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🌙 💫  ✨  #Free Weekly #Horoscope July 27-August 2 2015 🌙 💫 ✨

Let your subconscious do a lot of the talking this week. Those hunches are right on target. Get those writing projects underway by late week. Friday’s full moon is terrific for venturing to places way distant than your home turf. Put health disciplines to work over the weekend....

Find Out What That Means For Your #Zodiac Sign!


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thanks for the advice
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Whispy Psychic Advice

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#Venus #Retrograde 2015 ~  Most likely, you are familiar with Mercury going retrograde, because it happens on a pretty regular basis. Probably more regularly than most would prefer. But what you may not be as familiar with is a Venus #retrograde .

Venus represents value, #appreciation and #love . So its position in your chart shows you what and who makes you happy, what makes you smile. So when it is retrograde, it is time for us to reevaluate our priorities, our preferences, and what we appreciate...

Learn IN 2 PART DETAIL how this Venus Retrograde will effect your #Zodiac Sign! ==>

#astrology #astrologyforecast #sun #moon #stars #mondaymotivation #wisdombits #relationships #relationshipgoals #relationshipadvice #friends #friendship  
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Yes,looking back
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   You never know when someone
    might catch a dream from you.
    Or something you say may
    open up the windows
    of a mind that seeks light;
    The way you live may not matter at all,
    But you never know, it might.
    And just in case it could be
    that another's life, through you,
    might possibly change for the better
    with a better and brighter view,
    it seems it might be worth a try
    at pointing the way to the Light;
    Of course, it may not matter at all,
    but then again, it might!

#wisdombits #sacredsunday #poetry #love #life #compassion #light #positivity #spirituality #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #sundaybrunch #sundaymorning #dreams #possibility #change    
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Whispy Psychic Advice

Attitude  - 
What is your #attitude today :)) ~ Thanks to +Indigo Savage ;) xoxoxox #wisdombits #wisdomquotes  
It's all FROM our own perspective (y) 
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Whispy Psychic Advice

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💫 Only the journey is written, not the destination. The #future is not set in stone; it constantly #changes with the #choices we make.

  #wisdombits   #wisdomquotes #quoteoftheday  
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Blessings. ALL n loVeD. .
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Past Life Connections - Ever had the sense of deja vu when you were in some place ?, like the feeling you have been in this place before and experienced..
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The #History & Secrets of #Lemurian #Crystals | #Ancient #Lemuria & Its Message --

You've most likely heard of the lost city of #Atlantis --you may have seen a special on the History Channel on it. Historians have talked about an ancient civilization that existed before Atlantis called Lemuria, which connected Asia and North America. Lemurian Crystals are said to be the only trace of this ancient civilization, and were believed to go unnoticed until an appropriate time when the consciousness was evolved enough to interpret the message of these crystals. This is why these crystals are so sought after.

Lemurian Crystals look different than normal #Quartz Crystal, having horizontal lines or grooves on their faces. Each of the lines represents a record of information--similar to rings of a tree trunk or #hieroglyphics in #Ancient #Egyptian culture. Some of these crystals even have indentations called keyholes that need to be unlocked. When you sit and meditate with a Lemurian Crystal, rub your fingers up and down the grooves, or lay your thumb over the keyhole. In the quiet sacred space of your mind, images, symbols and messages will be downloaded. Lemurian crystals carry a message of self-healing, oneness and embracing your individuality. Their energy works to unite #humanity , teaching us that we can all live in #peace ...

read the full blog post! ==>

#crystal #crystalhealing #health #healing #wellness #wellbeing #energyhealing #meditation #consciousness #oneness  
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I wasn't given my wings..I HAD TO GROW MY OWN!
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missy S
Definitely agree there
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Tarot/Cartomancy Readings  - 
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Whispy Psychic Advice

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In honoring and getting to understand our #shadow aspects as well as our #light we start to understand what it is like to live out of our wholeness. #Wisdom grows from living out of our wholeness by integrating aspects of ourselves we don't always like or show the world. It's like finding our personal truffles in the rich dark earth and discovering how they can be used to deepen our self acceptance rather than push them down or affirm them away. What are your thoughts?

#wisdombits #wisdomquotes #shadowself #spirituality #selflove #selfesteem #acceptance #quotestoliveby #wholeness #oneness  
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We need to stay in peace. ... 😊
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What is a #Miracle?

We can define it in various ways:

something that goes against the laws of #nature;
an intercession in moments of deep #crisis;
#healings and #visions;
impossible encounters;
a last-minute intervention when the Unwanted Visitor arrives.

All these definitions are true, but a miracle goes beyond even that.
It’s something that suddenly fills our hearts with Love.
When that happens, we feel a profound reverence for the grace God has bestowed on us.

So please Lord, give us today our daily miracle. Help us to see in each grain of sand in the desert proof of the miracle of difference, and may that encourage us to accept ourselves as we are. Because just as no two grains of sand are alike, so no two human beings will think and act in the same way.

Help us to be humble when we receive and joyful when we give. Help us to understand that wisdom lies not in the answers we are given, but in the mystery of the questions that enrich our lives.

By +Paulo Coelho,from the book Manuscript found in Accra

#wisdombits #wisdomquotes #prayer #spirituality #life  
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Wish I had such a pleasure 
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