka, and Dragon*Con. (How's that for multitasking?!)

I just added 1.75 ounces of whole Columbus hops for bittering, and my house smells so good, I kind of want to do a little dance.

I'm adding Cascade for aroma, and Columbus again for flavor. When I get back from The Road, I'm going to dry hop with Cascade for a week.

So far, everything is going according to plan, and there haven't been any accidents (he said, tempting Fate), just good smells and the anticipation of something potentially wonderful in about a month.

Here's the first hops addition, swirling around my brewpot. 
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IPA tastes incredible homebrewed, good luck with that!
I've always wanted to learn how to brew my own at home. Never had the time or resources :(
Never tried making ale before. We have a brewery down the road, though. Good luck!
Mmmmmm.... Anticipated alcohol....
Looks like oatmeal. I'm not a brew maker but I am a lover a good one. Cheers,
I don't drink, but the brewing process intrigues me... :)
Mmmmmmmmmm, homebrewed beer! I can smell the hops from here!
Where do you get your recipes? And/or how did you learn to make beer from scratch? Thanks.
Yum!!!!! Not only do you play a grumpy scientist in Eureka, you also make beer! I am verily impressed
Every time i read about your adventures in homebrew, i want to try it out myself more. Though it also helps that one of my coworkers is german, and thus is a beer expert. haha
Hey Wil. Any reviews on your first batch that you did with your son? BTW.. I'm in agreement with the other comments.. YUM!!! :D
Are you going to be around to check how fermentation is going, check the gravity, etc.?
You probably already know most of this, but my friend has been home brewing some of the best beer I've ever tasted for a few years now. He set up a site for sharing tips:
You, sir, are a man of many talents... As a fellow home brewer, I salute you. I typically just use Cascade for all three hoppings, I'll have to try the Columbus.
Completely off topic but I would add referenced on Family Guy to your' bragging rights : )
Never understood IPA. They used to load it with hops so they could ship it more safely way back when beer had to cross oceans but the end result was a very bitter beer. We don't have to do this anymore so why not make a better tasting beer?
my wife always bitches about the smell so I'm forced to brew outside and ferment in the basement. Such is life.
Well. I have a new found respect. You act. You write. You brew. I've got two of those covered, but don't make any $$ doing either. sigh You live a charmed life, sir.
Very nice, had no idea you were a homebrewer! What kind of yeast are using? Planning on any dry hops?
Ok, Will, you are officially a true badass now! You should come to New Mexico for the opening of the brewery I am working at. I'll buy you a beer, or 6 ;-)
It is Hop Harvest season..........hoppy brewing!!!
What will you be fermenting in (carboy, bucket, keg)? Ultimately going to keg or bottle it?
I should finally have some Centennial flowers this year. Looking forward to brewing with them.
Cheers Wil! You should come to the National Homebrewer's Conference next year in Seattle. You'd fit right in brotha.
Oh.......and is that what Miller means when they say "Triple Hopped"??????........(that commercial always makes me giggle.)
Any idea what the ABV on that baby is going to be? Sounds tasty!
So, can I come over and try the new brew with you? When it's ready? I bring my own mug!
+Martin R Where in NM are you opening your place? I'm in Rio Rancho and I brew for ABQ Brewpub.
Nothing can match that smell when the brewpot is going - awesome. Can't wait to use my homegrown hops on my own IPA recipe soon. =)
once i get my own house and stop renting apartments im going to brew up an ipa myself
Brewing your own beer? What are you, a graduate student? ;-)
If you like beer, which it seems you do, when you're in Atlanta check out The Brick Store, The Porter, and/or Local Three. The last two are the closest to the downtown action. Great food as well at all of those, can't go wrong.
First the Traveller and now the BrewMeister, you cease to amaze. Cascade and Columbus prove to be a good mix in any ale. I'm working on an India Spice Chai beer myself. Much respect sir.
+Chris Neill, no mention of The Bookhouse Pub? Not only does it have good beer, it's nerd-core. One of the inspirations for the facade was a pic from a D&D PHB. Cthulu totem pole in the back too.
I absolutely LOVE a good IPA. I've not yet tried home brewing, though my wife thinks I should. I try a couple different IPAs from a wide variety of craft breweries each weekend. I may have to attempt my own!
Awesome! I'm interested to hear how the dry-hopping turns out!
IPA is good, but I will certainly buy if you can get the Belgium Tripel down.
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
I took my beer judge certification test last weekend, and I just dry-hopped my IIPA last night with 2oz simcoe, 2oz cascade, and 2oz of columbus. Glad to see you in the hobby Wil :)
I got suspend for a week for dry-hopping my date to the 8th grade winter dance. True story. 
Im trying an Irish Red, Its supposedly a simple one but only my second attempt at brewing, I hope that it goes better than my first.
Citra makes for a sick dry hopping ;)
Have you ever tried Dogfish head IPA? I think you'd like it.
+Ted Collins - Weird thing is, my wife hates beer. But she really want me to do this!
+Wil Wheaton and +Kyle Jensen, are either of you open to sharing your recipes? I've been brewing for just a few months now. Just experimented making a sparkling hard cider...which turned out rather dry. Going to attempt a stout in the next couple weeks. Anyway...if you are willing to share a recipe, I'm interested in hearing about it.
+Erick Pettersen - Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA is STELLAR. Probably my favorite at the moment. Their 60 Minute IPA is nearly as good. I Love Doogfish Head!
try adding a couple tablespoons of gypsum to the wort .. really makes the hops pop pop pop! damnit .. now i have to go grab my own beer ..
Sounds good. The dry hopping should really give some great flavor. Next batch for me will be a Cascadian Dark Ale. Living in Oregon definitely has its up-sides.
Brewing from extracts, or are you doing a whole-grain brew ??
Are you doing extract or all grain??
I make mead and have some friends who brew, if you're ever in Louisville or passing through, let me know. You're welcome to stop by and sample. :)
I love homebrewing. It's the tasty science.

