Lakota Words of the Heart (cante) by Brother Roberto Casu
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WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother:
Aho Brother Roberto Casu, welcome into our hearts. White Buffalo Calf Woman doing my part. Working on all the sorts, just to find America once again. We spring hope to all those gents. Aho ah, the river of life where the women tone, sings and groans to send pearls of light to all those shores.

Roberto Casu:
A'ho white Buffalo Calf Woman
Pilamaya cuwaeeya white Buffalo Calf cante ohiti ke zaniya many blessing nice to meet you respect for your people and nature very important for me MITAKUYE OYASIN

cante (čhaŋté )
1. the heart (of men and animals)
2. feelings, emotions, affections, sentiment.
Usage: followed by various verbs it is used idiomatically for expressing numerous feelings and emotional states; note: in older texts, from the second half of 19th century, čhaŋté is used for expressions dealing with the thinking and reason, this has been replaced with wačhíŋ and tȟawáčhiŋ.
1s. pos mičháŋte mačháŋte
3. the center of anything, the principal point of things, the center of a target.

ohiti ke (oh-hee-dee kay) brave
zaniya (zah-nee-yah) well (in health)
cu (chue) dew
cuwewaya/cuwaeeya (chue-way-wah-yah) sister (i have for older)
cante (chun-tay) heart or thinking and reasoning from the heart
lila pilamayaye (lee-lah pee-lah-mah-yah-yea) thank you very much
pilamayaye (pee-lah-mah-yah-yea) thank you
pilamaye/pilamaya (pee-lah-mah-yea) thanks
pilaya (pee-lahn-yah) gratify
Mitakuye Oyasin (mee-dah-koo-yeh o-yah-seen) All my relatives (There is no literal English equivalent)


WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother:
Yuwakape Sukawaya Robert Casu takuye,
aka wigmuke waksica. Ky'Hoo'Ya!
Pte Ska Wi (buffalo white sun or whope, fallen star)
White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder lakota daughter

yuwakape (yue-wah-kahn-pay) blessed
sukawaya (suen-kah-wah-yah) brother (i have for younger)
takuye (dah-kue-yea) relative
aka (ah-kahn) on
wigmuke (wee-gmue-kay) rainbow
waksica (wah-kshee-chah) bow
Ky'Hoo'Ya - Welcome to the Sacred Hoop
pte (p-day) buffalo (cow)
ska (skah) white
wi (wee) sun

In Lakota mythology, Wóȟpe (less correctly spelled "Wohpe" or "Whope") is a spirit of peace, the daughter of Wi and the Moon, Haŋhépi-Wi. She is the wife of the south wind. When she visited the Earth, she gave the Dakota people a pipe as a symbol of peace. Later, Wóȟpe became conflated (to bring together; meld or fuse) with White Buffalo Calf Woman, alternative Pte San Wi Yan or Pte Ska Wi. An alternative name for Wóȟpe is Ptehíŋčalasaŋwiŋ.
alphabetical english characters

aka (ah-kahn) on

ky'hoo'ya - Welcome to the Sacred Hoop

pte awan yaka wicasa (pday ah-wahnyahn-kah wee-chah-shah) cowboy
pte wani yapi (pday-wah-nee yahn-pee) cattle
pte yuha (pday yue-hah) rancher
pte (p-day) buffalo (cow)
pte (pday) cow
ptebloka (p-day-bloh-kah) bull
ptebloka (pday-bloh-kah) steer

ska ise (shkah-eeshay) but anyway
ska yela (skah-yealah) clean (very)
ska (shkahn) ac
ska (skahn) melt
ska (shkah) nevertheless
ska (skah) white
skan (shkahn) motion
skakapi (shkahn-kah-pee) ring finger
skapa (skah-pah) adhere
skaska (shkahn-shkahn) motion
skaska (shkahn-shkahn) moving around
skata pi (shkah-dah-pee) game
skate (shkah-day) play
sukawaya (suen-kah-wah-yah) brother (i have for younger)

takuye (dah-kue-yea) relative

waksica (wah-kshee-chah) bow
wi (wee) sun
wigmuke (wee-gmue-kay) rainbow
wiya (wee-yahn) female
wiya (wee-yahn) she (female)
wiya (wee-yahn) woman
wiya pi (wee-yahn pee) women
wiya wa kici u (wee-yah wahn kee-chee uen) wife (to have a)
wiya waka (wee-yahn wah-kahn) maiden (buffalo)
wiya waka (wee-yahn wah-kahn) sister (nun)
wicahpi (wee-chah-ghpee) star
woape (woh-ah-pay) hope
wotakuye (woh-dah-kue-yea) relation

yuwakape (yue-wah-kahn-pay) blessed
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