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Wendy Gorton hung out with 7 people.Alison Huml, Jeff Jackson, Becky Evans, Jason Dreier, Gabriel Pintado, Mary Mingle, and T Metcalfe
EDU On Air: Level Up! Taking Your Professional Development to the Next Level with Google's Training
Wendy Gorton and 7 others participated
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We suggest you open a second tab with +Wendy Gorton's Google+ page so that you can have the video on one tab and a place for comments on the other. To ask Wendy questions during the Hangout, post them into the "comments" section below the live stream. Please note you need to refresh the page manually to see new comments.
Is this where we enter comments about Wendy's session? Or is there another place?
What was the that was shared earlier?
GTA was AWESOME! Went in San Antonio, Texas.
Is the GTA limited to K-12 teachers or is it open to higher ed instructors/staff?
i hear GTA is gonna be in Mexico City?!
It would be great to get feedback on our GTA applications.... I don't know what to do differently for the next app.
It's great. I love being a part of GTA.
Thank you for addressing my question. I look forward to a higher ed GTA!
What was that name again?
+John Moody We've done an international academy for the year so the next one will be in the US. :)
can you share the link to the geo institute?
What is that link that she's showing?
+John Moody It costs $15 to take each exam and there are 6 exams for the training program.
Is there a way to have the comments refresh? I have to hit refresh to see others' comments.
If we already offer PD opportunities to both practicing and pre-service teacher candidates (Ed Tech showcase as an example), how do we get in touch with the appropriate person at Google to discuss how/if they participate? (Southern Ontario, Canada)
Thank you for this terrific session. Great information!
will this comment stream be available later? If so, where?
working on my apps trainer certification - passed all tests - now putting in the application - is there going to be a teacher academy in the states soon?
Is Google+ ever going to be available for GAFE?
+Marlin Whitaker Right now they're only available in YouTube, but we can look into the possibility of storing them as a public video in Apps.
+Kim Adkins Unfortunately, you have to hit refresh to view the comments. I'd recommend having two windows open. One to stream the video and the other to refresh the comments.
Thanks. I did. A chat room would be so much easier! Great session.
Thank you for watching everyone! I hope to see you all at a Google professional development soon :)
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