Clik Elite Bags & Great Customer Service

Every so often, your run into problems with products, and you have to deal with customer service. Most of the times, we never have to engage the warranty department, but when we do, it's a mixed bag. Sometimes service is great, sometimes it's horrible.

I have a Clik Elite ProBody Sport bag. It's a great bag for short hikes and short treks. It's light weight, has a built in rain cover, hydration pouch, and enough space for a 2 lenses and a bunch of accessories.

Recently the zipper area started to fray and the weather proof seal started to rub off. It's been about 6 months since I bought the bag, and I don't abuse the bag. So I contact RMA at Clik Elite, and sent them the picture in this post. They responded and quickly sent me an RMA number.

A couple days later, I sent them the bag, and realized after sending it that I forgot a couple of memory cards in the bag. I contacted them and Alex, from Clik, responded that they will take care of it. The day after they received my bag, Alex sent me a note that they will be sending me a new bag with my cards in the bag.

I really appreciate good customer service. I hear about Thinktank, F-Stop, but rarely hear about Clik. I figured I should share my experience. So, if you're considering getting a new bag, be sure to check out Clik bags.

You can find them on too.
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