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Who Back When
A Doctor Who Podcast reviewing every Doctor Who episode ever!
A Doctor Who Podcast reviewing every Doctor Who episode ever!


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Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then let's begin... It's time for another #NewWho  review. This time we're tackling the THE IDIOT'S LANTERN, which we all remembered being really great. And we did enjoy it. Pretty much. It's just that it also got a little nonsensical at times. Want to hear us go through them, one by one? Of course you do! Download or stream it now! And while you're at it, leave a rating and review on iTunes!

Also in the news, check this out, we welcome another Whovian Co-Host to the show – The Drewid (or possibly The Drewmeister), so join us in High-5'ing him.

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We covered the rebooted #Cybermen  in NewWho before. Now we've travelled back in time to cover their very first appearance in the Classics. Yup, here's our review of THE TENTH PLANET – William Hartnell's very last appearance as The First Doctor. (Well, until he returns in The Three Doctors). It's a legendary serial for so many reasons: the first Cybermen, the last Hartnell (sort of), the first Troughton (technically), and the first regeneration for Timelord's sake! It's chilling, thrilling and makes very little sense. Needless to say, we loved it.

PS: Apo-polly-logies, ladies and gents. Some server issues caused this episode to be delayed by a couple of weeks. Biased though we are, though, we think it was worth the wait. ;)

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Badabing! Have a listen as we continue the Cyber revival with the follow-up to the subject of our last review, The Age of Steel! And along the way, we even rewrite the story to be just a little bit better. 
Here are a few other things to look forward to:
(a) Cybermen have no idea how to deal with fences
(b) Pete Tyler clearly, albeit unknowingly, lusts after his daughter
(c) Further to rewriting the plot of this episode (see above), we also put together a pretty solid concept for a Mickey & Jake spinoff!

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Kablammo! It's been two weeks, I know, but we're back with the rebooted origin story of the Cybermen in our review of – dum-dum-duuuum – Rise of the Cybermen.
(a) This is the first part of the two-part epic that continues in the next NewWho episode, The Age of Steel (the review of which we'll be dropping in the next couple of days)
(b) We got to Cybermen in #NewWho  earlier than we did in #ClassicWho  – by just one review (!) – so after we've tackled their rebooted form, we'll check out their original appearance in Hartnell's last/Troughton's first serial, The Tenth Planet
(c) If anyone want to make a GIF of Ricky's ridiculously angry facial ticks, please feel free! We'll happily feature it here and on the site!

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Shiver me timbers, it's time for the penultimate William Hartnell adventure, The Smugglers. It has pirates, murder, bloodshed, torture, death-threats and all the other bits and bobs you'd normally associate with a family show. 
And on top of that, we get to see Polly and Ben travel through space and time with The Doctor for the first time in this super-violent sausage fest. Enjoy!
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In case you hadn't noticed, our latest #NewWho  review dropped toda..err..yesterday. It's The Girl In The Fireplace, in which Tennant snogs Mme de Pompadour, Clockwork Droids from the future sport Venetian masks to blend into 18th century France, and there's a horse on a spaceship. Have a listen ASAP! 
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Cushing's back with a vengeaaa...sequel. It's "Doctor Who: Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D." The Doctor, his brand spankin' new niece, his preteen granddaughter and a bobby, whom they happened to kidnap along the way, make their way to post-apocalyptic London. There they reenact the core-concepts of the Hartnell serial this film is based upon, leaving out most of the bits that made sense.

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Shazam! Yup, it’s time for another (fake) Doctor Who Audiobook Adventure Trailer! 

So many of of you have taken the time to share your impressions of Who Back When on iTunes, and you’ve all been super generous and kind. For that, we just want to say thank you. Well, we want to say thank you and then star in some epic Doctor Who Audiobooks alongside your eminent selves!

#DoctorWho   #DrWho  ... erm, and #fanfiction  I guess.

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Kablammo! The long anticipated trio-recording just dropped, and it transpires London is being invaded by unwieldy mechanical killing machines yet again! It's time for another stab at replacing the #Daleks , this time in THE WAR MACHINES, the #ClassicWho  serial in which William Hartnell as The 1st Doctor is suddenly referred to as, yup, 'Doctor Who', and we meet new companions Polly and Ben for the first time. Equal parts amazing and cringeworthy, this serial had the three of us picking apart so many plot points that we overran a bit. Enjoy!
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Shazam! A new #DoctorWho  review just dropped on iTunes (and everywhere else good podcasts are freely distributed). It's SCHOOL REUNION – the brilliant Tennant episode that sees the bonding between a #ClassicWho  companion and a #NewWho  companion, and between a ClassicWho tin dog and a NewWho tin dog. It's a total trip down memory lane and, unsurprisingly, we love the heck out of it. 

That being said, we still had a lot to pick apart here. Oh, and there's loads of Whovian trivia in this one, too. Enjoy!
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