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What are the world's worst apps and services that everyone uses?

iTunes is my #1 pick, but Facebook and Adobe Flash are also on the list...
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I'm always surprised at how many people still use the AOL Desktop software. I worked on a PC today, and the user insisted I install the newest version. *sigh*
Definitely a +1 on iTunes
Flash for all of it's quirks and 'plugin-ness' (though at least Chrome updates it for me), and Java because of all it's massive security holes and annoying updates.
Cable provider DVRs. Not an app or a service, but they are so terrible they had to be mentioned. 
Windows, AT&T Uverse, Facebook, the XBox 360, etc.
Java's auto update annoys the shit out of me, especially they way it assumes its the most important part of your life - it pops up over full screen XMBC which pauses the video but not the audio - annoying on a HTPC with no permanent keyboard and mouse.
Facebook is probably the one that bothers me the most.
Secunia PSI. I really wanted it to be my one stop answer to keeping my apps up to date, but it always seems to hang on updating some apps, like Firefox.
Gmail, i just can't get on with it. Java though on pure pain in the arse rating 
I don't understand all the complaints about Java. Is it the browser plugin y'all are so unhappy with, or is it Java itself?
iTuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunes!!! (insert captain kirk "khan" voice)
ITunes. W/ Java and flash and their crappy selves following cloesly.
+craig niswonger OK... updates on my Ubuntu box are a pain because I don't use a ppa and it requires typing some really long terminal commands, so I'll give you that. In Windows, though, it doesn't seem to me to be any tougher than any other update.

IIRC, the security issues are with the browser plugin, which is rarely needed anymore anyway. Are there security issues with the JRE that I haven't heard about?
Java, Flash, those pesky install wizards that have "Yes, I want to install 30 shitty toolbars AND change my homepage" checked by default.
iTunes on Windows! It never works.
+Benjamin Gulker Gotta throw another vote in Comcast's direction. I'll completely unplug before I pay them another cent.
+Iain Cheyne my guess is just that few use it. I forgot it even existed, and I use Windows. Lmao. And +1 on the adobe reader alternatives... Forgot that existed, too. Been using Sumatra forever.
I switched from iPhone to Android just because I hated iTunes that much. Honestly, I used to really like it, but I can't deal with the recent "upgrade" that completely botched it's UI.
Itunes for Windows is the worst program ever coded.
The Official Scrabble app for Android or IOS.  It's like Windows ME was eaten by the app monster and then spit it back out in the form of a mobile APP.
#1 for me would be SAP's GUI... since SAP's software runs nearly all the corporations out there, I'm sure a large amount of people have had the displeasure of its inadequacy.

#2 GoDaddy.

#3 Anything written in Java

iTunes on the other hand used to be a lot better... latest iterations really messed with simplicity.
+Lewis Downing Just so you know, hangouts doesn't work well in rest of the world (eastern countries) since the video traffic has to go through the servers. However, the Skype is peer-to-peer and works very well, no matter where you are!
+Lewis Downing That, or maybe, Microsoft should improve the Skype experience on Android. I somehow like idea of my video chats not going through a third party server.
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