New Google changes could be MONEY for affiliates...

Anchor text foes - If G is penalizing for anchor text I see a whole new breed of CRAP SEO coming...the "burner" site ... so it takes Google 2-8 weeks in many cases to catch up with and penalize a site for anchor text - so are people going to go out buy like 50 expired domains, put up content on them, build them out and aggressively link like mad, knowing that it can rank well for 4-6 weeks on average, but as soon as that one gets burned, the next one gets launched, over and over again. FYI I am seeing this happen in 2 industries right now, where most sites never rank for more than 7-8 weeks. Its been happening for almost a year now. +Ethan Lyon hipped me to it. So peolpe who have legit sites and build anchor text might be at more risk than people who are willing to burn a site that thy hope lasts for 2 months...long term this could be GREAT for affiliates - take the risk the brands can't - burn the site, who cares. BUt you'll find that the brands are scared to build anchor text due to penalties, leaving users with a crappy experience.

Google really needs to stop rewarding anchor text (I know that is NOT easy) but you can't penalize people for what the CORE of your algo is based on. Well you can, but man that is tough.
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