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Friends who shoot on Nikon, our team is looking at shifting to Nikon in the coming months. Though I'm pretty sure what our first couple lenses will be, I'd love to hear your Nikon pros, cons and what your favorite glass might be. Thanks!
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50mm f/1.4, 18-200mm vr and.... yeah thats all i use :D
The 200 - 400mm makes one drool with its versatility. Mouth dries up though when you hear the price. The 2.8 14 - 24mm is simply awesome. 
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NIKON L-100 for immediate digital. Simple, easy, and dependable. Got away from the PENTAX and 35mm... to slow a process when you need a picture NOW!
wanting to try to actually add some constructive comments to this, but me personally, I like using the old Nikon legacy glass, such as a simple 50mm f/2 AI and, soon to be a 300mm f/2.8 AI-s. The feel of manually focusing with these lenses in particular is fantastic, and I feel more involved in the photographic process. It also helps that they're built like the tanks they are.
Another reason is that, though I love Nikon glass, I hate Nikon bodies. Too big. Sony got it right with the NEX-5n/7 in that you can adapt any lens to it. I plan on putting both of these great lenses on a 7 when it gets here later this week.
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135mm f/2 defocus control & 85mm f/1.8, for portraits. The defocus control is simply awesome in allowing you to control front & rear defocus bokeh effect. Enjoy!
+Wil Wells I'm not a professional photographer, and I only have two lenses, the kit lens (17-55mm) that came with my camera and a 10-24 mm ultra-wide Tamron.

I love the Tamron for walking around interior spaces and crowds and taking photos. The Tamron suits my shooting style and interests very well. If I had to choose between it and the kit lens, I would definitely choose the Tamron.
Stay away from Nikon. Several Users of D90 SLR have reported the problem of "autofocus" not working (ostensibly the problem is traced to faulty contacts between camera and lens; I work around it by removing and reattaching the lens every time I have the problem). Raised several complaints with Nikon. So far no response. All I get is junk mail from Nikon peddling more Nikon products.
The 14-24/2.8 is the best lens I have ever used. I also like the new 16-35/4. I hear great things for the 200-400, but pricey!
I'm not a photographer by any means but I've heard some changes are coming from Nikon that makes it harder for people looking for replacement parts. It might be worth keeping an eye on that story before you make the switch.

