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Thought is Creation.©
Thought is Creation.©

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Desire is only bound by imagination or our curb of justification for less than...
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +bouquest tree
今日もご安全に( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑



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Knowing makes a difference... For there is as much trust in this picture as there is in the painted lines we drive next to everyday. Though we humans seem to only feel a rush when we are fully aware of the amount of trust being given because knowing makes a difference...
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +Joao Morais

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There is something in the in~between that causes us to believe... A difference between the rock and the hard place we find ourselves in. A space where we breath in all we can because one less breath and we no longer see that there is something in the in~between...
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +richard brooker

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One step, one leaf, one solar panel of breath grown by the seed hope made using Life's will to thrive in the conditions in which we bury our dreams. The Sun came out today as it does every day flickering endlessly over the horizon calling upon us to decide once more... How will we face this day? Will we take at least one step...
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +Tsukitani tone

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The things much of the hue in man does to beauty is often untold to ones own imagination.
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +Nikolay Tulaykov

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Maybe the T on the word here stands for Time when we say the distance is between here and there.
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +Steve Mumert
Full Strawberry Moon setting over a pioneer farmhouse :-)

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And the Eye's have it. Yet in truth its simply the acknowledgement that if people were to look closely they would discover a two stage message.
1st I am here to let you know which plants are sick so you know which ones need attention.
2nd Your welcome so here is some beauty for nurturing your plants by feeding them instead of killing the messenger when I was just a grub.
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +Klemens Heister

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Ever notice all of Natures litter is recyclable... But hey... We human and we're smarter... Right?
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +Dianne Poulin
Feather(Brown Thrasher) in the Bird Bath...

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The bubble we see our truth through determines its validity.
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +Bouquest Tree

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Hope or Desire builds today's yesterdays though it is how they are treated that determines whether they become memories remembered with pain or a smile.
©Westly Shakespeares, Nice Photo by +Pete Cost
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