+Wil Wheaton - Don't forget to post your OG and expected FG! I'm also curious what yeast you're using.
YOU BREW TOO - I don't know if I want my husband to see this, he may want to leave me for you. :)
Ohhhh yeaaah. Getting ready to start a Dog Fish Head 90 minute IPA clone myself. May your sparging be efficient!
You are seriously way too awesome sometimes. /idolize
So what are the chances of you sending me a bottle?
man that makes me super dizzy
My rule of thumb with any homebrew: cascade and/or glacier hops make everything better. It's kind of amazing how much I can taste the difference between hops now.
It's art! I'll bet it smells great. We need to be able to convey that in an image in the future.
I made a black ipa with cascade and columbus, t'was very good.
Mmmm.... Beer. IPA, even better! The hoppier the better! Hope it turns out as you like!
Mmmmmmm, Cascade. Good stuff. Grain bill?
Citra and Falconer's Flight hops at regular intervals imo for your next batch, those in my experience have produced the best IPAs, both aromatic and delicious.
+Evan Marshall Did you mean for this Kyle? I'm always up for sharing my recipes. There's no place for secrets in beer brewing :)
I made a cider once. It was very dry (and only tasted "dry") for a while. It took a year before it started tasting like apples again. I don't have the patience for ciders and meads.
Random thing: Wil, long time fan, etc. Please clue me in on how to use g+ because I'm getting nothing--I feel like I'm lost in the desert here. Even if I don't get my fb friends to follow me over to g+, I still can't find celebs or institutions to 'follow' for my amusement.
+Wil Wheaton I've been wanting to try this as a hobby. Got a good book request Wil that'll get me started?
Your first brew? If so, welcome to the fold. :) One of the few hobbies where you get to use SCIENCE and drink BEER!
Not "authentic", but you toss some oak chips in the secondary and it can really add something to an IPA. That's what I did with a Columbus/Cascade hopped I did a few years ago - before I got too damned lazy to brew.
I LOVE cascade hopped beers. The aroma is incredible.
Aha... the question is do you grow your hops? Nothing adds flavor like regional ingredients!
Beer, like bread, is sometimes made best at home. Looks good!
Awesome Wil! It's a great hobby. 
I thought it was the higher alcohol content that was for shipping, I'm not sure the extra hops adds any preservative effect, but I could be wrong.

