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Whispy Psychic Advice

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As you look around yourself, what do you see? Did you know that every person and circumstance that appears in your life was brought into being by a natural process that is always operating within your subconscious mind? For most people, this process operates automatically, beneath the surface of their conscious awareness. It’s called #Spiritual #Empowerment ...

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As you look around yourself, what do you see? Did you know that every person and circumstance that appears in your life was brought into being by a natural process that is always operating within your subconscious mind? For most people, this process operates automatically, beneath the surface of
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Whispy Psychic Advice

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Dream 200716
I don't remember the beginning. I was in a tiny boat with my little cousin (she's maybe 3 or 4 years old) and we didn't know where to go. Night was approaching. We saw smooth icebergs that we wanted to jump on to wherever they lead us. We attempted to get out of the boat but we fell out of it.

The boat filled with water so i went to the iceberg and emptied the boat. We entered the boat and were thinking where to go. We were lost. Behind the icebergs in the sea were lots of big boats and people partying there. But we saw a beach and decided to go there. We somehow jumped really high to it. The beach was steep and full of tiny snakes.

There were also a lot of larger snakes but all of them were paralysed, looked like paper. We jumped high again and flapped our legs and the snakes flew away like leaves. Then they all started moving. We landed on a place next to the beach, further from the shore.

There was a house which seemed abandoned, only with grey walls and a flat roof. Me and my cousin noticed that there were some robot like creatures guarding it that were armed with some guns. We hid so they don't notice us. They entered the building and we had a shot to sneak in.

We did and we hid somewhere under tables. The robots were checking some things on computers. Then my cousin ran away and shouted gibberish, the robots noticed us and started running after us. I ran away after her as well. We were running away further and further away from the shore, behind the house.

My cousin wasn't really fast so i grabbed her and hovered with her away from the robots. We arrived at a swampy like area and there were still some robots over there. They were gonna shoot us but one of them said "DON'T SHOOT" so they didn't. Then one said "SHIT! A MISSED OPPORTUNITY!" or something like that.

As we were flying forward we entered the bushes of the swamp and it all seemed to distort like in a video game when you walk through walls. We entered a giant garden in which we seemed to shrink to the size of a bee. There were two bees cutting grass nearby. They looked humanoid with their face and body. We then continued.

We flew out of the grass high up to the sky and saw a sky ship. It was literally a sea ship in the sky. But a smaller one, for a family. There was a woman I'm assuming is the mom of the cousin's father. My cousin was looking around that place. The woman was friendly and told us where is the cousin's sister. She was somewhere on top of the boat.

My dog was also in the boat in a room. The woman gave him cookies. In this stage I realised this was all a dream. But nothing turned lucid, strangely. I grabbed my cousin and flew forward somewhere up there. We somehow appeared in a woman's car. She was around 25. This part of the dream was the weirdest.

Nothing was realistic. I only saw images of things around me, not where they are. The images took over my entire vision. The picture of the woman was there. And then there were some pictures of calm and beautiful nature. The woman in the car was calling my mother because we were lost.

Then I saw a giant building with a completely flat roof which completely made me feel anxious I was gonna fall or something. Then another picture appeared of a futuristic golden-white building with a flat roof. Also scared me. I sensed my mom coming in the dream and then I woke up.

As I woke up i had a terrible feeling like being on the edge of one of those buildings. It lasted for 10 seconds and i came back to normal. 
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What an extremely detailed dream. Do you get it a lot?

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Whispy Psychic Advice

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i don't drive , never wanted to pollute the earth ;)
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