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An everything Blog from the eyes of an eighteen year old girl living in this big ole' world
An everything Blog from the eyes of an eighteen year old girl living in this big ole' world

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AA skincare Deodorant
So it's been a really long time since we've seen each other! Sorry for the lack of posts I'll be explaining my absence in an update post on Wednesday, so please bear (or is it spelt bare? who knows?!) with me. For now I thought I'd kick off my return with a...

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With a move on the cards sometime in the near future I've already begun buying and lusting over items/furniture for my new room. I'm going with a clean slate, no furniture just little bits and trinkets I've collected over the years, so decorating my new spa...

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New in: Lipliners
So I splurged a tad bit last month and I've only gotten around to doing a 'New in' post! As you can tell I'm slightly collecting lipliners in their dozens, I can't go to the drugstore without picking up at least a couple of nude liners. Luckily, both these ...

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DIY pamper sessions
Recently, with a summer wedding coming up and with bridesmaid duties in full tow, I've been thinking more and more about getting my skin into the flawless category so I can look back on the days pictures and not hate what I see. My skin has been through a l...

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Tuna Bow-tie Recipe
Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been in the midst of Summer plans going from one event to the other and I haven't sat down till now to write up a few posts, so excuse the slightly shorter post. I'll be back soon for more normal style posts in the coming w...

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Nars Brush Dupes
Personally I love Nars but with its luxury price tag I can't afford to get the things I'm constantly lusting over. The brushes are just a weakness of mine, from the unique designs to the chic matte black handles it's enough to make you weak at the knees. On...

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getting the base right
Getting the base perfect is the bane of my existence because without a flawless face it's hard for anything else to look good layered on top. I have dry skin and no matter what I do I some how can never get the foundation to sink in without clinging to the ...

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Copper smokey eye
 In collaboration with DayinthelifeofNajmin we thought we would do a post on a makeup look creating out Primark P.S Love palettes that we managed to snap up during the Xmas sales. My palette is called the 'loveable luxuries' and houses a series of pinks and...

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fave makeup brushes
Makeup is something I don't wear on a daily basis but on the rare occassion I do I like to be ready with my tool belt to apply my war paint. Most my brushes have been in a haul of some sort over the past couple of years so they're probably nothing new to yo...

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mayebelline colour tattoo
I was recently introduced to the realm of cream eyeshadows in the form of the Mayebelline colour tattoos. I've seen them roaming the blogging world left right and centre over the past years and I was never keen on the idea on buying cream when I had so many...
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