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Working on a script to simulate and visualize the effects of various Z artifacts with different layer heights using the actual volumetric calculations. So far, I can simulate Z wobble, Z ribbing due to layer height rounding errors, filament diameter variation for a specified tolerance, and of course, the effect of the difference between the ideal and actual shape of the extruded threads.
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Good stuff. Does this take into account multiple effects at the same time and the cross correlation between effects? 
What journal will you publish the results in; the IEEE Transactions on Additive Manufacturing or the International Journal of 3D Printing?
I'm afraid you missed the call for papers for the Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing conference on January 23rd http://www.am-conference.com/.
it's completing your article, in a visual way !
I'm starting to think that this is something that an online calculator would be good for.  Enter steps/mm, microstepping, and then get a "closest layer height" when you enter desired layer height.
Very cool. What will you use your results for?
This is very interesting. Demonstrating in a visual way that ultimate print accuracy is tied so closely to filament consistency. I think what would be most useful is some sort of in-situ realtime measurement with closed loop feedback system, similar to the idea of vehicle emission controlled by O2 sensor, but in this case it's tied into the e_steps per mm. However, thinking on ways to accomplish that with the current extruder and hot end tech seems daunting 
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