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Has anyone successfully rooted the new HTC One? I have unlocked its bootloader, but I can't get it to mount any partitions when I boot into recovery and I'm about to scream.

It works fine when I boot it normally, but I can't write to /sdcard with any file managers (though, for some reason /sdcard/sdcard seems to work just fine ... until I'm in recovery and trying to load the zip.)

This experience is really making me appreciate my GNEX. I love the hardware on the HTC One, but my god is this frustrating (and the stock UI is just gross and annoying).

UPDATE Okay, I'm giving up for the night. I've been at this for close to five hours, and I'm getting nowhere. Thanks for the suggestions and offers to help, everyone. 
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Might want to see if +Koushik Dutta is making any progress with it, I think he picked up a couple to hack on.
I haven't tried a root on it yet.  
I am hesitant.  I like the stock, but I don't like bloatware and I don't like being charged if I want to use a hotspot.  So I am still running it through my head on if I want to root or not.

There is no SDCARD.  Is there actually an sdcard folder on it?  

I do agree with the stock UI being gross.  It's more than gross.  It's annoying.  And seriously?  Blinkfeed is absolutely useless, annoying, and completely uses up a screen.
I might be able to help. Would you like to Gtalk? I have a rooted T-Mobile HTC One
I crashed an htc trying to root it but had much better success with the galaxy phones. Take not and FYI, the next generation kicked ass!!!!
Brian B
I had a problem like that once. I decided to just take the bull by the horns and stop screwing around with file managers. I pulled the SD card out of the phone, put it in my laptop, and copied the file over. I put the SD card back in and--bam!--rooted.
HTC devices are an arse pain to root. I had some bad experiences with my old One S. I'm always tempted by HTC hardware, but the next time I buy an HTC phone will be a Nexus.
If I got a HTC one, I too would root to stock, but I'd wait until image was perfect.
Trickdroid is a pretty decent rom for the One, everything seems to work so far. I like Sense 5 personally, I'm not ashamed to admit I like blinkfeed too.
Don't listen to these people, the One is better than the Nexus 4 I have both in front of me right now. And neither are that difficult to unlock,root, and rom.
That is the precise reason I hate HTC :/
I mean with samsung all you need is Odin and a chainfire root package
I love how wheaton doesn't answer or reply or even thank those helping him out
The Android OS is a little Unix (Linux) kernel.  Different services probably have their own user space and you have permission to access some while  not others.  Of course if you root it, you should have control of  all devices.  This is my guess.    I do have a android  phone and tablet but I hardly ever mess with them - too old school. Give me a old DOS machine from the 90's or Linux box ;)
+Kinetic Roberts Its been 17 minutes since the original post, he didn't just post it here AND he hasn't had time to try things out to know who to thank and for what reasons..
Suggestion:  ADW Launcher. G2 was difficult to root for a long time; in lieu of root, an alternate UI: ADW Launcher.
He probably just got slammed with notifications.
I want the One. I haven't checked to see if AT&T has locked the bootloader. 
How are you finding the two button layout? It's honestly the only thing keeping me from making the jump to the One... it looks like a custom kernel will be able to utilize the HTC logo as a third button, perhaps they can map that to home and the home button to fast task switching and we'll have a usable device...
I had the same issue with my HTC One XL. I just 'Side Loaded' the rom + gapps zip files after first flashing the boot image (inside the rom zip) and then flashing ClockWorkMod as the recovery image.

ADB Howto (Win + Linux - It's quite trivial on linux)

Plug in via USB, then Inside clock mod select sideload zip and then run the adb command on the pc:

adb sideload (zip file)
i love mine no porb for me yet but i keep mine stock
Sounds like you got a carrier version Wil, should've ponied up for the developer edition straight from HTC. Didn't take me more than an hour to replace the recovery partition. Anyway, here's the guide I followed: I got to skip a bunch of the steps because I didn't need to go through the process with HTCDev to unlock it first, came that way.
adb shell mount -o rw,remount /sdcard
Then copy su and busybox
adb shell mount -o ro,remount /sdcard
On a related note: Dear Cell phone companies, rooting my phone is important to me.  I will fire you if I can't. 

+Leon Wright I tried that, but whenever I try to adb sideload or adb push, it returns an error message, because the storage isn't mounting for some reason.

I've searched xda and the rest of the Internet, and I can't figure out why this device won't mount storage or directories when it's booted into recovery (I've tried clockwork and twrp). It's so frustrating, it's pretty much time for me to just walk away for the night.
Edit: Disregard this comment. Thanks +Richard Cohen .