For example, this has some information:
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the Nikon AI 43-86mm f/3.5 is my absolute favorite. I'd recommend old manual lenses because 1. they are much higher quality; 2. they are way cheap for the most part; and 3. they force you to slow down and put a lot more thought into the pictures that you're taking. I hope this helps!
What a cute pic! I'm just a dabbler, but I LOVE my Nikon D80. I'm waiting on repairs right now though - took a leap from my closet shelf :(
+Corey Melton We shoot medium format, since we do work that sometimes needs to be turned into billboards and building wraps, we need all the pixils we can get. For most of our client work, we shoot with a tethered Hasselblad. We're looking into picking a Nikon D800 to get the size we need, without the fear of damaging a $30,000 camera.
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+Matthew Durr I've heard that from a couple people regarding vintage glass. We do so much work in post that sharpness is all I care about. We're usually at f22 with the keyart shots we do, so bokeh isn't needed in a lens.
+Gary C I hear you. Being a fanboy and not giving other gear a chance will do nothing but hinder people from upping their game. Dave and I just want to be the best we can be and if Radioshack put out a camera that would make our shots better, we'd switch.
Nikon's "holy trinity"of lenses is a good start: the 14-24 2.8, the 24-70 2.8 and the 70-200 VRII.
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+Sean Eichlin Everything helps, we love getting as much input as we can, so THANK YOU! We'll be sticking with primes since we're 99% studio and want as much clarity as possible.
Nikon has great primes, but do you really want to pay for a max aperture of 1.4 if you're going to shoot stopped down to the max? The zooms I listed are called the holy trinity for a reason. They are amazingly sharp, There's also the PC-E tilt-shift lenses you might want to look at.
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though I have not operated Nickon camera, but heard about its best results. I
I use my Nikon SLR for my real estate business. It's the best investment I ever made. With a wide angle lens and flash attachment - I'm ready to go!
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Thanks +Paul Ybarrondo , that's exactly what I'm wanting to hear. Thinking I'll do some side-by-side comparisons if you think zooms are just as sharp. I'm just going with past experiences in that the primes I've used with other setups (Hasselblad and Canon) have tended to be sharper than zooms with more glass to go through.
Wil, it's certainly not true of all Nikon zooms. But those three are top-tier pro glass. The 14-24 in particular is among the sharpest lenses, if not the sharpest, that Nikon makes.
Wil Wells, thanks so much for posting this question! I have no answers, but the answers that have been given to you have been fantastic information for me as, I am also considering a switch from my Pentax to a Nikon. I know I need lenses as well and this is a great source of help for me!
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I have the hots for the 28-300mm VR on a D800 body (36 megapixels!!!). Unfortunately, the business case for such a package did not get a very warm reception from my bank manager...8-(
I studied beginning Photography years ago... and a good friend of mine re-ignited my passion for it and I need a good suggestion for a beginner/intermediate DSLR to start of with .. btw my first camera was a Nikon N2020 .. ya ...big shot :P
I just bought a Nikon coolpix p500. it just a cheap one but blew me away.
50mm f/1.4 for sure.
105mm macro yep.
From there hunt based on your sensor dimension (FX/DX)
The vibration reducing zoom lenses are a lot of fun.
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I never thought I would switch from Sony but have been shooting w/a Nikon d7000 for about a year now. I love how amazing the dslr is and how much I've learned about using the different features and lenses. Now I think it's a great idea for any level of photographer to test out the other products out there because you never know what amazing things that you may find!
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I've got an 85mm f2 Nikkor that works like a 130mm on my D40. Superb lens.
I shoot my Nikons more than my Hasselblad.... Much simpler and I'm not afraid of having to replace em as much
+Wil Wells Be careful shooting at such small apertures, such as f22 on a high-res digital body. You will lose resolution due to the defractive nature of light. The pixel pitch of Many high-res 35mm digital bodies is approaching the wavelength of light, they give sharpest results at around f11 for this reason. I'm surprised your considering moving from medium format if very large, sharp prints is your goal. Is is a wide move?
Pretty sure the 14-24 zoom outperforms all of Nikon's primes within the same range in terms of sharpness. The PC-E tilt shift lenses are also some of the best pieces of glass Nikon makes.
The best lens Nikon makes is 200mm f/2.0.
*is it a wise move? Sorry about the bunged up node.
+Tuan Nguyen Don't stop fighting the good fight for unnecessary equipment! :)
+Daniel Walsh We're not wanting to ditch medium format entirely. We run into tons of situations where we don't want to chance a tethered, $30,000 Hassy to fate. This would fill that gap.
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If you shoot at f22, diffraction might become a problem with the smaller sensor? If so, perhaps consider a Pentax 645D as a "midrange" alternative between the Hassy and a D800? This is a 40MP ditigal MF (44x33mm sensor) which costs about 10k. It helps that the 645D is also weathersealed, although of course it isn't quite as affordable as the D800...
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I heard nikon USA would stop supplying parts to repair shops, forcing you to use their centralized service centres.
very cool Photograph. my favourite prime lens is my Macro 60mm 1: 2.8 D. my other glass may not be your style its the 18-200 mm AF-S
Nikon D800, D800E announcement:
D800E – Maximum Resolution Unleashed
In addition to the D800, Nikon will also be releasing a supplementary model for those professionals who demand even higher resolution and D-SLR versatility; the D800E. This model treads in medium format territory for studio work or landscape photography when there is no exception to only the highest fidelity and sharpness. This unique alternative model will effectively enhance the resolution characteristics of the 36.3-megapixel CMOS sensor by cancelling the anti-aliasing properties of the OLPF inside the camera. By doing this, light is delivered directly to the photodiodes, yielding an image resulting from the raw light gathering properties of the camera. A color moiré correction tool will also be available within Capture NX2 to enhance the D800E photographer’s workflow.

I like my 200mm f2 and 85mm f1.4, but recently I've been getting a lot with the 20mm f2.8.
I have the D700, excellent piece of kit. The D800 with such a high pixel count would be a waste of time for me, I need something more versatile, but I'm not one to dismiss it offhand. It certainly seems to be the right tool for what you need.

I have too many favorites to mention. It depends on what subjects you shoot most. You can't go wrong with Nikon glass. :)
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