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My dog Seamus is unclear on the whole "my bed, his bed" thing. He jumped under my covers while I was getting out of bed this morning.

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Smart pooch, he knows who's bed it REALLY is.
I have a dog and two cats with the exact same issues.
Well, you weren't using it anymore. That makes it his bed. Looks like he's got it down pretty clear to me. :p
Ah, he seems to be perfectly clear, just polite enough to allow you to use his bed.
I think he is very clear, it is you who are confused
LOL...I have a similar picture with my black lab Darth
He's just keeping it warm for ya. At least, that's what he tells himself.
That's when it's warmest. Nice move, Seamus.
Gotta make sure they aren't aloud on the bed from the time they are puppies.
On the other hand, look at that ADORABLE puppy!
Perhaps it is you who is unclear with the rules of "Move your Head, Lose your Bed". :)
mmm warm. you know, in the freezing california winter ;)
just like fresh laundry right out of the dryer
what is this 'your bed' thing, clearly you were just making 'his bed' warm while he let you sleep in it.
my Jack Russel Terrier would creep into my bed in the middle of the night once I was asleep knowing she wasn't allowed in. But even in her own basket she buried in the blankets/ towels till she was covered.
Oh, I don't think he's unclear. He's perfectly clear. From his point of view, you are the one who is confused :)
Oh, he knows. He just doesn't care what you think about it.

/My dog does the same thing.
OMG! Our dog looks EXACTLY like that. She's a great dane/pit mix we think. What is yours?
We have cats who are very bed-spoiled. If you want to get up, they'll snuggle you back to sleep. And our black cat will scream at you if it's time to go to bed until you come along.
Well, if you'd just stop passing out in the dog bed... :)
Well, it was so nice and toasty warm under there. Shame to waste it.
Well at least he waited till you were out of bed, our pitty has to sleep under the covers with you the whole night.
that dog beautiful

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He waits until you're out of bed?!?! how did you teach him to do that?
Seamus obviously understands it much better than you do...
warm = mine, and that is it +Wil Wheaton any dog would do the same, dog brain activity is not complex!

food = mine
chewy thing = mine
comfy thing = mine
warm = mine
So that they wouldn't cool down; he's keeping the bed warm for when you return to it. What a guy! :-)
If you just flop back on top of him, I'm sure he'll get the message :D
I hope he didn't grasp the concept of "dutch oven" yet... phewee!
Sound like my dog "Shamus". Must have something to do with that name.
Not only did he jump up there, but he looks like he fell asleep pretty quickly, too.
Are those 1500 thread-count egyptian cotton sheets? ;)
One of my dogs will get down when I ask. The other? Goes limp - I literally have to man-handle him to get him out of bed (my wife finds this endlessly amusing). Then, when asleep, one cat likes to lay on your chest, while another will actually crawl under the covers to curl up next to you.
cute! mi perrita hace lo mismo!
He's conserving space by 'hot-bunking.'
Is that like CMOS / Sesmus?
<3 My Boston does the same thing every morning.
"Warm! Warm! Wow dad is so awesome he warmed it up for me! Warm!" zzzzzzz........
Funny, Seamus posted the same thing about you being unclear about HIS bed on Doogle+/
I have a very similar picutre myself from this morning - must be the cold weather kicking in.
Small world, I had a dog called Seamus when I was growing up, an Irish Red Setter, always running away when out for walks and then eventually turning up home a lot later.
dogs under the covers are too cute...what kind of dog is this?
My dog does this daily, the bed is his favorite toy. He shoves himself under the covers and starts thrashing around and snorting.
Oh I think he's very clear on it.
i like that your dog is named Seamus.. that's the dog. Hes outside. Are you in the kitchen?
My golden mix, now departed, would act like he had to go potty in the early morning and as soon as you sat up to get out of bed, he'd jump in your spot, head on the pillow and suddenly become 500 lbs of immovable dead weight. He new I wasn't awake and he'd get me. Every stinkin' time.
My dogs are too small to get on the bed, but if you leave anything on the couch its theirs before you leave the room.
I don't see what's unclear. You got out of bed, which means it's fair game for him. Your loss my friend, your loss.
It's nice that he lets you sleep in his bed at night.
he said: my turn now~~i guard your home all night,dude.
That's why my animal companions know they aren't allowed in the bedrooms. 