+Wil Wheaton Can I ask what sort of SD card it is and if you've formatted it since you got it? A lot of newer higher capacity SD cards come formatted exFAT support is spotty with Open Source stuff (it's possible that HTC added a driver to their ROM).
Have you contacted Geordi yet? // Sorry, I couldn't resist and I swear I said that with much love and respect. :)
+Chris Knutson Thanks for that; it's pretty much exactly what I needed to do ... unfortunately, it isn't even showing up when I do adb devices, now. I'm just going to walk away, because the alternative at this point is to start punching myself in the face.
I find it best to never root a phone unless I've done 3 days of research on how to do it, and read at least 4 forums of people saying how easy/hard it is to root the phone.  Then I take my phone look at it and think... "Will it be worth it?"   Then after I figure out the answer to that question, I put the phone back down and think.. "Nah... not worth it." 
+Wil Wheaton Oh.. and if your message is in regards to your mini SD... try taking it out and blowing it out.. like the old nintendo cartridge.  Sometimes it's just dust in the wrong place and makes it so the phone doesn't see it right.
For all those talking about SD cards - unless +Wil Wheaton has managed to pick up the Chinese variant of the One, the storage is integrated, Nexus style. There's no removable memory card (or battery, before someone complains about that).
I don't have my One yet, so I haven't really looked at the unlockibn/rooting situation... 
If it is not showing up when you do adb devices then you need to add the USB hardware Id to the udev android.rules. Do an lsusb and add the hardware Id to /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules

You may have to restart udev. You are using Linux...?

Once you have it working adB devices should work. Also check the forums if there is any secret button presses to get to developer mode. (The nexus 7 had that.)
This is exactly why I love +Nexus devices. Had a HTC before the gnex and had exactly those problems (and the old htc was a terrible phone too)
+Xanamiar Knight It's more fun if you brick it at least twice during the install and still manage to make it work.

I have only had one permabrick and that was from bad factory hardware. (I could have fixed it if I would have taken it into the lab and done a JTAG reset. I wish I would have. The warranty replacement phone was crap.)
+Wil Wheaton my boyfriend +Kilo G just rooted his HTC ONE. Hit him up. It took him a few days. He now is updating his rom.
Rooted my HTC One within a half hour of getting it home. The XDA Developers forums have a section just for the One, including full instructions and links to ROMs, rootkits, etc.
Not sure if its like the old One X, I had to flash new firmware first before it would take a custom OS.
Rooting my good 'ole Droid Bionic on the new Jelly Bean update is giving me fits.

Keep at it Wil.

+Wil Wheaton Creator of ClockworkMod Recovery and Superuser here.

Just go here:


Boot into Android. Download this to your SD Card:

Assuming you've unlocked, and are on AT&T or TMobile, flash this recovery:

With this command on your PC:

fastboot flash recovery C:\on\my\pc\path\to\recovery.img

Boot into recovery.
Click "install zip from sdcard". Hunt around for the zip. It will probably be in /sdcard/0/Downloads or wherever you saved it. (Yes, there's a 0 there. Don't ask. Android 4.0 stuff.)

You should be done. But if you can't find the zip, or something doesn't mount. Here's another method to install it. Get ADB setup properly on your computer and use the sideload feature to install the zip from your PC directly using "sideload". Windows may need this driver:

Click "install zip from sideload".
Then type this command on your PC.

adb sideload C:\on\my\pc\path\to\
+Wil Wheaton wow you have personal assistance from the famous +Koushik Dutta , that's cool.
+Pierre Wheaton what Koush has posted above it the standard way on any handset that has an unlocked boot loader, flash recovery, flash superuser. For phones that don't have an unlocked boot loader, then users who want to root wouldn't be buying them anyway..
Well for starters, I can't believe no one has picked up on this but, if you're trying to 'root' your phone you're either desperate or YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!
Got my shiny new S4 yesterday and within an hour of giving its first charge I rooted it good!  Can't wait to get a nice customised ROM on there :)
I had loads of problems with the HTC One unlocking and flashing recoveries and generally getting root working (international version) - It's the only device that has had me stumped and had to leave it overnight before.
Previously had no/little problems with HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, HTC Sensation, HTC Evo 3D, Sony Xperia Arc S...
It does make you appreciate how easy a Google Nexus device is..
My Nexus 4 has been the easiest of all!

So don't feel bad!
  I've written a howto do this from a mac on XDA but instructions would be cross compatible with Linux.  which recovery are you using? I know from experience that cwm supports adb push from recovery  ./adb push / /sdcard/ should get the to the sd card
I had a similar problem when I rooted my wife's HTC one for her. I couldn't install busybox and couldn't get basic commands like mv in a shell. In the end I just used TWRP to flash Cerberus, which was the only thing she wanted anyway.
Once unlocked, rooting is the same as any nexus device.  copy to sd card boot to recovery, flash
As frustrating as this sounds like it has been, I still love the thought of you sitting down for 5 hours to hack at your phone.

