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Stopped by to see how the bees were doing this afternoon. Arrived around 16:00 when it was abuot 80 degrees F and with a steady south wind of about 15 miles an hour. Not really an optimum visitation scenario. Mostly, I jus...
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I had figured a raccoon as we have quite a crop of them this year. The carpet tack sounds like a good idea. Thanks for reminding me of that! I recall it being mentioned.

I suspect that it will be a good two weeks before i get back to the Farm and have the opportunity to check them again. I am hoping the strong bloom we have right now and the proximity to the sources of pollen along with the 1 gallon of sugar water will tide them over that long. The farm is a 5 hour drive from my main home, so it is not trivial to travel back and forth...

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Need to keep this in mind: Enlightenment on ARM.... for those few times when I might want a desktop on a PI.....
Manjaro Linux ARM now available for Raspberry Pi 2 boards!
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Before and after....

The first weekend I set up the hives, I was not quite as prepared as I should have been. Introducing the bees to the hives went well, but the placement of the hives was too far down in the grass for my tastes.

Was rather pleased with the next weekends work. The hives are level, and out of the grass. The bees looked good, drawing comb and traveling to and fro with pollen and propalis easy to spot. The full bloom of maple, oak and the start of the wild flowers seems to have them going full tilt. Very little if any sugar water used out of the buckets. I notice the pollen patties are popular though....

After only 10 days, some pretty good progress is being made on drawing comb...

Hives established on April 22. Moved to new gravel platforms on May 2nd, which is when I pulled frames and checked everything over.

Pretty cool so far.... I am beginning to feel that maybe these bees will do well in the pasture....

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Thanks again Nikola. The 'translate' function of Google + is not all that good. I understand the idea of putting sheets into the brood chamber to make it easier to remove frames. However, I am unclear about what those sheets would be made of. Maybe waxed paper? Am interested. Please let me know.... 
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For my future reference....
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The SunAirPlus might be worth the money for initial learning... I need to take a look.
A tutorial on how to put your ESP8266 on Solar Power. A REST interface is implemented allowing access to the ESP8266 power data.
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Found this to be interesting....
A mushroom farmer and a scientist have created a beehive containing fungi that might just be the key to saving the imperiled honey bee.
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Was working the fields last evening, getting ready for todays round of getting CRP seed in the ground. I stopped by the hives to check to see how they were progressing.... Wow! All three hives are well on their way to havin...
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Don: Thanks for the encouragement! 
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A well written story....
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Keep the Teensy in mind for small projects. Check specs...
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Next up for install on the Pi B+. This should be handy....
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It's a good article and yes, getting your configuration file properly set up is the hard part. One comment. The article says, and I agree, that you'll want to be sure you have the latest version. But the article also references debian wheezy. At the moment, the current version is jessie.
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A great little museum of local history. Much appreciated the displays of the original medical doctors, Native American pieces, old Platte, history of local businesses. My family is from the Lancaster area(four generations). I learned a bit more about where I came from here. Well worth taking the time to wander through and listen to the volunteers.
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Each time I stop in, I am greeted as I enter. Someone always makes sure I am taken care of right away if my need is clear. They have no problem with me just browsing, which I like to do. Store has a great selection of incense, hookah's, tobacco, cigars, rollers, papers, and accessories. Also a huge selection of e-cigs. Last trip in, I chose to buy an eGo-T kit with a case and 13 Ml of Eliqxor 'Cafe De Paris'. I was given an excellent description of the product, got to try it, and then they showed me how to use and care for it. Then knocked $5 buck off. This is a good bunch of folk doing a good business in a pleasant way.
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