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Apparently some polling locations in Tippecanoe County were not allowing people to bring in lists to help them remember who they wanted to vote for. If you pulled out a list while voting they would tell you to put it away. So, apparently you are supposed to memorize the names of the 20 or so candidates for all the various offices/positions for which you want to vote.
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They watch you that closely when you vote?
At that polling location, apparently. Our lab manager was forced to put his cheat sheet away as was the person voting beside him.
Ask grandpa about this...he knows the poll rules..
+Deborah Allen, they are different depending on the state, but I would suspect a cheat sheet would be allowed anywhere.
For Kentucky, they'll very likely vary by state, and also maybe even by party.
Somebody was power hungry....wanting to contro...
That's crazy! I brought a cheat sheet in the 2008 elections... too many damn candidates to remember, and not all of them are party affiliated. I had researched every single person on the ballot and had my reasons and everything, no way I could've memorized them all.
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