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I've just been setting up some analytics on Shopify and it wasn't as easy as it could have been, so this is a comprehensive outlook of how it works and how to set it up.

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Blogged: The Analytics of Product List Pages.

This is a summary of a talk that Kelly McClean and I have done at the Digital Analytics London Meetup group and at MeasureCamp.  We have looked at what you can and should measure on your product list pages and why that is important.

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Blogged: The end of the Generalist Web Analyst is here.

I've been examining what I've been seeing in the change in the way that we do Analytics in this country after eConsultancy released their latest report on the state of Analytics and Measurement in 2015.

I think that we're entering an era when the specialisms within Analytics have their own architects and companies will struggle to find people to fill a generalist role (if they even need that person).

Of course that might just be the view I get of the industry and not your personal view!

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Googlebot is now executing JavaScript and one of my clients asked me how this would impact them.  So I've written up the response I gave to them into a generic one that is useful for everyone (hopefully!).

Long and the short: Executing JavaScript means that Google will index stuff that has been hidden in JavaScript.  How much value it assigns to it, we don't yet know.

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Never one to pass up a topical post: Why were the polls wrong about the 2015 General Election?

This is important for Marketers.  These polls are the cream of surveys - if they can't get it right here, what about the surveys that your company is doing?  Here are the five key aspects of surveys and how the opinion polls deal with them.

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Blogged: The Importance of Tracking Stock in Analytics.

I've been looking at what you should be tracking in relation to your stock availability so that you can get the most value out of reporting by seeing a more realistic impression of what your conversion from product to order is.

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Blogged: Limiting collection of data won’t help your privacy, only limiting processing and access will.

The recent invasions of privacy have got me thinking: how do we protect our privacy? Data collection won't solve the problems, so we have to start thinking differently - limiting data collection won't work, but limiting the processing and the access to the data will go a long way to keeping our privacy.

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Blogged: What are ‘segments’ in Measurement Frameworks?

I always assumed that the 'segments' bit of measurement frameworks was the easiest bit to get.  However conversations at talks I've been doing recently have highlighted that they aren't necessarily obvious and many people need help with them.

Segments are unique to your business.  Probably unique more unique to your business than to your industry.  They will be based on things that you know that you can change within your organisation.  In this post I've highlighted some common ones, how I've used them previously and how they relate to dimensions.

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This started out as a bit of an angry rant at someone who asked me to remove a link on my blog to their site (which was relevant) and hopefully turned into something useful for people instead.  I can't be the only one who has seen this sort of email.

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I've been helping out with some strategy projects in the last couple of months, so I thought I'd pen a couple of lines outlining what the difference between these things are.

I like the comparison to the postman problem - the strategy decides how you are going to make those links ups with the different postboxes and the optimisation is the iterative approach you take to then working out the shortest route given that strategy. 
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