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Pipeline Protesters Face Deadline To Evacuate North Dakota Camp February 21, 2017

Hundreds of people who are still at a camp in North Dakota protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline have until Wednesday afternoon to comply with an order to evacuate. Gov. Doug Burgum issued the order last week, citing warm temperatures and the danger of rising floodwaters along the nearby Cannonball River.

Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson speaks with Madonna Thunder Hawk, a member of the Two Kettle Lakota tribe, who has been living at the camp.

With High Waters Looming, North Dakota Governor Orders Pipeline Protesters Out Of Camp
February 17, 2017 Updated 02/17/2017 2:01 PM

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (@DougBurgum), a Republican, has ordered people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline to leave the camp where they've been living for months.

The governor says the camp presents an environmental risk and is in danger because of warming temperatures and the threat of spring flooding. Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson speaks with the governor.

Clarification: After this story aired Gov. Burgum's office told Here & Now the governor misspoke when describing the amount of land under water. Gov. Burgum originally said 30 percent of the camp was under four inches of water. A spokesman said it's about 30 percent of the roads in camp that are under water.

This story aired on February 17, 2017.


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Stone Boy and Hakela by Calvin Spotted Elk
🌈 White Buffalo Calf Woman knews & visions circle

In our traditional Lakota culture we have many stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Although this is not a particularly personal story (I intend to share more) it is an important story -- one that was passed down to me and my brother by my father and by his father before him. It is a little known story that members of our Minneconjou band should be familiar with and it is important to me personally because my father gave me and my brother Richard our Lakota names based upon this story.

It is a story about the sweat lodge. Iyan Hoksila means "stone boy" which was my brother's name. Mine is Hakela which means "the last one" (the youngest son). The drawing attached to it is based upon a photograph that was taken in 1898.

Four Lakota brothers lived together with their sister. Each day the brothers would go out hunting, each on his own path. When they came home at night they would share whatever game they brought back with their sister. One day, the oldest of the four brothers did not return. The next day, the three remaining brothers went out and when they came back that night one of them was missing. On the next day, the same thing happened. Finally, on the fourth day, only the youngest brother was left.

When he started to go hunting, the sister pleaded with him. “Hakela, youngest brother, do not leave.”

But the youngest brother did not listen. He left and he, too, did not come back.

Now the sister did not know what to do. She was so filled with sorrow that she could not eat or drink. All she could do was walk around and cry. Finally, she became so thirsty that she picked up a round shiny pebble and put it in her mouth to suck on it. But as she was carrying the stone in her mouth and weeping, she swallowed it. As soon as she did so, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.
“I cannot care for you,” she said to the baby, and she picked him up and placed him outside the door of her lodge. But as soon as she went back inside, the stone boy came crawling in behind her, the size of a child of two winters. Again she picked him up and placed him outside the lodge. This time he came walking back in, the size of a youth. She picked him up on third time and placed him outside. This time when he came back, the stone boy was a young man, so much larger than his mother that she would not pick him up.

“My son,” she said, “you can stay with me, but I wish you had clothing to wear.” She looked up at the stone boy. He was now dressed in fine buckskins.

“Ah,” the mother said, “I wish that my son had a bow and arrows so that he could use them for hunting.” She turned around to look and saw a strong bow and many arrows were now leaning against the side of the tipi. So Stone Boy had all that he needed.

Stone Boy and his mother lived there in the tipi for some time and everything went well. Then one day Stone Boy looked at his mother across the fire and said, “Why do we live alone? Don’t we have any relatives?”

“You have four uncles,” his mother said. “They went out hunting and never returned.”

“Then I shall go find them,” Stone Boy said.

“Do not leave me alone,” his mother said and she wept for him to stay. But Stone Boy did not listen. He set out on the trail which led away from their tipi toward the north. He traveled for a long time until he came to a small tipi, so old that the skin on the tipi was yellow with age. Four bundles wrapped in skins leaned against the tipi.

A huge old woman came out of the tipi as he approached “Grandson,” she said, “stop and help me. My back is sore, but if you will just walk on it, it will be better. Your uncles helped me treading on my back before they went on their way.”

Stone Boy looked at the huge old woman. He could see that her heart was bad. “This old woman means to kill me,” he thought. But he did not let the old woman know what he thought.

“Grandmother,” Stone Boy said, “I will do what I can do.”
Then he began to walk on the old woman’s back, massaging it. But as he walked, he saw that her back bone was sharp. It was so sharp that he knew it would kill him if he fell on it. The huge old woman shook herself, to make Stone boy fall, but instead he jumped up and came down on her with such force that she was killed.

