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Writer and Actor
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    Executive Producer, Co-Creator of Tabletop, 2011 - present
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    Vice President of Plowin', 2012
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    Ensign, 1987 - 1992
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    Director, Non-lethal Weapons, 2010 - 2011
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Los Angeles, CA - Topeka, KS - Vancouver, Canada - Pasadena, CA - La Crescenta, CA
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I'm Wil Wheaton. I'm an author (that's why I'm wilwheatonbooks), an actor, and a lifelong geek.

I wrote Just A Geek, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, and Memories of the Future. I played Wesley on Star Trek, Gordie in Stand By Me, and Fawkes in The Guild. I occasionally play Dr. Parrish on Eureka, Evil Wil Wheaton on Big Bang Theory, and Cha0s on Leverage.
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Found a dead body when I was 12, saved the Enterprise a few times, Ran the Axis of Anarchy, broke up Penny and Leonard. Currently running the non-lethal weapons lab at Global Dynamics.
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    Warp Field Theory and Practice. Also, Nanites., 1989 - 1992
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July 29
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Wil Wheaton

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What's this guy's story? A silly creative writing exercise.

So this may be fun for some of you. Last night, I was looking for a new sweater online, and this picture came up in the search results: There is so much … wrongness … in this picture, I began to wonder: what’s they guy’s story? Like, not the model who’s…
So this may be fun for some of you. Last night, I was looking for a new sweater online, and this picture came up in the search results: There is so much ...
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Wil Wheaton

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This is amazing.
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Make the movie!!!
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Wil Wheaton

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I've been enjoying the playlists on Google Play Music. This one is pretty great.
Teen longing, sweet harmonies and walls of sound from the songwriters at the Brill Building to Motown's hit factory.
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Use songza, it's better :)
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Wil Wheaton

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I've been spending more and more time on #Debian in a virtual machine on my iMac, for no other reason than I enjoy tinkering with stuff and playing around in different desktop environments. (If you care: I've always been a #KDE guy, but I'm running #Gnome right now, and it's pretty neat.)

So I usually travel with my MacBook Pro, and it's a great machine. If I wanted to, I could do the virtual machine thing there, too (I'm not going to wipe OS X off any of these devices, because I like OS X) ... but I've been looking for a lightweight (as in actual weight and software weight) alternative for quick weekend travels or runs to the coffee shop or the library or some other place to write and respond to emails. I've been trying to fall in love with the ASUS #Chromebook Flip, and when I'm connected to the Internet it's good for simple things like reading Reddit, watching Netflix or Plex or Hulu, and writing in Google Docs. But when I'm not connected to the Internet, it's pretty useless. Also, I expected ChromeOS to have more Android-like apps, so the Flip could almost be an iPad replacement, but it looks like ChromeOS development isn't quite there, yet.

So I unlocked my Flip, installed crouton, and got a Linux environment running on it. It's neat, and it's fun, but it's still so thin that it isn't much more useful to me as a MBP replacement than it was in its ChromeOS state.

And that's where all of this is leading: I was looking at the #ASUSX205TA as a potential Debian laptop/notebook. I looked on Debian's wiki and I see that getting it to work the way we expect (turn it on and go to whatever you want to do) takes a little bit of work, but it doesn't seem impossible, and for under $200, it feels like something I can invest in as a hobby project, a challenge to myself to get back to the BIOS and kernel-level hacking I did in the 90s.

My question, which is probably only answerable by someone who is still reading this, is: have you tried something like this? Have you put Debian on a laptop or netbook? If you have, what model did you use? Before I pull the trigger on the 205TA, I thought I'd ask.

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I just can't get into iThings. Macs. iPhones. etc.
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Wil Wheaton

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My son clued me in to this track. It reminds me of an ethereal Richie Hayward.  Really great.
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gut wrenching performance on nutini's part.  thanks for posting this
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Wil Wheaton

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I think I bricked my Nexus 6 ... I'm hoping that someone reading this can help me save it.

