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+Claudia Azula Altucher's "Power of 'No'" - Comes to Book Retailers July 15!

Author and yoga instructor, +Claudia Azula Altucher's much anticipated book will be released by Hay House in the coming week. If you pre-order your copy now, you will receive three BONUS gifts: Two Bonus Audio Chapters and a FREE PDF Copy of "The Choose Yourself Stories" from +james altucher.

Included in one of the Bonus Audio Chapters is top secret info about what to do when someone says "NO" to you!

I've already pre-ordered my copy. Want to pre-order yours?

Click here for info on how:

Congrats to Claudia (and James, of course)!

#powerofno   #no   #gettingtono   #hayhouseauthors  
Yeap, I spilled the beans... What is like to co-write a book with +james altucher  when he happens to be your husband
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Happy Fourth of July Google+ friends! Hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating our country's freedom!.

#Independence #FourthofJuly
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You too +Wendy Hernandez and yes I had a wonderful day with friends at the zoo.
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Who Said Being a B.I.T.C.H. Was a Bad Thing?

I want to be one.

B.I.T.C.H. =  *Babe in Total Control of Herself.*

Luckily, I know one. 

In today's episode of The Family Law Insider Podcast, +Fiona Fine, an author, speaker, and Editor-in-Chief of Women Who Run It, talks with me about taking your power back and gaining control over your life, your love and your career.

I soaked it all in from Fiona. You can, too.

Listen now:

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#bitch   #babeintotalcontrolofherself  
The Family Law Insider Podcast Says Being a B.I.T.C.H. Ain't So Bad!

Being a B.I.T.C.H. (all caps) means being A Babe in Total Control of Herself.

Step into your power by taking control of your life. In this week's episode, we feature Fiona Fine, an author, speaker and Editor-In-Chief of "Women Who Run It." Fiona, an all around amazing lady, tells us how by being a B.I.T.C.H., you can have more fun and re-claim your passion for life.

Listen now:

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#bitch   #babeintotalcontrolofherself  
Being a B.I.T.C.H. (a Babe in Total Control of Herself) can be positive and empowering for you and those in your life. Learn how to be a B.I.T.C.H. today.
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Win/Win, +Lance Fields! ;)
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Healthy Boundaries = Happy Life

I can get pretty upset when someone gets all up in my space. 

In reality though, a lot of the time, the violation of my personal boundaries is my fault.


Because I haven't communicated those limits/requirements/desires to others.


Because, many times, I haven't taken the time to figure out what my own limits/requirements/desires are.

Have you?

In this post, I explore how by NOT identifying and communicating your personal boundaries to others, you might be messing with your own happiness.

Read it now:

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#healthyboundaries   #boundaries   #personalboundaries   #healthyrelationships  
Is Your Lack of Personal Boundaries Getting in the Way of You Being Happy?

It can be infuriating when someone won't take "no" for an answer. Or...when someone treats you in a way they KNOW you don't like. Or...when you don't feel like your views are being heard.

However, the fact is, in many cases, people haven't taken the time to sit down and think about what their boundaries are.

Have you?

And...if you have, have you communicated those boundaries to the world?

If not, is it fair to expect other people to honor them? 

In this post, we explore the value in knowing your own boundaries and shouting them out for the world to hear.

Read it now:

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#personalboundaries   #boundaries   #violationofboundaries   #relationships   #healthyboundaries  
If you are feeling taken advantage of, disrespected and overrun by those in your life, learn how to stop them from violating your personal boundaries.
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Share everywhere, +Jovanna Figueroa! 
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Toxic Belief Systems = Relationship Killers

Are you in a romantic relationship that you want to go the distance? Your thoughts will have a lot to do with your chances at longevity in love. By holding onto negative thought patterns and bringing them into your partnership, you are doing more damage than you think!

This article about the "5 Toxic Beliefs That Can End Any Relationship" gives you the 411 on the most relationship-sabotaging thoughts a person can have.

Read it now:

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#toxicrelationships   #romanticrelationships   #romance   #relationships  
If you are committed to making your romance last, take a personal inventory and rid yourself of toxic beliefs that would threaten to end any relationship.
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Calling All Women Entrepreneurs - Important HOA Starting In Minutes!

Let's talk about the "Women Entrepreneur Revolution" with +Jenn Aubert, author, acupuncturist, mommy, and professional juggler. Both she and her new book are launching into the stratosphere NOW, and she wants to help you do the same!

#familylawinsider   #womenentrepreneurs   #womenentrepreneurrevolution  
If you are a woman who wants to be amazing in her business, according to +Jenn Aubert, there are 5 critical things you can do to get where you want to be:

Get out of your own way.

Get clear.

Get going.

Get connected.

Get energized.

