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शहीदों की चिताओं पर जुड़ेंगे हर बरस मेले
वतन पर मरनेवालों का यही बाक़ी निशाँ होगा
कभी वह दिन भी आएगा जब अपना राज देखेंगे
जब अपनी ही ज़मीं होगी और अपना आसमाँ होगा
We bow down in reverence to those who sacrificed their lives, with an unflinching smile.
#ShaheedDivas #WhiteThoughts

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A legacy transcending through the pages.
Bound with obedience and a value-trust.
Precisely put, it's an ideal school, where your child's education comes first. #WhiteWorks #SreeVidyanikethanInternationalSchool #WhiteThoughts #Brochure

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Lay low on spends, high in spirit.
Overlay is here to win it.
Get those leads instantly rolling.
Clink clink, ‘these skills they are a honing.’
#DigitalMarketing #WhiteThoughts

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Happy Sri Ram Navami !
Also, Happy New Year to our very sweet Bengalis.
Nobo Borsher Subecha.

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#NIKE  kicks-off its #BetterForIt  campaign encouraging women to get start on their fitness journey - No Matter The Past! The campaign debuted with a 60-second ad during the #MTVMOVIEAWARDS  on sunday night.

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Over and again for the 4th time! WHITE THOUGHTS & BRANDING won 3 awards at the Annual #PRCI  Conclave in recognition of the work done for #MAATV  and #PrakashArts   

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While the award-winning TV Show #MADMEN set in the backdrop of Madison Avenue in the 1960s draws to a close. A peek-a-boo at #IndianAdvertising in the 60s

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"Dash is a small oval electronic device about the size of a pack of gum. Each one comes emblazoned with the name of a different, frequently used-up, product.

Press the button and the device uses Wi-Fi to send a message to your Amazon account, automatically ordering a new stock of whatever you're about to run out of." - USA TODAY
#amazon   #amazondashbutton   #AprilFools      #onlineshopping   #futureofonlineshopping #AprilFool   #AllFoolsDay   #Easter  

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White Thoughts & Branding is hiring for its #digitalmarketingteam  do get in touch if you fit into!
Creative Advertising & Branding Agency in Hyderabad -

#digitalmarketing   #digitalmarketingjobshyderabad   #creativeadagencyhyderabad   #advertisingandbrandingagencyhyderabad  

Job Descriptions:

-Strong hands-on experience in designing stunning websites
-A keen sense of design and aesthetics
-Good HTML5/CSS3 programming skills and a knack for finding and fixing coding errors
-Up-to-date with contemporary web designing trends
-A decent understanding of various social media channels
-A strong portfolio of e-commerce sites is highly desired
-Self-motivated and a passion for being in pace with emerging web technologies
-Functional understanding of Twitter Bootstrap
-Ability to independently come out with ideas to make websites more functionally appealing
-Basic understanding of digital marketing
-Practical working knowledge of other coding languages like Java, .NET etc is highly appreciated

-Strong PHP coding skills
-Decent understanding of working with WordPress websites
-Practical experience working with APIs
-Passion for coding and a knack for troubleshooting and finding -solutions
-Self-motivated and zeal to learn
-Functional understanding of Twitter Bootstrap
-Ability to independently come out with ideas to make websites more functionally appealing
-Good functional understanding of diverse social media channels
-A strong portfolio of working with e-commerce sites is desired
-Basic understanding of digital marketing
-Practical working knowledge of Drupal and Joomla or other coding languages like .NET and Java will be highly appreciated

- Good understanding of social media and digital marketing
- Excellent writing and proof-reading skills
- Ability to come up with exciting and trend relevant content ideas
- A minimum KLOUT SCORE of 45 or above

-Extensive understanding of digital marketing
-Ability to individually prioritize digital marketing channel spends
-Strong understanding of search engine behaviours
-Strong on-site and off-site website optimization skills
-Decent experience in handling PPC campaigns for businesses ("on diverse platforms")
-Good grasp and practical knowledge using diverse digital marketing tools (free & paid)
-Decent analytical & statistical skills
-Good data keeping, analyzing and forecasting traits
-Strong keyword research skills

-Good understanding of digital marketing
-Prior experience handling digital marketing for clients
-Compelling communication and persuasion skills
-Above average writing and presentation skills
-Decent analytical abilities
-Ability to stretch working hours under delivery exigencies
-Penchant to learn and excel in handling digital marketing for diverse business verticals
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