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A food obsessed Clinician, Coach & Chef
A food obsessed Clinician, Coach & Chef


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Recently as I looked back at my journey in the past 4 years as a doctor, chef, coach and advocate of the power of lifestyle and dietary habits in combating diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other lifestyle-related diseases, I couldn't help but feel blessed and privileged.

What started off as a totally unplanned venture into F&B led to me, very reluctantly and certainly accidentally, becoming a full-time chef at my restaurant The Bento People for a season of more than 3 years. And little did I know that this 'accident' would also subsequently totally transform my life and my work, leading me into a new season, a new calling and mission to awaken, educate and activate people's lifestyle and dietary habits change for health.

Looking back at these 4 years, I realised that I've been very blessed and privileged to be invited and afforded a platform by both TV and print media to share my story and to advocate the importance of building healthy lifestyle and dietary habits in individuals and communities to combat lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Regardless of whether I was invited to more serious news/current current affairs type programmes or fun oriented variety show types of programmes, I treasured each and every opportunity and tried my best to advocate and encourage people to live and eat healthier. Sometimes I did well, sometimes I didn't and after each time that I felt that I didn't do well enough in getting the message of the importance of lifestyle and diet through the TV programme or print article that I was invited to or interviewed in, I would beat myself up a little. So recently I decided to collate some of the TV programmes and print media that I had the privilege to be invited to/interviewed on and put them all on this page on my blog so that I can keep reminding myself to treasure each and every media invite as a privilege and a growth journey, and that I should not beat myself up too much whenever I feel I didn't do well enough but to see each invite as opportunities to improve myself to become a more effective advocate for healthy lifestyle and dietary habits.

Have a blessed day everyone!

About Me :
Some people call me 'Doc' because I am a medical doctor whilst others call me 'Chef' or the 'Doctor-turned-Incidental-Chef' because I am also the chef at my restaurant. I am passionate about encouraging, educating and enabling people to unlock the power of their lifestyle and especially dietary habits to prevent & combat diabetes and other chronic lifestyle-related diseases. I blog regularly and am active on various social media platforms where I share stories of my journey as a doctor, chef and advocate as well as my musings and thoughts about food and health.

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I am an adventurer. But for my wife's never wavering support in whatever adventures I embark on, none of the journeys would have been possible.

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The story of how I became a Chef. Accidentally
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