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This was a fantastic post by Tom Anthony. I am trying to get the app to work now to run a few tests. Awesome! I hope Raven or SEOmoz tool builds this type of functionality in to their toolsets soon.
Are you still hearing a lot of people complaining that Google is taking 6 months and up to approve people's authorship profiles? It would seem unfair to take it into account much if they aren't approving people who should be approved. I've been trying to include it as much as I can since I got mine approved, but it just seems terribly inconsistent right now.
Tricia, we got ours approved much faster recently. According to AJ Kohn in a comment on this post he mentions, "Actually, the email address does not need to be public. Once you confirm an email address using a specific domain (i.e. - and place that domain in the Contributor to section, then Google is simply looking for a match on the author name in the byline. " so i would have to guess that validation is happening much faster than before. We are doing one for a client next week. I will test this then report back.
I found it took a few weeks at most to approve authorship. Recently a site I work on messed it up and had to get it back in. Did not take long...
you can now get Authorship in SERPs within 2 days or as fast as your site is frequented by Googlebot as long as your configuration is correct.
Tricia, we actually went ahead and add the authorship markup to the client site last night and THIS MORNING it was already showing up in the SERPS. So I hope that answers your question. Paul is right it is happening super fast.
Thanks for that feedback! Definitely a big change since I initially started working with it in the fall. And maybe a sign of how seriously Google is taking it now?
I'm shocked at how if you run two team members (adam and Rachael) but I'm not showing up...we are testing some stuff to find out why
I am seeing lots of things like that Will - lots of randomness and also competition between authors. Also has authorship stats disappeared from web tools?
We've been seeing the same thing as Wil. The snippet tool shows everything fine. Then it doesn't show up in the SERPs. Or it shows up one day and then not two weeks later. Frustrating.
Very interesting, +Paul Gailey Alburquerque ! That did used to work! I have no idea when it stopped. Did I somehow offend Google by flaunting my circles?
Keith, your right but earlier in the comment thread we were trying to troubleshoot some author snippets and it was a challenge not knowing if the code was working or not. Then this new addition to the rich snippet testing tool came out. Good timing!
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