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Tired of people calling me a damn zombie. Could you pass this around so we can put an end to that nonsense?
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but, i watched how jesus consume people's brain...
+Greg S. jajajaja
shame that something as little lately

apology for grammar, English is not my native language
Among many other things, why he is always portrayed as a white guy.
On behalf of me and Dr. Farnsworth, I'd like to apologize for spreading this misinformation. Please do not hit me for 1d4 Level Drain.
I really don't want to get into this argument, much less in this post but: if he existed (yeah, sorry JHC) what makes you think that someone living in the Middle East 2000 years ago looked European? The fact that he was Jewish?
+Alex Balcázar -- no, no, sorry, I didn't mean to imply he looked European. There were also African Jews, Middle Eastern Jews, etc. I meant that the paintings of him seem to make him rather WASPish. Light hair and blue eyes.
Lich lord Jesus! My God, that must be on a TV series!
But Zombie is funner to say, like funner is more fun to say...
I am far too drunk to comment on this.
I alwaysthought it was the vampire jesus. He gave his blood for you, and he wants it back now.
Hey JC, what are your plans for this weekend?
No man your no zombie,
it's those Catholic people who keep eating your body, they are the zombies man.

It's a miracle how you keep coming back after being eaten.

P.S. Happy Rebirthday man
D&D sets us straight again - a way cooler book of fantasy than the bible!
Jesus I sorry we kill u 4 bein nise. that mak me varry angray >:(

neways I hop we can still be fronds hokay? I lik that varrymuch!! (^ω^)
Lich would be a deity I could believe in.
Jesus Christ! It's a Lich! Run for your lives!
that pattern never gets old for me.
The scary part is that since the Holy Spirit is within us all, WE are his phylactery. Phylacterae?

Anyone know what the plural is there or should we just say Horcruxes like J.K.Rowling?
+Donal von Griffyn Very insightful.  I  think that since this is following the D&D theme, we need to stick with phylactery.
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