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I'm worried about my nexus 5. I'm using the L dev preview. I was having problems with an app lagging. It was bacon reader. So I exited the app figuring it was going to FC but then my system ui started lagging for instance I pressed the recent apps button and the back button was still lit up. So then I turned the screen off. Now the screen wont turn back on at all. I let it sit for a little while and I still get nothing. Getting kind of scared now. 

Do other people have a problem with getting their screen to display during a call? Lets say you accidentally called someone and you are trying to end the call. Do you ever have a hard time getting the screen to turn back on to end the call? I try holding it to my face and pulling it away but it doesn't always work. Sometimes it just flashes the screen for a second and goes blank again. pushing the power button doesn't help either. Is it just me? 

I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not it's possible to hide the "Other contacts" section in Hangouts. I hate having my phone contacts mixed in with random G+ users. It's not like I'm ever going to hit up Richard Branson or Sergey Brin on Hangouts. Theres tons of people in there that I don't even know. I was able to hide the "suggested contacts" or whatever but not the "other contacts." Is there anything I can do? 

I have a second code for Themer if anyone is interested. First person to reply gets it. 

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. My Nexus 4 is acting strange and I need help. Earlier today I was changing some hybrid settings in PA. While it was "applying" the phone froze. It stayed frozen for a while so I held the power down to reset the phone. After this it was stuck on the boot animation. I decided to do a factory reset, reinstall PA, install Gapps, then wipe cache and dalvik cache. Then I rebooted the phone. I got past the boot animation and the screen is just black. The backlight is on and I can see the screen off animation. I can even press buttons on the screen and the phone plays the sounds. I can get it into a emergency call by pressing randomly and then I can hear the sounds of the dialer. Unfortunately there is nothing on my screen its just black. Did I ruin it? 

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*I An't Afraid of No Mornings - GhostBusters Coffee Art*

Bring on the Ghost busting coffee! There is just something about latte art... and this fabulous man, Kazuki Yamamoto on twitter has TONS of super awesome geeky ones for you to browse....

Rock on Internet! Have a fab Tuesday :)

#coffee   #geekhumor   #ghostbusters     #blog  

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But when will it end? 

I have a problem with my Nexus 4. 

If I drop the phone from a height of 2 inches onto a table so that it lands perfectly parallel onto its back then the phone turns off. This is with a case on the phone and all it takes is 2 inches. One time while testing this I dropped it onto a folded up napkin from 2 inches with the case on and it shuts down. 

I can smack the phone against the edge of the table on any edge and nothing happens. It only occurs when landing on its back. It seems as though the battery has room to move around on the inside or something and it's disconnecting itself.

This is especially annoying because 2 inches is really not that much of a fall especially with a thick TPU case. Sometimes it happens from even less of a height. Frequently ill set my phone on the table and not think about it until I reach for it 2 hours later to find that it was off the entire time. 

Has anyone noticed this problem or seen this happen? Its quite absurd literally from here___

               to here____                  and the phone will shut down every time. Hold your N4 up to the screen thats not a long fall. 

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