In any case, some people really love extra hoppy beer (myself included) and some don't (e.g. my wife).
FYI, if you are coming into Vancouver, BC and driving through Bellingham, WA onto Seattle, WA. . . stop by and sample their local brews too ! :)
John J
I miss microbrews. Chinese beer is unfortunately starting to taste good to me. :(
Very awesome. Good luck! If this is your first attempt at dry-hopping, I'd suggest easing it up a little. I don't like my beer to taste grassy, so I never dry hop for more than 5 days, though usually not more than 3. Just my 2 cents.
I was just reading about Northwest brews in my local paper today. If you are ever here in Eugene, OR you should tour Ninkasi. I also have to recommend Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, CA. It was a nice break from touring wine country and I loved their outdoor dog-friendly patio and the fact I could get a flight of their beers to sample.

I think I'm going to plant some hops next year and see who will try their hand at a wet hop brew for me to try. You just became several megawatts cooler to me with this post and you were already in the stratosphere. Just saying.

Trivia for you: Here in the US each two adult person (and up) household can brew 200 gallons of beer for personal consumption a year. Singles get 100 gallons.
Next time you're in the San Diego area, you should check out Mother Earth Brew Co. They opened just over a year ago in Vista, and not only do they make beer, they sell home brew supplies.
Cascade, the dishwasher detergent?
oh man Mr. Wheat I gotta try that brew, could i trouble you for the recipe?
aweomesauce. except for the IPA part. blech. more for you, i guess. :) enjoy it!
Moor Hopz Please. :) (I am just dying for the Simcoe harvest -- they've been so hard to get all summer!)
My homegrown 2011 hop crop is just about ready to harvest. I'll be brewing this weekend.
That looks like something I've thrown up.... 
Tell me when you're done - I'll come visit you and help you drink it :)
is it me of is mister wheaton the only person using G+?
John J
I would think that the 130+ comments above tell you that he is not the only one on G+.
Making a wiesbeir this sunday. Last scottish ale tasted great!
Oy, I need to get my next batch in. Thanks for the reminder!
RAwk! I have a couple of meads I'll be setting to ferment - I'll probably start them around the equinox, once weather up here gets to the point of it being the "cool" season. Not like we've had much of a summer to speak of in Seattle, granted, but still.

Enjoy the shows.
My friend one made a Coffee mead. It was very good. Coffee like. wished i had added cream if i could have done son without curdling it.
If you're ever in Sydney Australia you should come around and try my brews!
I thought about making a mead myself and may do that in the future. Perhaps a strawberry banana mead.
I'm so jealous of your schedule. Wish I could make PAX this year at least.
Typically for IPAs, I haven't tried the Columbus. I usually use Noble and Cascade. You're a man of similar tastes, my friend.
Wil, you make me miss homebrewing SOOOOOO much!!!
Hopefully, I will catch you at Dragon*Con (immediately before my x-country move to Seattle!)
Ooooh... I love Seattle!!!!! :) 
Hops always make the house good. The only thing better is a full carboy, or an empty one that just got bottled. 
You homebrew too? Sweet! We did a couple of batches of Belgian Style Ale (one Dubbel, one Triple) so far this year. Speaking of IPAs - I'm having one of the BEST IPAs ever made right now (and hard to find too) - Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA! :)
If you look directly at the swirling hops its like time itself stands still, and there is nothing left but you and the brew... You.. and.. the brew.
And after a little while on a cosmic scale, there's just you Belching. ;)
If you've got time while you're in Atlanta for Dragon*Con, you should take a tour of Sweetwater Brewery. They have an excellent extra pale ale.
If for what ever reason you stop in Chico CA (home of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.) make it the first Thursday of the month. The Chico Home Brew Club meets at the brewery from 6-8pm. We would love to have you come try some amazing homebrew!
I'm already here in Seattle Pax. Will good to see you here, sir.
If you are ever in Philly, come visit manayunk brewery where my hubs is the head brewer. I'm a bit biased but, he's an experienced homebrewer turned pro, and people love the beer.

