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The Supreme Court has ruled this week on a long-running case brought by a disabled man refused entry to a bus because a buggy user would not move from the designated wheelchair space. It has decided that bus drivers must to more to accommodate wheelchair users, but stops short of requiring them to remove those who refuse to give up the wheelchair space to a disabled person in need of it.

The case was first brought to court in 2013 by the wheelchair user Doug Paulley who had been denied access on a FirstGroup bus when a mother with a pushchair refused to move from the wheelchair space.The case has since escalated through the Court of Appeal up to the Supreme Court. My Paulley argued that FirstGroup's policy of requiring bus drivers to just request non-wheelchair users give up the space, without taking further actions, was discriminatory.

Instead, they are now required to do more than just "request" - bus drivers should consider further steps, such as rephrasing their request as a requirement or possibly even refusing to drive on until the non-wheelchair user moves from the space.

However, the ruling did not find that bus companies can remove non-wheelchair users from the bus, and instead places a lot of responsibility on individual bus drivers, whose actions in these cases may not always be consistent - the feedback we've had from customers previously is that while some bus drivers are excellent at helping wheelchair users, others are less good at this. This continues to leave uncertainty for wheelchair users, who are still not guaranteed access to the wheelchair space on a bus.

Having said that, the ruling does have implications for service providers beyond just buses, and should require that they do more to accommodate disabled people, for example with disabled parking spaces, or disabled loos on trains.

Doug Paulley has expressed happiness with the ruling, noting that "There's always got to be some judgement and there will always be some exceptional circumstances where somebody can't be expected to move out of the space" and that he felt the ruling was "very clear".
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We are proud to be amongst the first to offer the brand new Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo from Sunrise Medical. This revolutionary new powerchair offers an unbeatable blend, with the new Sedeo Ergo anti-shear seating system, an upgrade on the market-leading Jive mid-wheel drive powerbase, and head-turning style unseen before on a powered wheelchair.

The Sedeo Ergo seating system is the headline addition to the Jive M2, with 175° powered recline allowing you to lie flat, with the patented anti-shear mechanism keeping the backrest and headrest in the same position relative to your body when reclining. This is further complemented with an articulated elevating leg rest, while the new LCD screen JSM controller from R-Net allows one-touch control to move you to your favourite positions.

The base has been improved with uprated Sports suspension, giving a more responsive ride, while the implementation of C-Me technology lets you drive at a steady walking pace with the seat lifter fully risen, keeping you at eye level with your companions.

The Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo truly is the ultimate mid-wheel drive powerchair - the best you can get should you want both outstanding performance outdoors and indoor manoeuvrability, as well as a clinical anti-shear seating system that both customisable and easy to control. Its appearance is unrivalled amongst its competitors, and really must be seen to be believed - while the images are stunning enough, the Jive M2 is even more impressive in person.

To find out more about the Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to one of our Quickie Professional product specialists, who can also arrange a hands-on demonstration, allowing you to put the chair through its paces and see how it outshines all its competitors.
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Pride Mobility have recently shown a preview of the latest addition to their Quantum range - the rear-wheel drive Aspen. While full details are yet to be confirmed, we have a run-down of what is known so far.

The Quantum range is primarily known for its mid-wheel drive powerchairs such as the Edge 2.0 and Q6 Sport, so the addition of a rear-wheel drive model is welcome for those that prefer this drive system. The Aspen is presented as a cost-effective addition to the Quantum range; however, it still boasts a modular design with advanced features.

Impressive outdoor performance is guaranteed by the combination of large chunky 9 inch pneumatic castors with 14 inch drive wheels, while 6 mph motors are available should you wish to drive on roads. The focus of the Aspen's build is on ensuring a smooth ride and improved obstacle climbing performance.

A new TB Flex rehab seating system is featured on the Aspen, which includes the options for powered tilt, powered recline, and a seat lifter, and is available in seat widths of 15 - 22 inches. Fully crash tested, the Aspen is suitable for occupied transportation.

As one would expect from a Quantum chair, the Aspen has a stylish modern appearance that shows off its power, and is available in a choice of colours.
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The next generation of R-Net joystick modules has been launched, with the new CJSM2 featuring a large, high-resolution LCD screen. Including advanced features such as a built-in light sensor, paddle switches, as well as enhanced programming and customisation options, it is now available as a Built 4 Me upgrade on Sunrise Medical powerchairs.

