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Laser light show FTW!

Part of Katy Perry's California Dreams Concert, featuring a seizure-inducing smorgasbord of light effects while singing her hit song E.T. Definitely one concert for the books.

For #SaturdayNightLight c/o +Dirk Heindoerfer and
#ColorsOnSaturday c/o +E.E. Giorgi and +Gilmar Smith
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I tried to resist, but I jujst couldn't help clicking the +1 button, and for Katy Perry, sheesh, I feel a little dirty now. :)
Hope you did whatever they do at those types of gigs and enjoyed it man! (what do you do at those types of gigs?) :)
WOW!!!! LOve this... Music, laser, colors! instead of kiss me my name should be in that sign!
thanks +E.E. Giorgi :)

+Shane Williams ha! I think I saw a few kids head-banging to her songs,,, either that or they were experiencing an epileptic seizure from all the light effects. bubble-gum pop forever! harhar :)

+Gilmar Smith definitely! they should have your name in lights just for rockin' the colander-look. not even katy perry's out-of-this-world costumes could top that :)
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