It is so incredibly awesome that you brew beer. Just wanted to let you know.
Each time you mention Cascade, I really can't help but think of the dish detergent. How womanly of me -_-
Hey Will, I love a good IPA, and have brewed many batches myself, although I used cascade hops in my recipe. I hope you enjoy it !
Love beer. Hate IPA, but good luck :)
Is that Canadian money in the background?
I just shed a single tear of joy when I saw this post. Spreading the homebrew love...Cheers! Send me some homebrew and I will try it on my show. :).....Please? Hello? Damn...Well, it was worth a try.
Do you have any websites you use for recipes (etc)??
Cascade is a great tasting hop for an IPA!

I see a lot of talk about reading Papazian or Palmer, but check out It's a great forum with lots of helpful members and resources!
I agree with Erik Pizer - is amazing. Lots of great help (even if they do come off as bored with newbies now and again). Love this pix of the wort. one of the best smells that can come out of a kitchen
Sounds Yummy, how many oz of hops did you end up using? I normally end up using at least 6-8 oz in the wort, then 2oz for dry hoping in the secondary, Hoppilicious ! Amarillo Magnium etc hehe
Will, this is off the subject of the beer but I am going to Dragon*Con and I did not want to miss getting a chance to meet you. Do you have any tentative schedule of your activities?
Will - we just started home brewing this year, and decided to try our first seasonal: Pumpkin Ale.
1. Have you tried to make this before?
2. Any tips?
3. Have you found some good homebrew people to follow on G+ ?
Have fun at PAX! Your beer will be waiting for you when you return!
Very nice-- I didn't know you were a brewer! Cascade is a great variety (and I'm not just saying it because my first flowers are forming in my own backyard!) I haven't done anything with Columbus before-- what's it like?

If you're ever in Chicago, and you want to make the best mead I've ever tasted, ping me, and I'll be sure to get you some of the custom yeast I use! :)
One of these days I would like to try your home brew.
Awesome! Just bottled 6 gallons of mead with another 6 still clearing. I also have Barleywine that's also going to be at Dragon-Con in my personal stash.
Can't wait to see you at Dragon*Con!!! :D
Is it the Everyday IPA kit from the Brooklyn Brew Shop? That was our first and boy did it turn out well. Needless to say, it did not last long in our house.
Wil, hope it goes well for you :D I've got a Pale Ale in the fermentor right now...
Wait, wilw brews beer too? I'm not entirely sure we weren't twins separated at birth. When I was in middleschool (during the height of STNG) the girls all seemed to think so...
Really looking forward to you being at Dragon-Con.
Brian B
For someone who just started, your sounding like an expert.
You've just impressed me even more. I fraking love a good IPA. Don't hold back on the dry hops, they add a lot of flavor.

You ever have a pint through The Randal from the boys at Dogfish Head? Incredible.

Now is also a good time to brew up a pumpkin ale for October. Let it bottle-condition for a good month or more before opening, and the flavor bangs. At six months, it's spectacular. But drink it quickly, because after 8 months it fades quickly.
Not a huge fan of IPAs. Don't get me wrong I love hoppiness, but prefer it over the complexity of an amber or Scotch Ale. My favorite? Arrogant Bastard Ale from Escondido (you lucky left-coasters.)
I have a recipe for a chocolate cherry stout that is begging to be made. This needs to happen soon.
OK, I really =have= to get space cleared on the farm for brewing.
Wait, you've actually going to DragonCon? I think I may need to head downtown after all. First round's on me if you want to head to Max Lager's or something...
"Arrogant Bastard" by Stone Brewing Co. It's a hops beat down in your mouth, an absolute must try for any fan of the hops.
I love IPAs, but too bad you couldn't make a hefeweizen or something similar so you could call it the "Wil Wheat-beer"
The important question is - what will you name it? :)
IPAs are easy to get to be good, but so hard to perfect.