In this special episode of The Family Law Insider Podcast, Jenn, author of "Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch!" shares the fruits of her interviews of 100 successful women entrepreneurs. She will give us an overview about the importance of role models, how you model success (through the 5 steps identified above) and how to "step up once you've arrived."

Jenn Aubert is an entrepreneur and acupuncturist with a bustling practice in San Francisco. Always in search of her next challenge, she is launching a company that will provide education, teaching opportunities, mentorship and community for aspiring female entrepreneurs everywhere. 

Her website is

#womenentrepreneurrevolution   #womenentrepreneurs   #girlpower  

Thank you to +Crystal Ponti for facilitating this amazing guest on the show!

This Hangout On Air is hosted by Wendy Hernandez. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Women Entrepreneur Revolution with +Jenn Aubert
Wed, June 18, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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The 3 Things You Can Do When Life Sucks

Regardless of who you are, life doesn't always go according to plan. In fact, sometimes it downright sucks.

Your ability to adjust, re-focus and change your perspective will help you greatly when things aren't going your way. When you would rather be somewhere else in your life, doing these 3 things can also help.

Read them here:

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#artofallowing   #lifesucks   #acceptance   #allow    #letitbe  
Life sucks at times for all of us. When it does, there are three things you absolutely, positively must do. Read what they are here.
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Thank you both +Ana Hoffman and +Mary Iannotti for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed the story! It was an adventure, that's for sure. :)
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During this episode of The Family Law Insider, I chat with Jen Turrell, the mother of two beautiful and exceptional little girls named Tallulah and Myffanwy, both of whom are awesome, and both of whom have autism. Jen is the co-founder of ABLE Interventions with Dr. Kristen Byra, to provide families with autism data solutions and support.

Jen is also the co-author of the book entitled Help! My Child Has Autism! A Parent’s Guide to Start, Fund, and Maintain an Evidence-Based Intervention.

Join us.

#autism   #autismsupport   #ABA  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Wendy Hernandez. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
How to Get Help for Your Child's Autism
Thu, July 3, 11:47 AM
Hangouts On Air

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Feeling Pissy?

Have you ever felt pissed off at the entire, bloody world?

Have you ever broiled with rage because it seems like no matter how hard you try, things never seem to go the way you think they should?

Have you ever wanted to explode with fury because although you were working hard and playing by the rules, you felt you were getting nowhere?

Have you ever wanted to smack the crap out of someone you think has the life you want?

Yep. Me, too. A LOT lately.

At first I thought it was the 100+ degree weather in Phoenix. Then I thought it was my hormones. Then I thought it was the huge pimple I got on my chin.

Then, I figured out I GOT the pimple on my chin BECAUSE I was so angry.

I'm exhausted from all the rage. I am stopping. Here. Now. Today.

Want to stop being pissy with me?

Read how to do this now:

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#angryattheworld   #pissedattheworld   #acceptance   #movingon  
Have you ever felt pissed at all of living civilization? If the answer is "yes," and you want to stop being so angry at the world, you can do it. Here. Now.
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During this special episode of The Family Law Insider, Reinvention Specialist, +Triffany Hammond, talks with us about the financial devastation that often permeates relationships, both pre and post-divorce.Triffany has overcome significant personal and financial devastation to re-claim her fullest, highest Self.

YOU can do the same! Listen to find out how.

Beware: Triffany will NOT be talking about budgeting and spreadsheets; rather, she will be talking about how financial recovery begins and ends within.

#familylawinsider   #divorce   #financialdevastation   #moneyissues  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Wendy Hernandez. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Divorce and Financial Devastation: The Road to Recovery
Fri, June 27, 11:58 AM
Hangouts On Air

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Women Entrepreneur Alert! The Family Law Insider Podcast Wants YOU to Be a Success.

That is why we feature a successful woman entrepreneur on today's audio version of the show. +Jenn Aubert, author, business owner, acupuncturist and busy mommy, joined me last week to talk about her newly-released book, Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch! During the interview, Jenn talked about the common threads she discovered during a year's worth of research with over 100 of the world's most successful women. 

If you are a woman entrepreneur trying to make it in business, this book is a must- read (and the podcast is a must-listen). You will feel as though Jenn is talking directly to you about your challenges, and you will learn new ways of coping with the common obstacles you face as a woman entrepreneur. Women Entrepreneur Revolution will inspire you to action and give you hope that you can become everything you dream of being.

Special thanks to +Crystal Ponti for making this interview possible.

