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MLK Would Mean Nothing

Orlando celebrated MLK Day 2014 this weekend.

Nice parade. Pleasant, affirming. Lots of nice politicians too.

But, what will it mean tomorrow? Nothing.

Let’s face it, this is Orlando, America’s low wage capital ranked among the nation’s meanest cities. 

Were he alive today, Martin Luther King, Jr., would mean nothing to a man like Buddy Dyer, who works against the poor, hungry and weakest in his city. Imagine Mayor Teresa Jacobs explaining to MLK that, no, minimum wage workers deserve neither a living wage or paid sick time. How would the Pastor Allen T. D. Wiggins, of the Hope Church, justify his opportunistic relationship with Walmart, whose low paid jobs still entitle employees to public assistance?

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Derrick Wallace Interview – Part 1

This is the first of a three-part interview series with Derrick Wallace- Candidate in the race for Orange County Commission – District 6

Conducted by: West Orlando News Online

Date: November 25, 2013

Derrick Wallace - Candidate for Orange County Commission - District 6

WONO: Could you please introduce yourself? Who is Derrick Wallace?

Derrick Wallace: I’m a native of Orlando who was born in the Parramore area and attended Holden Street Elementary School for the first four years. At fifth and sixth grade, I attended Eccleston Elementary School when I moved to the Washington Shores area – all in District 6. Next, I went to Jones High School for junior high, which in those days was a seventh to twelfth school. So, I attended Jones through my sophomore, junior and senior high school years. I have lived all my life in District 6 – #Parramore,  Richmond Estates, Carver Shores, Pine Hills, and I currently live in the north Lake Mann area.

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The cause of peace is older than history itself. It’s up to each generation, including ours, to carry that torch, and pass it on. But in recognition that we don’t have to start fresh, one of our supporters has created a variation on the very popular “McCarthy Daisy.” This was the evocative symbol of Eugene McCarthy’s effort to end the war in Vietnam. It also epitomized the spirit of political involvement in the Sixties.

You can count on me to continue to fight for justice, equality and peace. Please join me in our crusade to make America again “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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Its official. You can add one more name to the Orange County District 6 slugfest.

Launching her campaign 10 months ago, Virginia Whittington, officially qualified this week after successfully gathering the 951 signatures required.

Although it took ten months, an unusually long time to gather 951 signatures, Whittington was ebullient.

“Qualifying by petition is a huge milestone for this campaign,” said Whittington.

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