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+Felicia Day developed a show together for her new YouTube channel, +Geek and Sundry.

My show is called Tabletop. It's a gaming show that combines Celebrity Poker with Dinner For Five, but we play boardgames instead of poker.

Some of the games we play this season are: Settlers of Catan, The Last Night on Earth, Dixit, Munchkin, Elder Sign, and Say Anything.

We got a lot of really great people to come play with us, including Phil Lamarr, Ryan Higa, Beth Riesgraf, Veronica Belmont, Chris Hardwick, and Dodger Leigh.

The show premieres on April 2, on the channel I've linked below. I hope you'll subscribe to our channel, and join our community at!
The producers of "The Guild" bring you a diverse line-up featuring the very best of indie geek culture! Coming April 2, 2012! Subscribe NOW for updates! They will be coming SOON!
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Already subscribed. Can't wait.
I saw the trailer, and Tabletop was the show that was the most interesting to me. I look forward to seeing it. Perhaps for a season finale you can bring the guys from Penny Arcade in for a round of D&D.
The brain that came up with the idea for Tabletop is amazing. I can't wait to see this.

All the best on this new venture, +Wil Wheaton. I think with this project you're an early adopter of the future of television...
Subscribed. Looking forward to it! Never played some of those games.
Munchkin? Whenever that's mentioned I have to shake my fist at the sky, shout 'Khaaaaan!' and cry about all the money I don't have :P
Tabletop show sounds very cool. Loved Dinner for Five (great conversations) But the best thing about watching poker on TV is being able to see each players hold cards. Depending on the game, will the audience be privy to info other players do not have?
Board games are so much more prevalent in Europe (Germany in particular). You could always come over to Essen and do a special on Spiel '12, the biggest board game expo in the world :)
Wil, R U going to be on The Big Band Theory on April 5th with Steven Hawking?
+Mel Rook In some cases, yes. In some shows, we made it possible for you to play along with us, too.
Subscribed and looking forward to all segments. The tabletop show will be especially welcome, as board games are one thing I really miss about the U.S. I plan to pretend-play along with each episode, as long as my stepdaughter doesn't mind me setting up her dolls around the kitchen table.
Watched the trailer and it looks awesome. Can't wait Wil... you folks never disappoint
I'm excited to see this!
I thought your picture looked like you. But was suprised to find out it is you. Josie
Really interested to see the games you've picked. My roomies and I are always looking for new games to try.
Don L
You (and +Felicia Day) are officially my first ever subscription. Looks like great fun!
I like you on Big Bang, your G+ posts are interesting so, sure, why not.
SO looking forward to this, Wil! The snippets I saw @ Wondercon and the concept that we "geeks" are social animals and not socially inept? Love it!
Super cool. You should rock some arkham horror ;)
Lalala big fan. Star trek and the Guild are the gods of television. :> One more thing to be a part of, yay!
I feel almost contractually obliged to plug Shut Up and Sit Down ( at this point, even though I have absolutely nothing to do with it (other than the fact that Paul, one of the presenters, is one of my best friends).

If you like boardgames, it's worth checking out.
@Presley Smith - me too! U were so funny Wil Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finally, we can watch how these games are supposed to be played instead of learning from scratch.
when do I get my invite to the table?
sounds great...when is your buddy from the Big Bang coming on here to compete with you?? I think Sheldon should have a G+ page don't you????
Greg S
5 people sitting around playing Monopoly while being filmed... Sounds like a psychology experiment.
A great idea. Shame that I can't see this down here in Melbourne. 
I think this show has an awesome concept and I can't wait to see it played out (pun intended). Question: do you think we may see a series within the series of you DMing a set of regulars through a role playing game? Depending on the cast, that could be epic! I realize that would be more than one episode. 
That sounds fun, I'm excited to see this!
Forget Settlers, my vote is for Power Grid or Shogun - get some serious competition going :)
If you're at all interested in game suggestions, I'd like to nominate Kill Doctor Lucky.
I subscibed during the panel. I like the idea that tabletop will also teach us how to play games and I'm looking forward to this show being the definitive way to review games. As great as bgg is, the best review won't be a report, but a chronicle of just how much fun my group can have playing. That being said, I sure hope risk legacy will be among one of the games for this season or the next. I'm still on the fence. 
Oh and the resistance is definitely a game worth checking out. 
Some other games I would recommend...Carcasonne, Lords of Vegas, Ticket to Ride and Empire Builder... maybe even Guillotine...
Should add Arkham Horror and Mansion Of Madness
I'll watch anything geeky as long as you can get it subtitled.
Arkham Horror takes too long to play to fit it into our production schedule (two shows a day, 12-13 hours per day of production) but we love the Arkham universe so much, we did Elder Sign.
I luvs me some Munchkin!
Lords of Vegas has that excellent screwage factor where you can really turn the game around :) It's new and it's a little green in some ways...but worth it...
I would totally watch this if you had a special episode where you invited the cast of ST-TNG. LeVar Burton would have to wear his visor though. You could (would obviously) do it as a parody of the Family guy episode where Stewie beams the cast in for his own QnA. Oh the hilarity!
This is such a fantastic idea! Can't wait to check it out. Might I suggest some Small World?

Never mind. Upon closer inspection, I saw Small World already there. Thumbs up!
Dungeons and Dragons is a board game!
Love to see some Scrabble throw down. Maybe a good bluffing game like Balderdash, etc. Gotta have the "losers lounge" of some kind
Sounds interesting, not really interested in celebrities but I love crunchy hardcore boardgames.
I no longer play board games. I feel as if my geek card should be revoked.
+Wil Wheaton, you seriously need to have a contest to give fans a chance to win a seat at the Tabletop table. I don't know about anyone else, but if you offered me the opportunity to play Game of Things with you, Grant Imahara, and Beth Riesgraf, I'd have the airline tickets ordered before you finished the sentence.
A game like Imaginiff might be cool for that concept. My kids in Youth Group have fun with it.
Or have guest stars who are fans come on.
My suggestions for games to cover would be Eclipse and Star Trek Fleet Captains
Oh and congratulations for getting that Sultan table from Geek Chic - Soooo Jealous :)
If you haven't already played it, I highly recommend Robo Rally. Add drinking forfeits and you'll have a cinematic masterpiece on your hands.
Here's a game for Wil Wheaton: Russian roulette with six chambers loaded!
You should get Trek costars to participate, like Brent Spiner and Levar Burton, they'd be hilarious to watch!
I watched the preview for Geek & Sundry and your show looks so frackin sweet. Will be watching it from day one.... "Wil Wheaton for ruler of planet Earth"!
Tell me why would I be interested in that
How come all the G&S shirts lead to The guild soundtrack?
you going to do another guest shot on big bang?
I did the very first PC adaptation of Settlers of Catan in collaboration with Klaus Teuber himself... Happy to see that the table top game is known in the States :)
Why are you so mean to Sheldon Cooper?!
Greg S
Have you considered the game Diplomacy? I've seen it ruin friendships and cause families to feud. It might be good for a drama episode.
I am very much looking forward to the Munchkin episode. I bought it for my son last year (who was 7 at the time) because of your blog. I've had a lot of fun playing with my son and daughter (somehow my daughter is undefeated). I have absolutely no idea if we are playing correctly, so I'm curious to see "experienced" players.
That channel is shaping up to be something worth watching!
Next season, see if you can convince Vin Diesel to play Ben Lehman's XXXXtreme STREET luge. He would have... uh... unique advantages.
Can't wait. Watching the Subscribathon right now.
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