White Buffalo Calf Woman - Native American story by Sandi Hill
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White Buffalo Calf Woman - Native American story
Uploaded on Aug 26, 2008
White Buffalo Calf Woman's legend is ancient, arising about 2000 years ago, and is central to the spiritual practices of numerous Native American nations. Various, but similar, versions of the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman are told.


And that is why we must Always Learn to Have Pure Thoughts and Intentions....


Hunter Womack
i am of lakota blood the woman who told this story did so corectly . Story telling is a very inportant thang in our culture . Im a story teller myself . we have to keep our tradidions alive if they die we die with them! wolfsong 17 @ yahoo. com

jason tobey
@naskapi1972 why must this story not be told? Is it a custom to make a tobacco offering before sharing with relations. In box me if you choose to.I have been to sweatlodge,have seen some amazing things.I have been told not to say.I have never been told why?

jason tobey
this story was interesting. But what of the chunupa that was given to the people in the sacred bundle.Is it still in existence? :)

(my mom is ojibway) tho not much was culturally told me,,,,,,(this is true):before surgery at age 6..(tonsils)...i was partly under anestesia..the nurse pushed me ito a room full of toys...she told me choose somthing...i said i want a white buffalo...she was a bit piffed./we dont have that!/..another nurse said hold on...she went into another room and brought me a toy white buffalo!..!!!! /..miracle was born, 80 s and many more!

Thank you! A spiritual woman shall not be defiled as a whore! She may only be looked upon in her timeless beauty! She is our mother as shall be honred in de reverence!

hopefuly no wasicun see this and trys to make a bible out of it .this story shouldnt be told no one gave tabacco .but hey its on you may tunkashila bless you my kola .almost had our story rite its a loakota one hoka hey

Aho Elder sister, thanks for sharing this story! Peace Thyagi Das
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