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Tēnā koutou katoa to fellow edbooknz collaborators. It is great to see that Sonya has worked her charm* on some fellow educators to join a project that is very topical for all of us. It is particularly relevant for my work as principal of Newmarket School in central Auckland.

Newmarket School staff have been playing around with 'portfolios of teacher learning' over a number of years - so it will be useful to get some broader perspectives on what a 'body of evidence' might look like.

When I look at some of the 'evidence' presented by Newmarket staff I do get anxious about the time spent gathering the evidence, and ponder how we might best keep these portfolios real and relevant to our next steps as teachers. Technology helps heaps here - maybe our portfolios are a photo montage - a series of you-tube videos- a set of podcasts?

I have more questions than answers really... Where does the 'sign-off' from appraisers fit - or doesn't it? Yes, maybe I need to go back to the teachers council webpage resources and have another read... Or maybe another page or two of The Girl in the Spiders Web.

*Note - Those of us that Sonya works in close proximity to get less of the charm and more of the arm up the back!

Here is a link to the NZ Teachers Council site that provides an outline of the type of evidence we need to present as part of Appraisal. Of note is the table that utilizes Tataiako Sonya.

Great idea Sonya. It will be really interesting to see the slant the participants take - from the RTCs or Tataiako or ... other.
We are all feeling our way in the dark at the moment regarding how we present our portfolios so a collective practice idea like this is a strong way to go and evidence in itself. Many thanks.
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