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Wil Wheaton

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I've been working on this for a couple months, and we finally got to start it today. If you like dragons and quests and fun mobile games, you may want to join me in my role as Advisor Wheaton in Dragons Of Atlantis.
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+Kyle Cross Yeah, I have an octopus tattoo on my right forearm, and an EKG of my wife's heartbeat on my left.

+Matthew Coressel +Nigel Cox I've been playing since November, and I've had a TON of fun in the game. My experience with it was very balanced, and I wasn't clobbered by more experienced players. Also, +Matthew Coressel , I'd encourage you to not use "rape" in that context.

+Scott Harper I was very skeptical when they approached me, but after I played the game for a month, I felt like it was not a pay-to-win game. If I thought it was pay-to-win, I wouldn't have partnered with them. And maybe what makes it different is ... me? ;)

Anyway, thanks for reading and playing.
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Wil Wheaton

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Anne and I went on Spaceship Earth, and I took this video of the little movie they make at the end.
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The end of Spaceship Earth is so...lame. It's a tragic shadow of what it used to be.
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Wil Wheaton

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English works better here, if you could make that a coherent statement that would be ...GREAT.... Orphan Black kicks ass,
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Wil Wheaton

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Hey, that's me!
#BigBangTheory returns this Thursday...along with Wil Wheaton! Check out photos from the episode now:
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It's so funny, even after seeing an episode several times it still has me rolling on the floor laughing.
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Wil Wheaton

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Cory Doctorow sez:
Chapter nine of Homeland opens with about 400 digits of Pi. When Wil Wheaton read the chapter, he soldiered through it, reading out Pi for a whopping four minutes!

Here's the raw studio audio (MP3) of Wil and director Gabrielle De Cuir playing numbers station. There's less than a week left during which you can get the independently produced Homeland audiobook through the Humble Ebook Bundle! 
Chapter nine of Homeland opens with about 400 digits of Pi. When Wil Wheaton read the chapter, he soldiered through it, reading out Pi for a whopping four minutes!
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HA... oh, bless you WilWheaton... you poor, wonderful, geeky bastard.  :)
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Wil Wheaton

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How busy have I been? So busy that I forgot to write a blog about TableTop Season 3, and how you can help make it happen. tl;dr: We’re crowdfunding Tabletop’s 3rd season. We’ve raised $500,000, so we can afford to do 15 episodes. If we get to $750,000,…
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hmmm this might be a chance to do a patreon instead of kickstarter/indiegogo
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Wil Wheaton

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I love this game so much, and the system it is built on is fantastic.
Mutants & Masterminds is the featured game of the latest Bundle of Holding! If you've ever wanted to check out the superheroic stylings of M&M, this is a great time to do it. 
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I guess I will give it a try based on Wil's recommendation.  I hope the Hero Games/Champions  bundle is re-released soon.
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Wil Wheaton

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This is the story of how my new series, The Wil Wheaton Project, came to be.

>About a year ago, I had a meeting with a production company, who wanted me to host a show for them. The concept was simple, I thought it had the potential to be incredibly funny, and I really liked the people I met with.

>“I can’t just be a host, though,” I explained. “I’ve been producing Tabletop for two seasons, and if I’m going to be the public face of a show, I need to have a hand in its creative direction. I want to write for it, and I need to be a producer.” Over the last couple of years, I’ve done more and more work off camera, and I’ve learned a lot about how shows come together and develop in the writer’s room and the editing bay. I love being an actor on camera, but it feels very much like I’m doing a small part of the overall production. If I was going to host a show, and if I was going to be the face of that show, I needed to do more than just stand in front of the camera and read lines. I wanted to help make the show.

>“Of course,” the head of the company said to me, like I’d just told him that I’d need to breathe air during production. “We want to do this together.”

>That was all I needed to hear. We agreed on the general idea, and spent the next several months working out the specific details of the show. About six months later, we went to the network to pitch it.


>The show will be on the network formerly known as Sci-Fi, and it is called The Wil Wheaton Project. It premieres on May 27th at 10pm.

>The Wil Wheaton Project is a weekly roundup of the things I love on television and on the Internet, with commentary and jokes, and the occasional visit from interesting people who make those things happen. It’s sort of like Talk Soup for geeks, with a heavy focus on those hilariously bad paranormal reality shows (in fact, that’s where the whole thing started a year ago, but as we worked on the show more and more, we discovered that there were lots of scripted paranormal shows that provided a ton of comedic material. When we expanded to cover the scripted shows, we discovered that nobody was doing a show like this that was just focused on the genre shows that nerds like us love, and we decided that we’d make that show because of reasons.)

>The official network announcement will be coming out a little later this morning, but I’ll put a little bit of it here, because I can:

>>Syfy has greenlit the 12-episode summer series, The Wil Wheaton Project (working title), a weekly topical comedy show hosted by actor and champion of geek culture Wil Wheaton.  The 30-minute show will offer a funny, fast-paced exploration and celebration of science fiction and genre entertainment.  The series premieres Tuesday, May 27 at 10PM ET/PT on Syfy.

>>Each week, Wil provides his insider point-of-view, sense of humor and expertise as he dissects the week’s most popular and trending topics across sci-fi film, television and pop culture, as well as video games, viral videos and news. Wil is on his feet for the rapid-fire half hour, delivering sharp, straight-to-camera commentary as he riffs his way through content clips. The result is a fun appreciation for all things science fiction.

>I really love that I get to be part of something that brings Science Fiction back to Syfy, and if I read correctly between the lines during our meetings with the Syfy executives, this is just the beginning of the network formerly known as Sci-Fi returning to its science fiction roots, which is awesome. Developing the show has been incredibly fun, and like I wrote last week, when I met the full staff of writers and producers, I was floored by how talented and funny they are. We’re going to make something that I just know you’re going to love, and I hope that so many people love it, we’ll get to make it for years to come.

Much, much more, including some FAQs, at the link below.
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I hear queen playing...
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Wil Wheaton

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Hey look! It's a bunch of cool stuff for you to have on #TabletopDay !
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+Lola Lariscy Laughed so hard when Wil pulled off the Orangutan mask. My niece literally couldn't breathe from laughing.
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Wil Wheaton

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>Just imagine being invited to a televised game development jam, reportedly sponsored by Pepsi to the tune of $400k, where you'd be among a dozen contestants organized into teams to compete for prizes. Imagine accommodating oneself to what GAME_JAM turned out to be, with demanding legal waivers and a pressurized Kitchen Nightmares-style format. Then imagine that the guy in charge--a consultant named Matti Leshem--asks you “Do you think you’re at an advantage because you have a pretty girl on your team?”

>"He got a rise out of me," reports participant Adriel Wallick. "He got me to, with an embarrassed and flushed red face launch into a statement about how his question is indicative of everything that is wrong in our industry in terms of sexism. That no, we weren’t at an advantage because we had a woman on our team – we were at an advantage because I’m a damn fine programmer and game developer. We were at an advantage because my skills allowed us to be at an advantage – not my 'pretty face'."

This story made my jaw hit my desk, and then the floor. Be sure to read the linked stories from Boingboing, so you can see just how much this fuckwit messed up. I really hope someone got fired over this.
Just imagine being invited to a televised game development jam, reportedly sponsored by Pepsi to the tune of $400k, where you'd be among a dozen contestants organized into teams to compete for prizes.
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Daaaaaaaaamn. That's not just crashing and burning, that's a dinosaur killer.
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