Listen now:

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#womenentrepreneur  #womeninbusiness #womanentrepreneur
The Family Law Insider Calls All Women Wanting to Design the Life of Their Dreams

If you are a woman entrepreneur and looking to create a life of freedom for yourself and your family, busy author, acupuncturist, business owner and mother, Jenn Aubert, is here to help. During a year's worth of research and in over 100 interviews, Jenn delved into the secret tricks of the world's most successful women entrepreneurs. As she dove deeper into her research, Jenn started to see common themes run through her conversations, and during this episode of The Family Law Insider, Jenn previews the secrets she learned (that she shares in her new book, Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch!).

Women and men entrepreneurs alike...these secrets MUST be known to you.

Listen now:

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#womenentrepreneurs   #womanentrepreneur   #entrepreneur   #womenbusinessowners  
Calling all women entrepreneurs! Learn how to create the life and business of your dreams with tips from the world's most successful women in business.
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+Wendy Hernandez Such a great interview! Love the graphic you created! Thanks again for hosting Jenn. :)
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Summertime When You Are a Kid = Awesomeness

Lazy mornings spent sleeping in.

Popsicles melting all over your hands.

Water balloon fights.

But...But...then there are...the dreaded swimming lessons.

I feel like a horrible mother. Yesterday, for the first time this summer, I subjected my three year old to the trauma of her first swimming lesson. It was ugly.

I do know, however, in the midst of the drama, there is a gift...

...just like there is a gift in every change in your own life.

How will you meet change?

You can meet it with bravery and grace. You can!

Step up to the ledge... Plug your nose... Jump!

Read this post, too:

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#change   #swimming   #swimminglessons   #embracechange  
Change, whether expected or not, can be traumatizing and life-altering. There is, however, a gift in change. Be willing to shift your perspective to see it!
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Lol!!! Good story, +Shannon Hernandez. I didn't know that. Thanks for the encouragement, too!
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Family Law Attorney and Counselor at Law
I help people whose families are in transition. I am experienced in the areas of divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, post-decree modifications, enforcement actions, orders of protection, pre and post nuptial agreements, adoptions, legal separation, same-sex family disputes, mediation, collaborative divorce and much more.
  • Hernandez Family Law
    Owner, 1999 - present
  • Maricopa County Attorney's Office
    Deputy County Attorney, 1996 - 1999
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Phoenix, Arizona
Contact Information
1 East Camelback Road Suite #630 Phoenix, Arizona 85012
A Phoenix, Arizona divorce lawyer and the owner of Hernandez Family Law. I am a centered, committed and sometimes dramatic (in the best sense of the word) woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and lawyer.
I was born and raised in a small copper mining town in Northern Arizona.  Before going to law school in South Bend, Indiana, I had never traveled east of New Mexico.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have earned my law degree at the University of Notre Dame; the best professors taught me and there, I learned the importance of maintaining integrity in the practice of law.  I am cognizant of my integrity every day of my life, both personally and professionally.

While at Notre Dame, the travel bug bit me, even if I was only traveling throughout the midwest and eastern U.S.  After graduating from Notre Dame, I expanded my horizons and traveled the world during my vacation time -- mostly alone.  While "jet setting," I encountered amazing people, experiences AND food (one of my favorite things).  Because of my past travel, I have learned to appreciate diversity in cultures as a whole and within individuals.  My collective travel and work experiences have taught me that every person, even the accused murderer, has a story to tell. 

If we listen to people, we learn.  

If we learn, often, we can help.  

That is our purpose on this planet.  

That is MY purpose on this planet. 

How can I help you?
Bragging rights
I became a mother for the first time at 40 years old. Talk about the hardest (but most rewarding) learning curve I've ever experienced! Being a mother has changed my view on the world and has affected the way I practice law. Before, it was hard to put myself in the shoes of clients whose families were undergoing major changes. Now, I better understand the pain that goes along with the thought of not seeing your children daily or, even worse, losing them altogether. My primary focus is on the children, keeping them safe and healthy and maintaining the integrity of the family, even if the family is being redefined.
  • Notre Dame Law School
    Juris Doctorate, 1992 - 1995
  • Arizona State University
    Communication, 1988 - 1992
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Twitter is the best way to connect, express yourself and discover what’s happening. • Connect with people and your interests to get unfilter

Great atmosphere, delicious tapas and a fantastic happy hour. This is the best kept secret in central Phoenix!
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
Delicious food, enthusiastic and friendly service and Flamenco dancing on Wednesday nights! Great local spot.
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
This is the best nail salon in Phoenix. I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with all the nail tech gals at Sundrops. They take pride in their work and it shows in how my nails look and in how long they last. The place is clean and upbeat. There is always an awesome chick flick playing and great tunes on the speaker system. Don't hesitate to give it a try!!
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
4 reviews
Excellent choice for an after dinner drink and appetizer. When the weather is cool, the patio is great for weekend brunch and coffee. Love, love, love!
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago