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Based on the differences in what I was taught as a child and what they teach now, I was aware the LDS (Mormon) church has been whitewashing its history and doctrine. Interesting to see someone has documented the coverup of what was once an important doctrine to their church.
"... I am shocked! Shocked to think anyone would think there is a cover-up going on here! ..."--Corbin Volluz dissects the cover-up by the LDS Church of the Adam God Doctrine

Good evening.   Tonight’s episode features a walk through the Mormon History Department.  In a corner of the Department is a closet crammed with skeletons. One of the largest and most shiver-inducing of these is the Adam God skeleton. During this program,…

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Would be a lot easier with New Testament or Book of Mormon, since the Old Testament is full of such atrocities, its hard to find a story that isn’t morally offensive. Its kind of like asking “what is your favorite Nazi story”, so perhaps you meant it as a challenge, if so I’ll give it a try.

* Child sacrifice - Judges 11:30-39, Jephthah burns his daughter alive as a sacrificial offering for God’s favor in killing the Ammonites

* Rape & Incest - Genesis 19:1-11. Lot, the only righteous man in Sodom, offers his virgin daughters to be gang raped by a crowd. The crowd turns him down and he impregnates his daughters himself in Genesis 19:30-38

* Concubine raped and dismembered - Judges 19:22-29, a mob demands to rape a godly master’s guest. The master offers his daughter and a concubine to them instead. They take the concubine and gang-rape her all night. The master finds her on his doorstep in the morning, cuts her into 12 pieces, and ships the pieces around the country. - WTF??

* A tribe slaughtered and their virgins raped for not showing up at roll call. Judges 21:1-23, the other Israelites kill them all except for the virgins, which they take for themselves. Still not happy, they hide in vineyards and pounce on dancing women from Shiloh to take them for themselves.

* God has 42 children mauled by bears for teasing Elisha, 2 Kings 2:23-24 

* God kills a man for refusing to impregnate his brother’s widow Genesis 38:9-10

* God helps Samson kill 30 men because he lost a bet Judges 14:11-19

* Noah’s Flood - genocide and unrealistic

* Genocide after genocide after genocide, including killing men women and children, although occasionally keeping the virgin girls as sex slaves. Joshua 6:20-21 Jericho, Deuteronomy 2:32-35 Heshbon, Deuteronomy 3:3-7 Bashan, Numbers 31:7-18 Midianites, 1 Samuel 15:1-9 Amalekites

* Exodus 12:29, God slaughters all Egyptian firstborn children and cattle because their king was stubborn - thats just sick

* Chronicles 13:15-18, God helps the men of Judah kill 500,000 of their fellow Israelites

Its really difficult to find any good stories in the Old Testament, but I did find two I like.

* Balaam's Talking Donkey - Numbers 22:28 - Reminds me of the movie Shrek, also saw a version illustrated with Lego people which was amusing.

* Joseph - Genesis 39-45 - This story actually is more detailed/interesting than most, and in the end Joseph forgives his brothers, which is a much better moral story than most of the stories that are full of all sorts of violence. I’d pick this as the favorite. 

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Mormons like to claim their church is family oriented but its not, at least if any members of the family don't believe the Mormon myths. Its more accurate to say the Mormon church is a church oriented religion. Their church is more important to them then family, or even Jesus.

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Here Be Dragons offers a toolbox for recognizing and understanding the dangers of pseudoscience, and appreciation for the reality-based benefits offered by real science.

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I'm a Formon too

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Great video for anyone who wants to use the bible as justification... If someone claim to follow the bible but objects to selling daughters as slaves, killing people for working on sunday, etc this makes it clear they aren't following the bible, just the bits that match their views and ignoring the rest.
Believe homosexuality's an abomination? Do I ever have a daughter to sell into slavery for you!

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Interesting idea on climate change with practical solution that should be implemented even if global warming wasn't an issue. Turning dry unproductive lands green again while increasing meat production is much more realistic and useful then the silly "cap and trade" idea.

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Apparently I'm not the only one appalled at the Bush Administration for using torture, and disappointed with Obama for not doing more to prosecute, condemn, outlaw it. I agree with this video, but would also add that it would still be wrong even if doing so had no negative effect on our country.

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