The 3.5 inch VGA colour screen is the highlight of the new module, with crisps graphics showing details as large as possible to ensure visibility, while the built-in light sensor means the screen brightness always matches the ambient light conditions.

Easy to operate paddle switches come as standard for on/off, profile, mode and speed adjustment selection, making it easier than ever to control. New programmability options have been added for the user controls, for example enabling the speed adjustment paddle to be set to either momentary or continuous operation.

R-Net’s connect-and-go capabilities mean that the CJSM2 joystick module can be simply plugged into any existing R-Net powerchair without requiring any re-configuration or programming. Wheelfreedom can also offer the CJSM2 as a custom-built upgrade on the Sunrise Medical Jive and Salsa ranges. For further information on the advantages of this new controlled, please speak to our product specialists on 0800 025 8005.
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We are closed over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, meaning that Thursday 24th March is our last day for deliveries. Orders for delivery on the 24th will need to be placed by 3.30pm on Wednesday 23rd.

The next delivery day after Easter is Tuesday 29th, and orders for that day will need to be placed by 3.30pm on Thursday 25th.

Out technicians will be delivering powered mobility products in the run-up to Easter; however, these delivery slots tend to be booked early, so please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to arrange a delivery for one of these days.

The office is closed from Friday 25th – Monday 28th, and re-opens on Tuesday 29th with normal opening hours.

If you have any questions about our Easter service, or wish to place an order for a wheelchair, please call us on 0800 0258 005.
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Invacare have recently launched their new Pronto Air - an addition to their range of indoor powerchairs. However, they are quick to claim that the Pronto Air is "not a wheelchair; it's a new Personal Transporter" - and so we look into this new product, and just what it offers.

From the start, it's clear that the Pronto Air is certainly not a traditional wheelchair - it looks nothing like the Roma Reno or other comparable indoor powerchairs, indeed more closely resembling an office desk chair - albeit a very stylish one. This redesign is key to the Pronto Air's appeal, as it is a powerchair that you would be comfortable to be seen using around the workplace.

Being comfortable is, of course, another priority of the Pronto Air, and Invacare boast that their new MyBody Seating "promotes better posture through contoured, pressure relieving foam and natural points of rest which may result in less fatigue." The high-back seat is definitely an improvement on those found on equivalent indoor powered wheelchairs, with ergonomic contouring, an adjustable headrest, and even up to 32° of manual recline, allowing you to sit back and relax.

Beneath the marketing talk, the Pronto Air is a basic indoor powerchair, with some limited outdoor capabilities. While it may not be a complete reinvention of the wheel, it nonetheless is a cut above the competition, with an appearance you can embrace rather than be embarrassed about, and offering a significant improvement in comfort.
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Pride Mobility's New Go Chair has been out for a couple of months now, so we thought it would be a good time to look at how the chair has been received. Released in late 2016, it replaced the original model of the Go Chair as their standard basic indoor powerchair.

What's Different?

The first thing you'll notice is that that New Go Chair looks better. It has a much more modern appearance, similar to that found on Pride's best-selling Apex Rapid scooter. A choice of colour panels is available, from the traditional red and blue to the more lively pink, orange, white and yellow.

The battery is also bigger - 17Ah rather than the 12Ah found on the old model. These provide longer-lasting power, allowing the new model to keep you going throughout the day. This does mean the battery is slightly heavier to lift; however, it it can still be lifted by a single able-bodied person should you need to dismantle and transport the chair. Notably, it also allows you to charge the battery separate to the chair should you wish to.

Finally, the New Go Chair has enhanced on-board storage, with two handy swing-out pockets under the seat. Not only does this offer more storage than the original model, it is also far more accessible as you don't have to bend down to access it.

What's The Verdict?

The New Go Chair has been well received, with its enhanced weight capacity of 21.5 stone making it accessible to more people. We have had feedback that the "footprint" of the chair is marginally larger than the original model - this does have a knock-on effect on manoeuvring it, although it must be emphasised that this difference is small and the New Go Chair remains one of the most compact and agile indoors wheelchairs on the market.

It is more expensive than the previous Go Chair - this is somewhat inevitable given the extra features and that exchange rate changes have led to price rises across the board for all the manufacturers in the last few months.

