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Our latest project (with +Joan Horvath). Thoughts welcome, here or on the project.

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Some T-shaped belt path experiments.

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TLDR: the guys that I caught showing heavily processed prints from different types of machines and claiming them as unprocessed prints from theirs at NYMF have now been caught ordering prints from Shapeways for the same purpose. I predict this will be the new Japica.

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Looks like Full Spectrum beat Glowforge to market with an incredibly blantant rip-off of their design.

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Get out the popcorn before you start reading this. You'll need it.

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We (+Whosa whatsis and I) are teaching a free workshop on makertech for teachers, sponsored by National University. It will be at their Spectrum location in San Diego the morning of Saturday Jan 14. One hour overview lecture of all things maker, then an hour of small-group demonstrations.
Registration required - very limited space! Register/more info: 

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Answers to the questions I had going into the Ultimaker 3 launch event (plus a few surprises):

The nozzle lift does not require an extra motor. The left nozzle is fixed, and the right nozzle drops below it or lifts above it using a switch on the side of the effector, and there's a piece of plastic on the side that the it runs the switch into to toggle it (judging by the force needed to switch it by hand, it's probably close to the stall torque on the Y axis).

The OLED display does appear to have been replaced with an LCD, for some reason.

The construction is almost identical to the UM2 aside from the effector. It looked like it might have been built out of different materials because of the lack of black dibond edges, but it's the same material with a white core. They did, however, remove the indentations from the top that allow the machines to be stacked.

The Matterhackers guys said that they're still using the same old ultimaker controller boards (still no 32-bit), but have added a single-board computer (Raspberry Pi equivalent) running linux to handle the networking, flash drive, and camera. Camera images are retrieved by Cura using an HTTP request, so it will be easy to set up something else to monitor them.

Nozzle height is calibrated with a capacitive system (most likely measuring the movement of the nozzle/heater block when the printcore spring compresses).

Everything but the print cores was a bit underwhelming, and I would rather have seen those as part of the UM2+ upgrade (probably the only reason this didn't happen was because of the added wires needed to connect to the new components).

Between this and the proliferation of multi-input-single-output bowden systems, I think 2017 will be the year that desktop multi-extrusion really catches on.

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Excited to hear that +Whosa whatsis and my  #HackadayPrize2016 project has been selected in the Assistive Technology round. Now our project moves on to final round of judging. The project is about creating a community to create 3d printable designs to teachers of the visually impaired. Please take a look if you want to help! (project link: Thanks to all who helped already!

Other than the Paizo forums, does anyone have a good source to find PBP (play-by-post) games to join? I'm looking for a game that I can play a little every day, rather than fighting with a group to schedule a time.

BTW, I'd rather it not be a PFS thing, because that can tie up a character for a long time. Also looking for something RP-focused.
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