I have 2 pitbulls who jump on the bed after me and my wife fall asleep. Usually I'm waking up to puppy farts and realize yep they are on the bed....on my pillow next to my face
I have 2 exactly the same, that's one smart pup/hefty mutt. You gotta love em :-)
My dogs sleep in my bed with me and my husband, and we're all pretty pleased with the arrangement. I get super warm feet, the dogs get to snuggle at will!
omg, he looks SO much like my pitt bull Sally! (horrible vicious dogs aren't they? Just terrible)
This is why cats are awesome. They don't want to be under your blankets (at least, not for long) and they don't take up a lot of space on the bed when they cuddle with you.
Sounds like he's very clear: it's his bed, but he lets you use it at night.
ide rather have my pussy inbed with me hate dogs
Cats grok the fullness! Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.
my dog goes straight to my bed when I wave her away from the sofa saying "No, Ellie's bed!" even tho I really mean her bed which is next to the sofa. As smart as my darling canine is tho, she will not get under the covers herself. I wind up putting a throw over her when it's really cold.
Idano, seems he's got the "my bed" part down pretty good 
Is he asking for breakfast in bed yet?
that's a fine looking pup you have there.
My dog Nelly is very clear on the my bed/her bed thing:
Her bed is her bed, and my bed is her bed.

The couches, floor pillows, and whichever piece of floor is in the most in-the-way spot to humans? Also her bed.
He is a cute dog!! He also looks super comfy!! :-)
My bed seems to belong to the two cats, black lab and occasionally the neighborhood cat who occasionally finds his way in to sleepover. If my husband is home that night, not much room left for me...
When you're not using the bed, it's his bed, right? Right? Bed! Bedbedbedbedbed!
haha too cute! Our dog riley has a 3 second rule - food or seat, if you leave it for more than 3 seconds it is his!
It's a pitty thing; mine do the same thing! dog. I miss having a dog...too expensive for me to invest in one right now though. (taking care of one would be fine, it's the extra rent I'd have to pay that is the bitch)
I think I saw him say much the same thing on his tumblr account. "My owner doesn't get the 'this is my bed' thing"
What bread of dog do you have? We're fostering a puppy right now that has very similar markings. She's is a really cutie.
My yorkies do that... and further, they have decided that when mom gets up, not only is it free reign under the covers (if they hadn't weaseled their way there already), so is the pillow. When I get up, they slip under the covers, on their back with paws over the blanket and lay their heads on my pillow with what I swear are impish grins.
well, you werent going to be using it anymore... and it IS very nice and warm!
My dog will just lay on the blanket so I can't get out. When I do try to get out he looks at me as if I am causing a problem.
My dog does that all the time, I go to get into bed at night and the covers are all over the place because she pushes them around until they cover her, or they are on the floor after she gets up and drags them off the bed.
Dee M
Seems like a very smart dog to me. Plus he knows you won't get too mad cause he's too cute. :)
My dogs do the same exact thing. Sometimes they try to kick me out of bed to get under my covers.
Too cute! You're lucky, my three won't go to bed unless they're under the covers.
Yup, Skamp "The Boy" did the same thing this morning, as I was trying to make the bed. And he'd already laid on me all night long (I forgot to turn on the heat last night). Dogs: if they're lucky they get to live the dog's life. I just better not find he's pulled back the covers so he can lay on my pillow when I get home!
We have a small Lab mix that will climb into bed between my wife and I and with her back against my wife push me with all four paws till I get up. Gotta love 'em
+Wil Wheaton Well, in fact you are unclear towards Seamus about the whole "my bed, his bed" thing. :-)
Don't feel bad Will. My dogs do the same thing to me!
You were abandoning a warm spot; he was taking advantage of said warm spot. It's called recycling, you waster.
He was simply reducing the carbon footprint of our home buy conserving heat. You have a green dog!
A spokesperson for Seamus replies: "What do you mean, your bed?"
Seamus is truly a full-fledged member of your family. It means you've both done well by each other.
I humbly suggest he has not uncertainty at all. So where are you going to sleep now?
I used to allow my two cats on the bed but they took over the whole thing leaving a tiny corner for me! Now I keep the bedroom door closed. ;-)
My dog does the same thing, sept he's welcome
But it's warm in there! Can't blame him.
Dude, at least your dog waits until you're getting out of bed. Our Jack Russell burrows under the covers like a groundhog as soon as we turn in for the night!
Mike: Jack Russells like to do that, I've noticed. My husband and I dog sit for a couple on occasion, and the girl will actually crawl into my husband's shirt and stick her head out the top. While he's still wearing it.
Yeah, tough getting Sherlock out of the bed this morning, pet kids are the best :)!
impossible to be mad at that face :)
well since you're not using it anymore you wont mind if I....
nada mas interesante q un primer comentario aca.... por un perro!!! saludos terricola
Adorable. Sometimes mine will pull out the pillow I hold when I sleep, and replace it with herself.
I've known some terrier's in my day who, no matter how hot it is, have to sleep under the covers.
Maybe he thinks you're confused. =)
He knew you already had it warmed up and ready to go for him, Wil ;)
I really like when I lift my elderly pug out of bed in the mornings (he cannot get off the bed himself any longer), and he just goes back to sleep on the floor in the space where I put him down.
Wow, from this angle, your dog looks identical to mine. probably because she does this same thing.
no, i don't think he's confused at all - he knew you were leaving all the warmth behind, so he got in while the getting was good. i think, perhaps, it is YOU who are confused? ;) p-p-p-puppy power!
Don't you know that pets own us?
And that's different from every other pit/mix because...??? :) Teh kewt. It is contagious.
Oh he is clear, clear that this is his bed!
My beagle used to be more then welcome to sleep on the foot of our bed, until he discovered the neat trickof slowly edging his way up between the wife and I...and then rolling on his side and shoving one of us out. And since I outweigh the wife by about 2 to was usually her...
You warmed it up for him. Our beagle will consistently move to whatever seat or bedspace has just been vacated by a nice warm human being. I think this is in the contract.
You should make a stipulation that you'll do no more episodes of 'Big Bang Theory' without a part written in for Seamus! :P
I had a dog like that once...Problem is that he was bigger and stronger than me at the time.
Like most pets, he probably LOVES that warmth when you leave.
Nope. He's clear. He obviously understands who the REAL alpha male of the house is. :D
My scottie Jock takes up his position on my pillow next to my wife when I leave for work in the morning.
He's keeping it warm for you. honestly he's doing you a favor...
Awww! Hey my cat's name is Seamus too. And he practically does the same thing only he does it while I'm still in the bed.
My dog does this, too. When I'm still sleeping and the hubs is getting ready for the day, Maddie will jump up onto his side of the bed. One time I woke up with her face in my face. I said, "Oh, good morning." She licked me. She prefers to snuggle with the covers bunched up to give her a wall-like feeling. She will use her paws to bunch them up, too. Our furry friends are so intelligent.
He was there the whole time, you just failed to notice.
Deb D
He actually looks like my old dog.
its a dog thing. a morning i dont wake up with clawmarks on my face is a morning i worry about what happened to the dog.
Our puppies sleep in the bed with us. They are like little space heaters and we know that they aren't getting into trouble.
It is the responsibility of the pack to defend the pack leader's bed.
Glad to know my wife has the same taste in comforters as the Hollywood elite.
Mine does the same thing. My king size bed is the most expensive dog bed that I have bought to date. Gets up and stretches out in the middle.
Hahahah Wil Wheaton it seems that alot of people have decided that they like your dog better XD
Warm, fluffy animals will forever gravitate towards warm, fluffy things. It's just how nature works...hehe...
That's funny... Seamus said the same thing about you... Wil thinks HE owns the bed... silly human....
considering Seamus possibly pass more time there than you (if my recollection of my own dog habits are right) Wil... then its HIS bed, he just let you use it by nights.
I know you don't like spoilers, but I can't help myself: The same thing will happen tomorrow.
At least you know whom your wife is sleeping with ...
his name is Seamus - not like he's going to get a job.
Smart puppy! And I think he's got a perfect handle on the my bed, his bed thing. EVERYTHING is his bed. :)
My dog Sadie always burrows under the blankets whether I am in the bed or not
It's where you sleep, Wil, it must be the safest place in the world. :)
This is a total pittie thing. It could be 100 degrees out and they must be on the bed and UNDER the covers, no matter what!
Smart dog!! He knows what he wants.

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my cat sits on my face in the morning. and his butt dose not smell like roses. Morning
I suppose that means that you get hi bed then, Wil? :-)
I think you are wrong Wil...he clearly has it down. Just not the way you want him too. lol
My dog does the exact same thing. Lulz, sometimes, when I'm getting in bed at night, he'll just be there, chillin' like... I ain't moving.
AWww that is so adorable. He is so cute.
Looks like he's just about got you trained, Wil.....
At least yours waits til you're out of the bed. Mine would even out his head on the pillow if I let him. :)
I always say "waste not want not" He wasted not a second to get in your bed and he wants not to sleep in his own bed. Dog seems to be winning.
