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This totally nails it on the.... OOOHHH SHINY!
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OMG OMG yes!!! And yes! Cracking my butt UP! Esp. since I'm about to go see my doc (in an hour!!) about getting ADHD meds.... LOL!
Needs to be bigger, faster, shinier, more, more, more - hatstand 
Well I, for one, am not distracted by shiny objects... I prefer to be distracted by fluffy ones, like puppies, and clouds, and fuzzy bunnies. :D Because I am not a robot...I am a unicorn.
i dont get it bro maybe u should quit tryin to be hip and start akting like ur age ( 86 )
hi Hannah Klein...would u pl add me as a friend..I am from India..
reminds me that I need to check on some cat posts,
right after I check on Dilbert,
but first ... which of you is already in my cirlcles?
It doesn't get any better than sparkely
to me every person who told that have ADD or ADHD was always on some kind of drugs, so i told them that ADD stands for Always Doing Drugs , or Hard. stop doing Drugs and u life will normal
Lol! Love this it is oh look a squirrel
LMAO, best one yet... HAHAHA. I love it.
Look at the cute puppy now that is just wrong as I have to go take my noon ADHD meds here in a moment.
Awesome! I'm actually ADHD, but I take medicine for it. It works well, and it mostly helps me focus, which is necessary for school. Another funny ADHD thing is the shirts that say, "They say I have ADHD, but they just don't understand. Hey, look, a chicken!" Now, in my house, when I get distracted, we say I'm chasing a chicken. :)
Hysterical. I suspect I have it somewhat. I get distracted very easily anymore. Mix it with memory loss and wow! ;)
I got caught doing the "squirrel" thing so much my wife threatened to kill me.
ADD and ADHD are fundamentally different from each other though. Both are chemical imbalances, but I'm ADD, and I can honestly tell you I've never been hyperactive. I'm more laid back, tend to be noncommital, while I do still get distracted easily, I tend to not get excited about Most things people would. Oh, and I have memory loss issues. Yep, gotta love peoples misconception on how ADD and ADHD are the same....
Holly B
ADD and ADHD are a spectrum. I know several ADD people and they certainly do not have the same hyperactivity issues I do XD. Still, that meme is pretty funny. And I think both types of people can get a chuckle out of it. :)
I am ADHD with what is now categorized as PTSD and back in the day was Combat Fatigue Syndrome where things that threaten trigger physical responses or extreme rage that you have to learn to control.
I think I have ADD, and SUBTRACT, also.

My wife has CDO. It's like OCD, except that the letters are in alphabetical order, the way they should be.
@Joe Wallace: ADD is the umbrella term for ADHD, ADID(which I suspect you have), and other disorders which causes attention deficiencies.
Too true. ADD/ADHD people aren't broken, they're just wired a little differently and that's ok!
ADHD we are just more productive than you! LOL
i have adhd. that is soo true xD sometimes i walk into a room and forget what im doing lol
Sometimes I get to work and not remember how I got there (like what route I took, or what songs I listened to on the radio, etc). LOL
Lmfaoooo!! This is soo me!
Damn. Got distracted before I got to the last frame. How'd it turn out?
Hahhahaha this one is even better than the last one i saw!
I do not get it what is the Joke
KiM O.
Welcome to my world lol
it was cute but very unrealistic lol just sayin..
My daughter has literally said Ohhhhh shiny in the middle of sentence
hi james yo want to meet me please ?
Hey... I don't have ADD or ADHD.... I have ADOS: Attention Deficit OOH! Shiny!
Wow,that little kid scares me, but i cant hate on someone who cant control it.
sorry rest of post I have three kids with varying degrees of ADD ADHD and My.....

and now you know where they get it from
tempted to make my ADHD circle so I won't feel alone at some point in the day, lol
looks more like people who want to make excuses for irresponsibility...
I couldn't find where to sign the petition so I fed the dog the drugs and then fed the kid to the dog... c u in 5.
a lot of these are just silly, this one is spot on... love it
oi kamani & Natasha...would u pl add me as a friend..
I have ADHD and im nothing like this :)
I'm like the ADHD poster boy... The "H" is stressed.
The psychiatrist who did all the original research into ADHD shredded all of his documented "proof" when he was ordered to present them in court. Basically if someone has been "labelled" ADHD, they have symptoms of being a human being :-)
I just +1'd it... didn't even read the end... bunny!!!
Best part about ADD is all this brilliant work gets done in 1 minute or less. ... And off to something else...
This is very true and I totally relate -- SQUIRREL!
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