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Wes Brown
I am Wes Brown. I make photographs, design webs, and create podcasts.
I am Wes Brown. I make photographs, design webs, and create podcasts.

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We’re always so very excited when Bridal Bliss Classic rolls around. For those not in the know, Bridal Bliss Classic is a bridal show that takes place twice a year at the Hilton Downtown in Lexington, KY. What makes it great? It’s ran by a wonderful staff…

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As you might be aware of already, I’m a sucker for a good wedding day first look. So here’s another from Emily & Corey’s stunning wedding day. For this one we found ourselves in the Lexington Horse Park. The timeline was absolutely tight, but in the end…

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Matt & Shelby's First Dance (Why I keep some GoPro cameras in my bag)

Always be prepared. I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t a boy scout…I was a Tiger Cub. That’s kind of “Junior Boy Scouts”. However, the “always be prepared” thing really stuck with me. It’s why I bring absurd amounts of equipment that I don’t need to…

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Check out the #blog today and see The Howard #Wedding - Whitehall, Louisville, KY

Mariah and Andy! I almost broke this one into two separate blogs because of how many photographs I wanted to share. The story is every bit as beautiful as anything I could shoot. Mariah wearing her mother’s wedding dress…which was also her grandmother’s…

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On the #blog today : The Daniels Wedding - The Loudoun House Lexington, KY

Three brides! This one will always be a warm spot in my heart and not just because Jake & Lissa are wonderful. This bridal party had not one, but TWO of the brides from weddings I’ve shot. Obviously all of my brides are fabulous, so you put three of them…

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Fresh up on the #Blog : The Dicks Wedding - #Lexington, KY

I’m a fan of first looks…for a lot of reasons. However, sometimes a couple has something special planned that trumps even the best of reasons. I almost felt like I was setting up a secret meeting between the heads of state in the the deepest levels of the…

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On the #blog! May Wedding - Lexington Christian Church and The Carrick House

I love a winter wedding! It’s just an entirely different feel to the entire event…a winter wedding where you get fabulous weather? Even better! Spending the day with Megan, Chad, and their unbelievably awesome family and friends made for a great treat…

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On the blog : A look inside the Antle Wedding Album

Sooooooo, I’m thinking of starting something a little new on the blog. We spend a lot of time talking about our wedding albums, but it might be interesting if we start showing off the final album designs that went out to the couples.

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On the #blog! Becky+Tyler's Engagement Session on their family farm in Lexington, KY

Rain…ohhhhh how the rain tries to make my life difficult at times. It took us a little while to get my schedule to match up with Becky and Tyler’s lives, but the weather wasn’t interested in helping us out in the planning. ALL week long the forecast…

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On the blog : Shelby+Matt's Engagement Session at The Arboretum in Lexington, KY

Planning a wedding is always tough, but planning your wedding from a few states over is even more difficult. Operating on a pretty tight timeline…basically a Friday night as the only real option for month to get this session in had me worried. Why? The…
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