Bill P
Our beagle waits UNTIL we're under the covers to demand to get in there; at least she stays curled up down by our feet...
actually, we have conceded that the bed actually belongs to my dog and she lets us sleep in it
forget about your dog for a minute man. I can't believe my eyes. Is that really you? From "stand by me" to "star trek the next generation". Oh my god you've grown up so fast. Live long and Prosper.
Haha...our girl Samara sneaks in early early morning, about 2 hours before we are set to wake up. She's really stealthy though and moves like a ninja
LOL. my dog does the same thing. but she wont wait till I wake up.
Of course, Seamus is thinking "My master is unclear on the whole "my bed, his bed" thing"".
Oh, I can relate. My chihuahua thinks my bed is his, and that I should be the one thankful to be allowed a spot on it! For such a small dog, he can take up a lot of room.
He's...just keeping it warm for you!
Well gee were done with it. Besides, isn't it your job to warm it up for him? Go Seamus !
Smart dog. Avoided the heavy lifting.
Pets are fantastic. It amazes me that mine are more organized than I am. They are up before me, and they have a set pattern. When I am down, they are the first in my face asking me whats wrong. Pets are awesome.
Shift sleeping - very economic (keeping bed warm 24 hours). Good dog.
Cute! I have a similar scenario with my dog and 3 cats :-)
dude, u better buy him a bathrope, otherwise would loose yours)))
too funny! I get the cold nose..."WAKE UP IT'S ME" greeting! Now take me out!
our cat will do the same thing to my husband, I think it just shows how much he loves you. He knows you cant miss him so he gets some extra attention and snuggles when you get back to bed or have to make the bed.
I don't blame left him a pre-heated dog.
Uh-oh, time to call the Dog Whisperer! j/k
Seamus looks like a taller version of my pup Creole, she is also a cover hog!
Awe!! He's cute! My 80 lb lab does the samething! LOL
My large hound-type dog shows less respect, not even waiting for me to get out of bed he just sleeps on me
It's a time share arrangement. You bought the bed, he has "fuzz equity."
My dog will not get on our bed, largely because two cats have already claimed the territory. However, whenever there are thunderstorms or any other threatening sort of weather, she will get on my stepdaughter's bed with alacrity.
He isn't the one who is confused. They are all his bed. 
smart dog. he knows where the warmth is. lol
Never mess with a dog named Seamus cause he'll club you with his shillelagh!
An intelligent animal. Warm, soft and smells from his owner.
Just got a Whippet puppy here (named Wesley Crusher Whippet, actually) - and he definitely thinks he owns the bed. I'm told they will burrow under the covers with you if you let them, but so far, he's been content to lie on top of the pillows.
Smart puppy you have there Wil.
oh Whew! I thought it was a tragic picture of a dog killed by a falling couch!
M. Mae
How adorable! :)
That's 130lb Saint Bernard had this same "problem" where all the world was bed, especially my bed!
At least your dog waits for you to get out of bed!! One of ours has to sleep with my wife and me every night. I don't mind when it is cold though, he is good at snuggling up for warmth.
I have an American Staffy as well and she does the same thing. lol
Do you still get paid when TNG airs on cable? I hope so, to this day one of my favorite shows. PS judging from your posts, you are a human being.
Royalties FOREVER. Even musicians make royalties forever. when it switches networks, more royalties. hooray.
This looks EXACTLY like my dog, Elvis!!! He does the same thing. He will ask me to pull the covers over him if he can't get under them.
At least he waits until you get out of bed. I have to fight my cats for my spot in the bed. They snuggle up on either side of me like book ends making it very difficult to roll over. Or, if my one cat is not in the mood to snuggle, she'll sleep on my pillow while I'm using it. We didn't have this issue for the first 10 years I had them but now I have completely lost possesion of the bed.
dog get out of that bed. you don't even have opposable thumbs, how did you even pull the covers up.
just dont let him mark his teritory or you will have to clean it up or just explain how you spilt applejuice on your sheats
u have a retarded dog bro :):):):):) >:D
LOL, I have a pic somewhere of my Dalmatian and my Basset Hound taking up what part of my bed that my wife didn't. I was left with about a 6" strip of bed. But I have to say that an 'under the covers' dog is NOT retarded, as the previous poster stated,
Yep, our dog does the same. Or he'll sneak in after the bed has been made up and then gives me the "What?" look.
I once had a dog wait till I was asleep with covers over my head all snuggy sneak in bed with me and let out a huge fart. Doggy Dutch oven!
Nice I can say that will Wheatons dog is called seamus like me
"Thanks for warming it up for me Wil."
I have the pleasure of sharing my bed with 3 dogs (plus my wife ^^) every night. Pretty cuddly!