If you want an awesome wheat beer recipe (all grain, unfortunately):

If you get aound to stouts, add a little chocolate malt, about 1lb of cocoa nibs in the secondary, along with some chipotle peppers. Take out the peppers when you can just taste it in your sample glass (overboard on the pepper is *bad*) The chocolate comes out when you're ready to bottle, but the flavor dissipates quickly, so have a bunch of friends over (after you've tasted the first one to make sure it's drinkable)
Nothing wrong with Cascade, and it's derived from Fuggles, which would likely have been my first choice. (Used to brew ages ago but stopped when I moved to Europe.)
+Buzz Burgess Wil mentioned in another post (or maybe over on his blog) that he had a copy of "How to Brew" by John Palmer, which is what I recommend to people that come into the homebrew shop I work at on weekends.
My husband is a brewer (home- and formerly professional) and is a) delighted that you're a brewer and b) highly amused at the pun potential. Do you, for example, mash in a Wil Wheat-tun? And don't get him started on witbiers and weizen ;)
Mmm... Columbus. One of my favorite IPA hops.
You're making your own beer... Just when I didn't think you could get any cooler!! 
You would LOVE brewdog beer (from Fraserbrough in NE scotland). Their Punk IPA is superb.
You should bottle your brew and market it. "Wesley's Crusher" maybe? "Make it Brew"? Some more puns? "Double Plus Ale" "Wil Wheaton's Natural 20 IPA"
Wil, I expect your reaction to people asking what you're up to at the cons to be "oh, making BEER."
Must get eyes checked. I swear that said "Columbian", not "Columbus". Now that would make a great beer.
Hey Wheaton, are you an AHA member? Also... because I KNOW you've done it... how was your Wil WHEATon beer?
I have a recipe you might like. It's a Pliny the Elder IIPA clone Est APV 10.5%, but so hopped you can't taste it. I call it "Don't make plans".
Glad to hear that you're doing Dragon*Con, it's fun there at night. At least it use to be back when I was writing and on the guest list. Now it's just too crowded for me to attend to have fun.
+Josh Drew : I have never been a big fan of IPA. At least every IPA I've had so far was not to my liking. I'm more into the porters and stouts. I have friends that really like IPA, and they can drink mine. Just give me some Black Butte Porter and I'm good to go.
I just bottled my IPA Monday, 12 oz of hops went in... I am very much excited for it!
Before drinking, put a few bottles in hot car for a week. Try it, you'll love it.
as a fellow homebrewer, I have to say we need MOAR PICS of you your brew setup.
hrmm so are you brewing with just a couple carboys or are you all fancy?
When you mentioned you were adding 'Cascade', my mind went to the dishwasher detergent. Adding Cascade for 'aroma'? Um, okay. (LOL)
fabulous, my stepdad used to brew beer, he would store it in my closet to age, lol made for some great midnight teenage beach parties.
My husband just bottled his latest Hefeweizen.. I am just staring at the cases of bottles waiting for them to be ready to drink.
You must brew with me at my Brewery.
I know the PAX schedule is tight, but if you want a truly tasty IPA while you're out here, you should check out Black Raven Brewing Co. in Redmond. Their Trickster IPA is my all-time favorite! They also have a limited release Citrus IPA on tap right now called the BeakTweaker that is a really nice flavor as well.
Awww... that tiny little kettle. Not enough wort can make you sad, when it runs out!
Tiny little kettle, or GREAT BIG SPOON!!!!?? :)
Be sure to use a blow-off tube. An old apartment of mine still probably has hops and trub melded to the kitchen ceiling...
Interesting combination and congrats on the next batch. I'm waiting on the fermentation of an IPA using Warrior, Falconer's Flight in lieu of Simcoe, and Amarillo throughout the boil with Amarillo in post-boil. Dry hopping will be with Amarillo and Falconer's Flight. The previous batch using Simcoe was awesome. Cheers!
