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Baboons in Bloom

Its always fun to visit the zoo during mating season :)

Baboons are one of the few creatures that show obvious external signs to signal reproductive fertility. When she is ready to mate, her entire bum swells bright red and she presents it to the male baboon for close inspection. Male baboons in turn use the size of the sexual swelling to determine the female's reproductive capability. In one study, females with the largest bottoms reached puberty the earliest and gave birth to more offspring. The same study noted that the males fought more aggressively over females with larger swellings.

The swelling is so pronounced that a female can gain up to 14 percent of her body weight during ovulation. Swelling also hampers movement and makes her more vulnerable to infection.

For #MonkeyMonday c/o +Alex Lapidus and +Sandy Schepis
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Nature is so subtle ... ;) Hilarious! Thanks mate!
ROFL +Wesley Yeoh ! Informative yet so hilarious! The bigger, the better seems to be universal even in the monkey world :)
+Michael Heim ummm yes.. subtle, haha.. humans should learn a thing or two from our primate cousins about the fine art of amore :D

+Lupe M. Luevano hehe, I'm glad everyone found that interesting

+Fernando Rodriguez haha, the male baboon was really taking an awfully long time inspecting the goods that I had time to go around and take shots from different angles. boooy, they're a stickler for "quality control" :D

+Beatrice Margarita Venturanza Lapa I wonder if they can even sit down during that time. It must feel like a bad case of the 'roids!

+Marilou Aballe so true! this kinda explains why people find JLo or Snookie so fascinating... must be our inner baboon :D
+Shane Williams hey I've posted snails, birds, cows, dogs, flies doing the romance bit :D

I'm an equal-opportunity fetishist, not limiting myself to primates!
+Fernando Rodriguez I checked my original pic's exif.. there was an 18 minute time differential from my first shot of this amorous couple and the last photo I took of them... and I left before they finished. Boy, was he fussy... he could work for airport security!
+Lupe M. Luevano nothing like a bit of insanity to numben the pain of yet another soul-shriveling workweek :D
+Wesley Yeoh You are a fount of knowledge and make me laugh a lot :) Excellent candid monkey shots :D
+David Murphy sshhh... the scientific explanation is just a smoke-screen, so I wont get flagged for being the purveyor of primate-porn :)
gusto ko yung malaki din yung pwet :D
So its always about the size of the female swellings...
+Suhaib Ayaz indubitably so! unless you go for the brainy types, then its BBB - butts before brains
I do like the brainy types but primate instinct takes over and I fall for swellings :(
ah yes, evolution can only go so far :D
CJ Cox
OMG hahaha, so this explains it! Captured a similar display and wondered about it...this is a bit more intimate! Feel like a voyeur, I'm almost ashamed to look...
You are a photographer +CJ Cox wear your voyeurism with pride ;-)
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