So I had the CM nightly for my device on it (shamu for lyz28j) and everything was running like a dream. Then, yesterday morning, all the google services started crashing and locking up my device. I presumed that this was caused by my one of my security cameras sending almost 500 emails (with images) overnight, because a spider built a web in front of it.

I rebooted the phone after I'd deleted all the emails from my desktop, and it worked normally for a little bit, but then I started getting the Google Services error popup again, followed by nearly every app on the device stopping unexpectedly.

I figured that gapps must have gotten messed up somehow, so I booted up recovery and tried to reflash the gapps package, and that's when everything went to hell. TWRP couldn't mount /cache or /system, and everything I tried to repair that using the tools available to me failed.

Finally, I erased system and cache, and since then my phone just sits on the blank screen that says GOOGLE when I try to reboot it. I thought maybe it needed lots of time to create new partitions or something, so I left it on that screen for two hours last night, without any changes. Before bed, I decided to do a factory wipe/restore from the bootloader, but it just stayed on that same screen for nine hours.

So this is where I am now, and this is why I think I bricked my phone.

I downloaded the stock image from google, and I tried to run the script to flash all, but that failed.

This is what it looks like when I try to flash just the bootloader:

Bort:shamu-lyz28j wilw$ fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-shamu-moto-apq8084-71.10.img
target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes
sending 'bootloader' (3807 KB)...
OKAY [  0.182s]
writing 'bootloader'...
(bootloader) flashing partition ...
(bootloader) This may take a few seconds if a
(bootloader) different partition table is being
(bootloader) flashed since we need to backup
(bootloader) and restore a few partitions
(bootloader) Flashing primary GPT image...
(bootloader) Flashing backup GPT image...
(bootloader) Failed to write EFI backup GPT header.

(bootloader) Failed to flash partition
FAILED (remote failure)
finished. total time: 0.451s

I can't figure out why it won't flash the partition, and I'm pretty sure that's the root of this issue.

Can anyone help me?
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Holy moly that sounds serious! I have a nexus 5, I sure hope that I don't run into the same kind of problem.
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Wil Wheaton

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Actual in-store holiday music from 1974, including some announcements. I really like this.
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O my gosh! That was the year I was born. Dec 74!  Great Wil! I was to young (new born to remember this) but great to see it! LOVE oldies :-)
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Wil Wheaton

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Great "Reefer Madness" sequel for those ingesting large doses of science.
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Wil Wheaton

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A Guide To Being A Dog, by Seamus Wheaton, is now an actual book that you can own.

Poking my head up from my break to share this, because I think it’s awesome… Some of you  know that I and and I have a non-profit foundation that raises money for organizations like NAMI, Planned Parenthood, and others. This month, as we do every…
Seamus Wheaton has been sharing his advice on Twitter, via Wil Wheaton’s account, for several years. Now, his lessons have been illustrated by Lar deSouza and
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Without offended isn't hard make a organization? I'm a persone what see; Thank you
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Wil Wheaton

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This is just fantastic, and now I have a go-to video to show people who ask me what games I suggest for couples to play.
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Have now played Arboretum 3 times, and although I like it, I still have no idea what I'm doing!! I can't work out the strategy. I think that's a good thing
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Wil Wheaton

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For anyone who wanted closure from this morning's Nexus 6 fiasco:

Okay, I kept getting an error on the bootloader, and I couldn't get the new bootloader image to flash to my device. I tried everything I could think of, including all the thigns suggested by folks here.

So I decided to OEM lock and unlock it again, in the hopes that somehow that would kick loose (technical term) whatever was preventing fastboot from writing the new bootloader ... AND IT WORKED!

My device is currently restoring everything from yesterday's backup.

Thank you for your kindness and willingness to help, everyone!
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Is it wrong to be excited that I have the same phone as will Wheaton??? also you should try blisspop, its the most stable ROM I've tried for this phone yet. 
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Wil Wheaton

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I expect this to be the most polarizing episode of the season.