Okay, I'm new to following Wil, so I'm just going to say "Wow, who'd have thought Wil Weaton was a home brewer!" Just one more reason to like you, Wil!
Very Cool, I must say!!! I have made wine with my brothers for years, yes squashing grapes and all! my hands are usually bluish for about a week! Now, after two generations of the fun, they finally bought an old farm, and we make wine now! I still do it for the fun, as I love to add and taste the layers and combinations!! have fun with it!!!!!!!!!
A tip for dealing with hops in the wort: my local homrbrew shop sells super cheap cheese cloth sacks (for less than a buck each, so they're disposable) to put the hops in. Just tie it at the end, and swirl it around. No straining required afterwards!
I have a feeling that after my husband reads this post, he will stop everything on his to-do list and fire up his large pots and make another brew.
I actually feel a little bit of vertigo as i look as this picture blurp...'scuse me...
I love Cascade and Columbus hops. Dry hopping with Cascade and Willamette are my favorites.
You are one lab accident away from becoming a supervillain.
I don't really like IPAs, but this post reminds me of all those times my dad my homebrew beer and wine. He even drilled a whole through a second fridge to make room for a tap for his beer. Homebrew on tap, those were good days.
I'm about to brew my first beer, a wheat. Reccomendations on keeping the temperature right? i live in Texas, and in an apartment, so my options are somewhat limited. any advice would be helpful
Nice swirl! Do you do a partial mash, a full wort boil, all grain? Wait, you said your house smells good, must be a extract on the kitchen stove. I bet it smells good, when I brew my IPA, it usually smells up the neighborhood, I have a 15 gallon pump driven brew sculpture.
You homebrew too? Cool stuff I just made a whiskey barrel stout, its bottle fermenting right now
Mad props for that! I recently tried my first experiment in the "apple wine" genre using the Hefeweizen method. Hmmm, vinegary. Oh well I have more apple juice to try again with...
Congrats on your latest batch -- if you are using White Labs yeast, be sure to save the labels so you can redeem from prizes through their customer club. I'm about to turn some in for a classic beer styles books, other prizes listed on their site at
The latest batch I brewed was AHS' SuperCaliFugglisticESBAledocious recipe :)
SWEET!!! I just made my first homebrew ever!!! Very excited to see how it turns out. I didn't know you made your own brew to? I'll keep a close eye on these posts!!
Knew you were cool as heck, Wil, but didn't know you were a homebrewer. Is there no end to how much you rock?
i cant believe that you homebrew, that rocks! I've got a nelson sauvin blonde ready to go on the gas. A basic pale ale, and an awesome belgian dark strong ale all done fermenting. Making my killer rye IPA tomorrow. Cheers and enjoy the home brew.
Wil and other homebrewers check out as a great resource for recipes and homebrew tools.
oh hey awesome! didn't know you were a fellow homebrewer.
Do you still keep Arrogant Bastard on tap?
Just looking at that photo makes me dizzy.
Sorry to comment on an old post, but the Brewing Circle won't allow me. I'd love to be in the circle, we home brew as well as make wine, jams, pickles, cheese, etc. Thank you for the label making site, it is fantastic.
My fav IPA is Founders All Day IPA - smells aromatic with a perfect finish.  I'm just a fan..
LOL - I just commented on a  4 yr old post - doesn't matter - I still like a goood IPA!  (how'd I get here?  play the Twilight Zone music... :-)
I'll share too a little piece from my little life: 
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