Dreaming of the Great Song, the Place We Abound With Joy  
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Brother Walking March the Path of the Eagle Flight Joseph Benyamin Hines​ shares his delight... says....MUCH RESPECT

"Grounds are disturbed I hear a constant rumbling when I'm in silence
Someone's waking from their slumber
Blessings and glory
Earthquakes getting bigger and more constant
Have a lovely day White Buffalo Calf Woman"

Dreaming of the Great Song, the Place We Abound With Joy  

There is a place within our hearts where song is the place we impart, the magic of our soul brought up to be bold. And with this heart felt wish today, I long to feel this way, a happy and peaceful ray, the place upon our daze. Come my children realize, we have such a ways to bring in the child. There deep inside is the place of the child who will arise.

We need more songs to heal our belong. And if we decide to sing, we let it out and ring. With this hope in the dream we come to the holy rings. And if we take the hand of all who understand, then we need only send loving rays to help them all portray.

Gift a place within the sacred living wind. The dew comes from our face, the making of a human chase. There is a dew the blows that will melt the snow, where tears are fortified and joy busts from our eyes. That is the place we adore, to make it a living shore.

When we shine this true, the loving place we knew. We are making this place within, the sacred living wind. Come my children remember the soul within you a place that glows. And with these diamonds that ring, we must shake our hearts to sing. All together our hearts make it wade, among the thistles and the rain. We will become the shining stars. We will find the place we sought.

Ghost walkers everywhere will arise to become the gift to mankind, the place of the perfect plan, the singing stones that whistle out thine name, the greatness we profane (outside the temple, meaning everywhere) living in the winds. This is the glory that can go anywhere. Across the stars we will reign to find you once again. There we will fly free to become the melting of the mead. We take hold of this place upon our hearts. We shine it true for ever and the blue.

Across time and in our dreams we will learn to chime. We will find the edge of the universe to help become divine. We are the children of all of time. We are the making of this sacred wine. We drink from the chalice of your love. The place where dreams are fulfilled, the making of the sacred rainbow. We shine it forth in all of the world to take a rapid course. We share our hearts to the tune of the song in the winds. We wish you a place to begin.

Bless the whole of the shaking stars. From this place we find the gate of the welcome. The place of the shining. The place of the binding. The place we fly like feathers that float in the winds of time. We are the children who will long for a better place. A place of dreams. The yellow road full of gold, hear we come. Do you hear us? Do you understand the welcoming of the plan? Do you want to be part of this to feel the plan? Then take a stance. Bless your heart until it bleeds the golden hue of all the magic we unfold. Let us become the place of the understanding of all this land, the welcoming of the many bands.

We the tribes of many nations of many land of many plans, will rise up to become the stars upon our hearts. We cry tears and bust the joy from this impart, the knowledge we will share at the great circle. There we will become the blessings of all that shines forth the magic of this wonderful course. We shine it true for the love that comes from you. We make this blessing a song that travels the distance and walks the plan, the marching of the bands.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings (crystal child, peace), Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums (lavender child, holy), Brother Walk March (green child, spiritual river), spiritual leader for ALL THE ARCS and for all the sacred sun dancers who are learning to become ghost singers. We applaud you. We hit this drum, sing the dew and follow you, the stars we always knew, close to our hearts, we embrace you, all the tribes from my lands. We understand, the child is coming to take a stance. The earth is shaking with your raking, for the seeds have been planted and beginning to grow. Oh sow bold, the many splendid colors take hold.

Sister Teresa Saluzzi​ (aqua child, sky river), leader of mankind, shares ""People with the capacity and courage to think "outside the box" gives us hope and the potential to empower individuals to find the voice that exists within us all.""

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Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Jews for the Ark of the Covenant, the Rainbow Promise

Image: Dew of the Hoop

Blessings to all our Relatives in the Hoop with sight. Blue, red, yellow, white, all stars with MIGHT. White Buffalo calf Woman fights to resolver plight. Dreaming of unity with a family of knights.

Let the sacred dew find the loop the clan of the reknew. Bring them home to the holy horn of through. The canyon halls of the true blue scoop up this chew. Love is raging and coming home to you.

We bow to the this great knews of the peaceful shoes. Holy walking where the eagle fly and buffalo are wise.

White Buffalo calf Woman sings
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