Overall, the New Go Chair is the leading basic indoor powerchair on the market, offering more than its competitors whilst remaining affordable. For further information on it, please speak to our product specialists on 0800 025 8005.
Pride Mobility's New Go Chair has been out for a couple of months now, so we thought it would be a good time to look at how the chair has been received.
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Invacare have launched their new "Simply Smart" control system for powered wheelchairs. The LiNX joysticks are designed for simplicity of use, improved drive experience, and have a modular design for easy expansion and tailoring to accommodate changing needs.

The redesigned joystick interface prioritises readability and and simplicity - easy to understand and use for everyone. The positioning of buttons and presentation of information has been re-thought to allow effortless control, with an icon-based menu to help select the appropriate powered positioning option.

LiNX constantly analyses and reacts to your environment, compensating for any imbalances that may arrive, allowing for more accurate control over different surfaces and through tight spaces. This also results in improved hold on slopes and enhanced drive experience over soft surfaces at low speeds.

The control system can be easily configured by us, with tailored programming that means your powerchair drives as you want, rather than dictating how you drive it. This programming can be altered at a later date should your needs change.

LiNX is available immediately on the Fox, Kite, Spectra XTR and TDX SP2 powerchair ranges - for further information or to arrange a consultation, where one of our specialists can demonstrate the advantages of LiNX, please call us on 0800 025 8005.
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The Jazzy Air is a unique new powerchair launching in the UK shortly. Available already in the US, it is an affordable powerchair with a ten inch seat lifter that allows you to drive at walking pace while elevated.

The Jazzy Air features a similar mid-wheel drive base to the popular Jazzy Select 6 - manoeuvrable indoors, and capable outdoors thanks to Active-Trac suspension. While the existing Jazzy Select 6 Ultra variant features a seat lifter, that only raises by a maximum of four inches, the footrest doesn't elevate, and the speed is limited when raised. In contrast, the Jazzy Air can elevate up to 10 inches - enough to bring you to eye level, ideal for social situations, and also useful if reaching for items, cooking, and for many other practical matters. The footrest elevates with you, ensuring your feet are always supported rather than dangling in the air.

Most importantly, the Jazzy Air can be driven at 3.5 mph - walking pace - while fully elevated, a feature not previously seen outside of an expensive configurable powerchair. This is vital for enjoying the social benefits of the seat lifter while out and about with companions.

The Jazzy Air is expected to be available in the UK through Wheelfreedom later this summer, and can be either hired or purchased, and potentially leased on the Motability scheme too. For further information on this new powerchair, please contact us to speak to a powered mobility specialist.
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Invacare have recently launched the TDX2 Ultra powerchair – this features the same flagship mid-wheel drive base as on the TDX SP2, yet comes in at over double the cost. While this may seem an odd proposition at first, it is because the Ultra version comes with a high-end clinical seating system built-in, including advanced powered positioning functions.

“Ultra Low Maxx” is the seating system in question – already established in North America as a market leader for complex rehab seating, Invacare are now introducing it to Europe via the TDX2 Ultra. While it may be “over-engineering” for many wheelchair users, for those with advanced postural and clinical needs, it allows a greater degree of support, flexibility and comfort than the seating systems on more conventional chairs.

Amongst these powered seating options are 50° of power tilt and 170° Extended Shear Reduction recline as standard. This shear reduction keeps the backrest, headrest and any other seating accessories fitted in the same way regardless of the position you are in, preventing “sliding” down the backrest, and ensuring constant support – vital for those unable to re-position themselves, or at risk of skin breakdown.

A whole host of further options are available, including Matrx backrests and seven different types of legrests. As a top-end clinical powerchair, the TDX2 Ultra requires a specialist consultation to ensure it is fully set up to the user’s needs. To arrange a consultation or demonstration from a Wheelfreedom specialist, please email or call us on 0800 025 8005.
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We are now able to offer the Finnish-made Chasswheel range of all-terrain powerchairs, which have been taken under Invacare's brand in the UK. This eye-catching range of off-road powerchairs feature a host of options, and a choice of any colour you like - so you don't have to go for pink!

The Four X DL is an outdoor-only powerchair, meaning that those needing to use a wheelchair indoors will need to get a separate indoor one. This limitation nonetheless allows the Four X DL to truly excel outdoors: all four large wheels are powered, with advanced suspension and shock absorption, while the flexible chassis is unique. It can handle steeper slopes, rougher ground, and even sandy beaches that conventional powerchairs aren't capable of traversing.

While the seating is not as clinical as that on high-end prescriptive chairs such as the Quickie Jive and Invacare TDX ranges, the Four X DL still has a choice of seating, including Recaro specialist seats. Powered positioning with powered tilt comes as standard, while lift and recline are both optional extras. The Four X DL can also be fitted as a standing wheelchair, and is the best performing outdoor standing powered wheelchair available.

The other model available is the Four X Urban - a slightly more compact wheelchair. This allows it to be used in some indoor situations, such as larger shops, offices, and also to better negotiate city streets. As the name suggests, this is the more "urban" focused of the two models, with slightly reduced off-road performance (though still very impressive) to attain better accessibility.

Both Chasswheel models are available from Wheelfreedom now, and our powerchair specialists can arrange a consultation should you wish to try one out.
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Released just a couple of months ago, and already gaining plenty of interest, Sunrise Medical’s new Salsa M2 Mini is the narrowest performance powerchair on the market. With an ultra-narrow chassis width of just 52 cm, it excels at manoeuvring around constricted spaces.

The M2 Mini features the same drive base as the Salsa M2, albeit narrower – meaning it has the same six wheel suspension, anti-pitch technology and kerb climbing ability as its wider cousin. The two compromises the M2 Mini offers on outdoor performance are smaller batteries, and the top speed being limited to 4 mph, whereas the M2 is available with 6 or 8 mph.

While both are clearly capable indoors and out, the M2 Mini is the obvious choice for those using their wheelchair primarily indoors, with the standard M2 better for those using it outside more often.

It is also worth noting that the larger seat sizes on the M2 Mini will overhang the base – while the overall width is always narrower than the full-size M2, the benefits are most pronounced with a narrow seat. Therefore, slender people will enjoy the most benefits from the M2 Mini’s ultra-narrow base.

The M2 Mini is available in three versions – the adult one with a 16 – 20” seat, a paediatric version, and one for teenagers too.
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Nell .Andrew's profile photo
Nell .Andrew
in the last week
Incredibly easy and speedy to organise delivery and pick up, straight forward payment - have already recommended to others. Very happy with service.
Nadia Azad's profile photo
Nadia Azad
in the last week
i couldnt believe how easy and uncomplicated the whole experience was, i needed a wheelchair for my mum, and from the moment i heard of only took one phone call to organize and have the wheelchair the next day! brilliant and efficient service,cant recommend them highly enough. nadia azad
Gerda Coture's profile photo
Gerda Coture
9 months ago
First class helpful and friendly service and definitely would recommend this company. I seriously broke my ankle in three places and I am on non weight bearing for at least 6 weeks. The crutches are fine in the house. I have had my lightweight wheelchair for a week now. Great! Going into town, shops, restaurants, meeting friends....Freedom! Flexible hire terms too, anything from 2 weeks. I may need 8
Penelope Rigg's profile photo
Penelope Rigg
5 months ago
Exceptionally good service, delivery and collection between the given time slots. Wheelchair lightweight and easy to store when not in use, easy to steer and comfortable to sit in. I hope I never need one again - but if I do - I will use Wheel Freedom again.
Kay Recknor's profile photo
Kay Recknor
a month ago
I was a visitor in England and when arriving at Heathrow had a nasty fall that resulted in a total hip replacement. My 3 week holiday stretched into a 6 week recuperation and the need of a wheelchair. Wheelfreedom delivered the ordered chair where I was staying in Maidenhead and picked it up when requested. Service was superb along with the email communication. Highly recommend Wheelfreedom and thank you.
Lyn's profile photo
7 months ago
Accurate description of wheelchair and terms and conditions. Excellent service and communication. Delivery and collection on time and straightforward. Having this wheelchair made it possible and enjoyable to go on holiday when confined to crutches. Many thanks
Francesca Oriet's profile photo
Francesca Oriet
3 months ago
My consultant recommended your service. He was spot on, excellent and easy to use in every respect.Thank you so much!
Philip Pearce's profile photo
Philip Pearce
4 months ago
Wheelfreedom, have been great and so helpful in every way to help me with my scooter from day one. I think you should get a mobility scooter from them . So give them a try.