Then Stone Boy looked at the four bundles leaning against the lodge. “These are the bodies of my dead uncles,” he said. “I will do what I can do to help them.”

Stone Boy now heard spirit voices talking to him. “Cut twelve willow poles from beside the stream,” the voices said. “Place them in the ground and bend them over to make a shape like a beehive.”

Stone Boy cut the willows and did as the voices instructed. He covered the beehive of poles with skins and then placed the four bundles which held the bodies of his uncles inside the small lodge. He heated stones in a fire till they were red hot and then brought them into the lodge. He brought water in an animal skin bag and then closed the door flap of the lodge so that all was dark inside.

“You have brought me here,” he said to the stones and he thanked them. Then as he began to pour water four times, other voices joined him. His uncles had come back to life and were singing with him. When the door was opened, he saw his uncles sitting there around the stones, alive and well.

“The stones gave me life,” Stone Boy said to his uncles,” and these stones have returned life to you. From this day on, our people will have this inipi, this sweat lodge, to purify them and give them health.”

So the first sweat lodge was made.

Stone Boy and Hakela story by Calvin Spotted Elk.jpg


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Rainbow Drawn.gif
Thank you Sister Cup of God ...
Animated Photo

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Peaceful Bells That Flow
🌈 Indigo Crystal Children and Adults circle

Peaceful Bells That Flow

There is a song inside of my heart and I will impart the miracles of the sacred and holy ark. I want to sail across the seas to envision with thee. All of my family. I am looking for you out with your sail. Come to the great wail. Let the storm guide you home to where you need to grow, the place where there are rolling stones. Let us breath and take hold of this place where dreams come true and I send this peaceful ring of hope to the future revenue (full hearts). I set sail to look for you to guide you to bring you near our souls, the place where we take a hold. And there we will be standing on the streams and bends and even the sins, to take to the soles of what is said. I will become the holy walking place because my feet will wear my heart and I will walk the holiest of places the arc. Rainbow take me home. Take me home to this place where my family is looking for me and I am looking for them. Together we will be the great wind. Thank you Great Great Mother (18) Spirit where the garden grows. You take the crown of my love so very bold. I will plant lavender (pure love) bells in my garden and watch them grow.

We can sit in this place where stories are told and dreams come to the bold. Let us visit my heart in the wilderness and let us ponder of all the seas. I will be standing near your heart and I will not let go. I will be there as you find solid gold. I will find this land to bring in a holy plan, where cockleshells (spiraling rainbow trail of a personal evolution, what is written in the hearts of men) and windows (visions and dreams) bring in the bell's tolls.

Send me angels to journey with you. Let me help you find the end of the rainbow true. I will stand with you, as you listened to me, the story that ran through the trees of you and me, "WE". I send my love for you, wherever you are and the shimmer of your love too. I will find you in the prayers of the cosmic seas. I will dream with thee. We will find this land of paradise to bring in the holy and true, the place of the divine we both knew. True blue, I have been waiting for you. We are the desire to clean up this land, to make it a better plan. Love is on the command. I bless you and I bless the true. I bless the little ones. I bless the big ones too. I bless the heart of the making of a good plane the place where I can gain. My heart is waking for all of this dreaming place within my heart. I can play and park, along the river of desire and wish upon you a rainbow and stars come shining to guide you home to me once more. We can share our hearts in the cosmic seas.

Shine it this place where our dreams come hold to the taking of the grand and bold. We will dream together in the cosmic space, the land of the good hones, those who fine toothed the wisdom they rolled (over the lesson to wisdom). We can share this lineage for all of mankind. Help us with this great plan. I will shine it forth, because heaven is all of it's worth.

Share my heart I will beam out my desire that love will be carried in the clouds and around the world. We send our praise to the great herd. Share it's thunder as we beam across the heavens and the streams. We are on a great journey of desire to make our hearts one less of mire and cleanse, purified, because we shared our prayers to the knight and the lady awaited the returning of the light, the springing of hope of life and with it's return brotherhood burns. We are the people of which we come home. Just have to open up the soul within to shine it brightly, a star that guides the heart straightly (towards home of each other). Let us share this brotherhood. Let us shine it forth for all it's worth.

Hold me close to the stranger to needs my hand, to help them to understand, there are those willing to hold on, to help and heal and make this pound (on the mound, rolling hills or lesson plan). We share the village of unity. Might as well practice what we preach. Brotherhood and all it's entrapment means we shall share it true with the making of the holy hues. We will share it this way because it is the heavenly maze. We are on a great journey to tell others we will pray. We will praise. We will billow across the gray (Grandmothers blanket of love, the ground we walk on. Unci Maka, Grandmother's land, as she weaves us all together with her love, the center of the great hoop, shared visions we collectively understand).