Hehe that's the same arrangement we have with one of our cats. He hops into bed as soon as the spouse gets up.
Wil when will you die? you asshole you are always making these cutie moves to get the girls but will be alone forever, you piece of shit. Turn back to your sausage partyies you gay mofo.
Why the hate, Deniz? Everybody on the internet loves Wil. You need to get with the program! ... at any rate, welcome to my block file.
Plus Wil has a really hot wife, so not really sure what the logic is behind your statement Deniz...
Your dog might be thinking the same thing about you...LOL
I think Seamus needs a buddy named Porthos. Has +Wil Wheaton given this any thought or is there just not enough room in the bed?
Or a cat named Spot! We name all of our pets from Star Trek characters.
well I have a cat named Spot... he's on my lap staring at me right now.
Me too. We have an orange Tabby named Spot, a calico cat named Lal (Data's procreation) and a snake named Porthos.
Seems like he's pretty clear on the concept to me. You were in his bed!
I had a cat that would do that. When I was staying at a hotel during a move the housekeeper walked in and saw this lump under the covers that was P.C....we both started laughing.
My cats have their own "dents" in the mattress! We out the bed on 4" risers, that pretty much keeps the dog from joining us unless there's fireworks happening...
He looks like my Jasper - a 34 lb rat terrier - no, Im not kidding - hes huge for a rat - but still thinks hes got foot room under the blanket - ummm - no LOL
Dogs...ya gotta love 'em.
your cute dog is so clever~~~
animals can sometime get cold too my cats used to do that all the time cuz i would have the air on too long funny how animals work sometimes huh?
My cat curls up on the heated blanket in our bed.
I have the same issue. Sometimes I get kicked out of bed.
Time to change you bed - partner!!
you should jump in my bed BEFORE I get out from under the covers in the morning.... just sayin
I have a blue pit and she snugs with me every night. Even when I wake up for school or work in the morning she finds her special spot under the covers and continues to sleep. She's so lazy it's hilarious
Boston Terriers are also notorious gas bags. I have one and they are cute, but they can clear a room. Little but deadly. oo00000OOOOOO
Your dog looks identical in this photo to my dog, Lucas, whom we lost this year. It is uncanny. If I knew how to post a photo on here, I would. Very sweet photo, by the way.
i hope your dog will be better...
Love that pic. I think Dogs own the bed and they tolerate us sharing with them.
Resistance is futile! my dog still steals the bed and the covers when nobody is looking!
You make me smile Wil!
What part of you already warmed it up for him don't you get? It's nice and warm in there, can you seriously blame him?
he was looking for warmth :))
ya warmed it up for him..... wouldn't surprise me if he adjusted your alarm while sleeping to get ya out sooner,,,
he was after the spot you had warmed up...they're no dummies! hahaha
My Boston terrier, Baxter, does the same Wil ... then refuses to get out for his morning walk and breakfast. :-P
He knows it's your bed. He just wants to be near your smell and "domain". Plus, it looks comfy.
Yea, I don't see any sort of indecision about it on his part.
My dog Jack sleeps in my mum's bed when I visit her house he rolls himself in the covers so you can't see him little monster ha ha
What you don't know is that he probably does that everyday after you leave.
I have CATS... that DO the SAME thing!!! Must be, an "animal" thing... (thought, I DID have a g/f once; that DID the SAME THING)... So, it MIGHT BE, a: Stupid "pet" trick/stupid "human" trick.. together!!!
It is Seamus' bed, he just lets you sleep in it ;)
my cat does that. I fully believe she'll do it when I die too should she outlive me.
you should try explaining to 2 great danes whos bed is whos
It's deja vu. I thought that this was Bean, my Boston Terrier, snuggling under the covers in the big bed.
Yes, we too have beds for our dogs and then there is what we have finally renamed as "The" bed! Our Boston roots under the covers and our boxer tromps over the bumps (we go through a lot of comforters).
fuck the hell... see your private messages, wil!
lol ur epicly funny of thee guild
I have a cover dog too but he doesn't wait for us to get up! We wake up and each have about an inch of covers and he's snuggled up like a burrito in the middle!! The only thing warm in the bed is him and the spot he has burrowed!
Dogs rock. Keeps a man humble. :-)
Looks like our Staffie -- hogging the covers! LOL
my dogs do the same thing. one sleeps in my bed the entire night, but he's only a 12lb shih tzu
Spit image of my boy Max ... and looks like the same sort of loverboy too :)
Our dog, Olive, has the same problem!  LOL
good dog ^^
but does he do it often?
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