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Hey, look! It's a circle!

I will probably add some others and reshare this, but these are currently my favorite people to follow on Google+:

+Jessica Pierce and +Titus Winters both share beautiful photography.

+Chris Galardi shares a fantastic combination of music, high quality lulz, gaming related materials, general nerdery, and some thoughtful political posts now and again. You should follow him and expect it to brighten your day, every day.

+Laura Gibbs is a great resource for Classics and online pedagogy. She consistently and regularly writes thoughtful posts that are focused on the Latin Language and harnessing the power of the Internets for innovative and effective education.

+Dan Leveille shares a nice combination of geekery, LGBT related, and adorable things.

+Corey Dixon-Weekes is a great engager and thinker. He brings a thoughtful perspective to everything, but is especially insightful in political, sociological, and legal discussions. He is also part of my music circle!

Finally, +Carter Gibson is a great facilitator and guide to Google Plus. He knows his way around and can hook you up with some great people from the far reaches of the G+ universe. Additionally, he makes a lot of great LGBT related posts as well as some about general nerdery and gaming. Also, gentlemen should know that he's single.

Wes Mason ha condiviso una cerchia con te.
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Thank you, Wes! It is so nice to know people are out there grooving on the Latin posts, ha ha. Gratias ago! :-)
Hahahaha! "Great ... thinker."

Seriously though I think I've been shared several times now so I guess I should pay it forwards.
Aww ya see, that's what circle sharing is all about :)
Thanks to all of you for making G+ awesome. <3
+Corey Dixon-Weekes -- I like that you often contribute more questions than answers to a discussion. It's intellectually stimulating and engaging.
Thank you; I just have a tendency to react humorously to honors.
I'll follow you. You have to earn it ;-)