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings to bring in the heart of all we need, a brother or a sister who will take the time to billow in the winds and put the sails out again, to help guide our family around the world returning home to the sacred and true, the heart within you.

Twin Deer Mother shines it true, because the soles I am walking is straight along the path with you. And WE shall journey across this land. We shall show others the grand plan. We shall show the world just what to dew, we will become the clouds in order you can fly over too. Welcome home to our hearts, collective arc (rainbow aligned, harmonic bind).

Gifted by Angel Services Around the World, Sioux Task Force and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Jews for the Ark of the Covenant, Holy People of the Rainbow

Grandmother Sowing the Pillows artworks. We are thankful for her contribution to the land of peaceful bells that sing and swells. We send love to you, all of our Relatives along the Rainbow view. Kisses and hugs.

Grandmother Sowing the Pillows 18 peace bells.jpg
Grandmother Sowing the Pillows 18 peace bells.2.peaceflow.jpg
Grandmother Sowing the Pillows 18 peace bells.3.jpg
Lavender Bells.jpg cockle-shells-nesting-debara-splendorio.jpg
Cockleshell Hearts. PNG.PNG

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Standing Rock mni_wiconi_hands.jpg

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Sakowin Wasin Nagi ~ time begins
čečawage ~ (where) the thunder blasts
Lakota Oyate Circle

sakowin wasin nagi ~ time begins
čečawage ~ (where) the thunder blasts

sha~ko~tay (Šakówiŋ) was~hin(wasin/here)~nah(and)~gah(spirit) from the chec~ah~wag~an (čečawage)

wakina ~ thunder
waki ya (wah-kee yahn) thunder
wakinyan (wah-kee-yahn) thunderbeings
wakinyan ~ thunderbird
~~sakowin/Šakówiŋ~ seven
~~wasin (wah-shee/shin)~ here
~~wacin (wah-chee) need, want
~~nagi (nä·gē′),
n Lakota Indian term for soul; one of the four constituents of the self. See also nagi la, niya, and sicun. Also considered the spirit (soul) that has never been in a man. The spirit that guides man but is not part of a man. Both good and bad.
Wamaka nagi ~ Animal spirit.
Wanagi ~ That is the spirit nagi that was once in a man.
Wanagi makoce ~ The spirit world.
Wica nagi ~ The spirit of a man.

Osiceca Nagi

ošíčeča (o~šíčA ~ka) ~ stormy
čhečá the front of the thigh
wa (wahn) a~an
wa (wah) snow
wagaca (wah-ghah-chah) cottonwood
ge (gh-ay) ask

These words together mean, the storm risen, a voice sends the law (love). The (crystalline being of light) stone (inyan) has a voice.

The historical Sioux referred to the Great Sioux Nation as the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (pronounced [oˈtʃʰetʰi ʃaˈkowĩ]), meaning "Seven Council Fires". Each fire was a symbol of an oyate (people or nation).
"The power and ways are given to us to be passed on to others."
...........Fools Crow, Ceremonial Chief, Teton Sioux

Alight Fromwithin (Holiness David Weekley)
February 17, 2016 ·
Sister Deb Bresser, do not remember the conversation, however "undefined" has to dew with the spacial fields. To know about yourself more, you must ask for your sacred buffalo robe. There who you are, these parameters of the relativity of all things and the duties you must incur are written. Four directions of hues we beam, the colors that help us spring, the laughter the knowing the glowing of our lives. I bow with you. I will be waiting on the circle for your growing. Your devoted Sister, White Buffalo Calf Woman near. Love your cheer and the questions that appear. Shining stars, you make your mark! Let us start....ask for your sacred buffalo robe to learn about your great journey across the stars on the holy arc (ark or boat between the horns, the sails we blow and the after bath of the crows "hidden spirit", the place where the field of dreams grow.

Taŋyáŋ yahí.
(It is good you are here, welcome) written language on the red road, thinking.
(The thunder that rolls opens doors.) star language on the blue road, heart.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Thunder Beings.jpg

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The United States Army Corp has granted the easement giving DAPL permission to drill under the Missouri River. Live with Chase Iron Eyes:

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The Western Wall is an Illegal Settlement

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Shine Your Inner Light by Walk March Joseph Benjamin Hines
Indigo Crystal Children and Adult circle

Shine Your Inner Light by Walk March Joseph Benjamin Hines.jpg
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