Also, if you figure it out, let us know, I'm sure there are a number of One users that'd like to do what you're doing!
Developer Edition. Problem solved 
Wil Wheaton you made it on Android Authority with you issue thanks to Dutta
+Wil Wheaton KCCO Wil. Sometimes you just need to take that break before you break.
You're gonna love the One, Wil! 
What happened with your Galaxy Nexus, Wil?  
I'm waiting for the Sprint version featuring Sparks McGee for routing my HTC One
W.W sounds like he's still in Star Trek. LOL. Great job on The Big Bang Theory! I think they should hook you up with Penny. 
Come on Wil, channel some of that Westley Crusher geekness for problem solving.
i don't know how to do this stuff but i wonder if the partitions are missing a properly formatted boot sector? that would allow them to work once the OS is started but not allow them to be booted from
Reverse the polarity and reroute threw the main deflector dish.
I hope you get it sorted. I can't wait until I get a new phone in November. I had my Motorola Droid X2 - it has been nothing but a pain in the arse. Constant rebooting. Constant App crashes. SD Card works when it feels like it. Rings and Notification sounds work intermittently. I want to take the phone set it on fire, beat it with a sledgehammer, drop it in acid, set it on fire, and then lay it on the railroad tracks near my house for a AMTRACK to speed over it. I hate my phone.
+Wil Wheaton just update your drivers so that window may recognize your device in fast boot mode
jay red
just stick with nexus or motorolas next line up
WHEATON!! usb3 and adb don't play nice...try a usb2 port
I was just about to post this!! Very nice!!
I was never able to root my HTC Buzz/Wildfire, it always kept failing despite following the instructions to the letter.
I gave up.
I feel your pain also came from GNex I reinstalled drivers and for some reason the HTC transfer software also helped then I could see the SD card on my PC. .. After multiple tries finally got recovery.
+Wil Wheaton I  had a similar issue with the Amaze (HTC 'Ruby', late 2011). For some reason, it mounts the EXTERNAL SD card as /sdcard/ and the internal partitions are untouchable. Can't even be mounted manually (adb shell) like with the Nexus 4 (which, frankly, you should be staying up late at night with). I finally just gave up trying. Oh, and Koush's wouldn't install in CWM on the Amaze until I'd done the firstboot setup. Why? Dunno, maybe /system/ isn't ready until firstboot is done. 

HTH. Koush's help is golden, but we'll see how many New York minutes pass before CBS' lawyers bomb him with C&D letters. 
+Aaron McCausland I thought everyone showed remarkable restraint by not replying along the lines of, "Have Geordie run a level three diagnostic on it."
That's what one gets for buying a non-Nexus phone.  If consumers DEMAND (by voting with their wallets) that all Android devices be at least OPEN, if not pure, then problems like this can go away.
Did you permanently flash the recovery?  I think you can fastboot it with something like "fastboot recovery recovery.img" with CWM or TWRP. 
I rooted my HTC One no problem.  I didn't use the all-in-one app for it.  I went straight up command line and used the HTCDev site to unlock the bootloader.  HTC One running ViperRom Sprint network.
+Matthew Pedigo Yes, I found with my Amaze, AFTER I'd unlocked and reset it, I could boot to an external recovery.img. Handy, since I can do backups with CWM, then just reboot and OTA updates will still work with the stock recovery remaining. Not that reflashing with stock recovery is hard, I've done it a few times (the image is in the OTA update .ZIP file :) ). 
I really fall in love with the HTC One design..but not the UI.. sorry HTC...i will stick with my Samsung..
Sorry Will ... I use iPhones, so I am not sure how to tell you to help ... at least not unless I have it in my hands ... then I could fix it. 
Doubt it +Shayne Schecht nobody that prefers iPhone over android know what they are doing on a good phone and I sure as hell wouldn't take rooting advice from them. 
Contact me for help and I will do it pro-bono. 
I rooted the HTC One.  I had a bad time of it at first.  When you root and get ready to install a rom, "sdcard" disappears.  The problem arises from fact that the storage is  internal.  I literally had the exact same problem.  But, i can't remember what I did to fix it, i remember it was on the XDA forums tho.  It's something like, format sdcard partition in cwm, on your computer do 'adb push /sdcard' and then you should have it back.  Flash it and be merry. 
I didn't havethe sdcard disappear. +Chad Antinora did you use the all in one app or did you do it freehand command line?
+Brandon Cook I don't have windows.  I just read a script and did it through linux.  I think i may have accidentally done something I didn't mean to, but I don't remember.  But, I do remember it disappearing.
  I also remember the lump in my throat when I thought I'd soft bricked it to death when I realized that I made the backup but was in such a hurry i never dumped it off to my computer. 
Why not search on youtube if any one cracked the problem on there. If not, you are on your own mr wheaton
TWRP is better in my opinion. Side loads don't always work on clockwork mod the backups are fast, and seems to be more stable to me.
Did you ever get it rooted in the end?
If you have the sprint version, use the  "openrecovery-twrp-" rather than "openrecovery-twrp-". I was banging my head on the wall until I got that, and I had to go through the team win site to find it.
Look mom! I rooted my communicator! Now I can use it on Klingon and Cardassian comm networks and I'll be able to install CyanogenMod 312!

That's nice, Wes...
+Emeka Ogbuewu send me a IM with what it does and I might be able to provide help.
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