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If you're starting the week broken, this book might help
One of the first people I "met" when I opened my Twitter account was James Prescott . He was encouraging and it felt like a friend out there in the big wide social world.  He guest posted here a few times ( here and here ) and I guest posted on his site and...

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5 bible verses that can help when you’re struggling
A few weeks ago I asked you all to help
figure out what I should write here and what happened surprised me. For starters, almost 150 of you replied. I expected much fewer. Then, when I began to read through what
you’d said I was overwhelmed by how kind you ...

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When you're wondering how to build a bridge between people
A few months ago my husband, Xylon, took 5
or so books that we both read once but aren’t likely to read again to a second
hand bookseller. He came back about an hour later and said, “It was a waste of
my time. The guy wasn’t interested.” This surprised me s...

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One thing to remember when life doesn't turn out the way you expect
I guess one of the reasons I stopped writing is because I finally realised that I don't have everything figured out. By 34,  I thought I'd know what I wanted to do with my life. I imagined I'd have children.
Instead I'm not sure if we want children. And if ...

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I've been a bad friend. Can we start over?
What do you say to kickstart a friendship
when you’ve been the one not responding to emails, facebook posts and calls for
a while? How do you start explaining that you’re not
exactly sure why you stopped participating just that you couldn’t anymore? And wha...

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The secret to leaving well
Guest post by Michelle Blan I leave well. It is an odd thing to do well, I know. But it is one of the best ‘wells’ I have done and it changed the course of my life.  So how does one leave well? I will share my secret.  Life was going smoothly and one day I ...

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A prayer for when you're in a bad mood
We woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. We admit that our attitude isn't what we want it to be. Our words have been short, our actions unkind, and we've cast some looks at people that have been down right mean. Everything has irritated us toda...

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When someone makes you feel worthless, remember this
Genesis 1:31 records after God created man, God looked over everything he had made and said, “it was so good, so very good!” In the Psalms we are told how God knit us together in our mothers wombs, how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Think about that...

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Why you have to slow down
Without health it is hard to live life
well. That's
why one of my focuses this year was to learn to run well. I've run for years
but I've never really had goals, followed a programme, joined a club or worked
at it. This
year as part of learning to run well ...

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Words to pray if you need Jesus to be your strength today
I don't make a living from blogging. It's a hobby. Something I
do because I love writing and this gives me a reason to write consistently. I've looked into turning this into a business but since I primarily
write about finding hope in God when times are tou...
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