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Still pretty pissed they cut my scene from the movie. That shit hurt.
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Wanna be popular quick!!!
hahahahahahaha :) AWESOME SCENE!
(it comes in the special bluray ed, BTW)
Heard the sex scene with Judas was tasteful....
It's not in 3D yet?
+1 Jesus for taking it like a man, -1 for looking terrible while taking it.
Stand aside Steve-O, nobody can take a thrashing like Jesus!
According to history this man really excited. One historical writer who lived in that time, wrote about this man in his lifetime. Look it up and MAKE UP YOUR OWN DECISIONS. No history professor will deny a Jewish writer called Flavius Josephus,see wikipedia to start...
+steven smit "According to history this man really excited."

He sure gets me excited! Nobody could put on an exciting show like Jesus!

Learn to spell, douchenozzle.
+Shane Kroll My sister has a wiki page that said she was an eight foot hybrid... Just saying that wikipedia isn't really known for its truth.... Just sayin'
"Reckless words pierce like asword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing" (Proverbs 12:18, NIV)
^^.. or very sloppy blow jobs.

I'll take blow jobs plz
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