What is the Sacred Buffalo Robe (colors you wear)?
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the "Buffalo Robe" are the Four Sacred Directions shown as the "Garment of Lights" (colors you wear, also known as your sukkah or temporary dwelling place for your spirit, the sacred buffalo robe or the four ages of your life, the book of life that reveals all your holy and divine that shines even in the darkness and white buffalo the prayer cloth of many colors).Ā  The Jewish word used is Sukkah, or temporary dwelling, is where the walls of our beingness is like a tent that bows with the winds. And we are all inside of our own temporary dwelling place (sole or physical body) with our eternal spirit (soul or spiritual body).Ā  We share our spacial fields by leaning on each other as if our skin is the fabric of the temporary dwelling of your "self".

There are actually eight directions, four inside and four outside. It is like a book, with writings on both sides of the paper, thus it is also known as the Book of Life. Everything about you, tools of light to accomplish your mission is written on/in your sacred Buffalo Robe.

All over the world, people are looking for the colors or vibrancy, through terms like indigo and crystal (and quite a few other colors). These frequencies, gift to us a perspective and with this position, our duty to the rest of the Tribe (Oneness: rocks, plants, animals, cosmic dust).

However, seeking for a color to identify oneself is a study of the rest of the Rainbow Clan (all my relations). First one must understand, validate and levitate on your own knowledge that streams forth. These are tools of light, the sacred buffalo robe. We use this knowledge to accomplish our mission here upon earth (Great Name).

Four directions in colors gift to us the knowledge of our eternity and help us to find the pathway down the Rainbow Trail (soul's evolution path for all things seen or unseen).

To understand, to be validated to the core of your being, your perspective or sacred buffalo robe is read by White Buffalo calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother. It is a gift. Be patient but also pushy (lean on me a bit), meaning do not let me forget, because I have lots of people asking me questions. And things get lost. So with your help, those who ask, lean on me persistently, get answers.

There is a great culling out there, to purify, to rectify, to motivate and to destroy what is not needed any longer. And with this destruction brings in new seeds of hope, change and long awaited BROTHERHOOD. To understand brotherhood, one must understand what position of the whole Rainbow Clan family you are part of. This tells you, your duty, your power, your disguise and your tools to make it through this life in a good way, when all seems like it is going wrong.

So we pray, ask and share all knowledge with each other, FREELY and gratuitously. Yet we have to live, this means, rejoice in the Great Give-a-way. If we all give-a-way, then we all win. Our spirits find the wings of our souls. And the sacred buffalo robe will shell out the dole, the place be told. Paradise awaits and dreams are about to come true. And this means, the LAW of LOVE must become utilized to make this world safe, since we are going to share everything including our thoughts and dreams.

The sacred buffalo robe helps us to identify our relationship with the rest of the Rainbow Clan, our duties and our struggles. Learning how, depends on the ability to share the knowledge received with others. This is why we have circles, groups and hoops to begin the process. Yet we have a long way to go.

Crystal-Indigo-Children.blogspot.com reading at the top will share and answer many questions. And if you have more, please ask at a circle, hoop, group, blog or email me whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com or twindeermother@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org

You can look up individual colors on this blog. And each person who asks, finds that they become the teacher for others who wear the same color. I read the buffalo robe, but it is the wearer who has the knowledge. Nothing is lost, once we find the library of the universe is each other (seen and unseen relatives alike).

Ask for your sacred buffalo robe, four directions in colors to understand yourself, prepare yourself, validate yourself and become your greatness, as well as find your POWER.

I bow and bless the sacred nine streams and four directions with fire and water to cleanse the fields, every hour of every day and when I need a cleansing daze. We share our rays and a world appears.

Your devoted servant, White Buffalo calf Woman, elder crystal child
buffalo robe: crystal, yellow, green, gray (cosmic frequencies)

Gifted by Alightfromwithin.org Angel Services Around the World
Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant the Rainbow Promise

Read about your Family of the Rainbow, all things seen and unseen, revealed in the breeze. Heavenly (music of the divine shines) on earth the soul touches the dirt, where we stroked the fire, where the sole gifts desire. We bless this holy place for our hearts to know good rays....

Covenant of the Rainbow
Indigo Crystal Children with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
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