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How is everyone's Sunday going? Anyone getting some good research time in or make any breakthroughs? I'd love to hear 'em! ~Elyse
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I'm hoping to crack a blog post out today on my Keppler relatives. I always try to link my blog posts to not only my specific ancestor, but to the WikiTree surname pages too. This way, if someone doesn't think they are descended my ancestor but there are other similarities (like our ancestors being in the same area at the same time period), they can check the surname list and hopefully find a cousin! ~Elyse
I've been sick this week with a cold and have stayed home. So I started doing a little research online, to pass the time, for my two favorite disfunctinal relatives, my great grandfather Robert B. WATSON and his first wife Helene ANTON. I found a bunch of 'interesting' news article that made me nearly fall off my chair. This has been the best cold ever! :)
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