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Not sure whether +Dolly Parton is actually that Dolly Parton?

We’re starting to roll out verification badges on profiles so you can be sure the person you’re adding to a circle is who they claim to be. Check out the video below (or my profile) to see what these verification badges look like.

For now, we’re focused on verifying public figures, celebrities, and people who have been added to a large number of Circles, but we’re working on expanding this to more folks.

Thanks again for sending in your feedback!


Video Transcript

Many celebrities and public figures are joining Google+, and if you’re like me, you want to be sure the person you’re adding to a circle is really who they claim to be.

Today, I’m happy to announce that we’re starting to roll out verification badges on profiles.

When you visit the profile of a celebrity or public figure, you’ll see a verification badge next to their profile name. This will help you easily determine which profiles are owned by real, verified people.

Here’s an example: In my profile on the top right, you’ll see a grey checkmark next to my name. When you mouse over it, you’ll see that this is a “verified name”.

You might be wondering how to verify your own name on Google+. For now, we’re focused on verifying public figures, celebrities, and people who have been added to a large number of Circles...but keep in mind that this is just the beginning. We’re working on expanding this to include more people in the future, so hang tight!

We hope this improvement helps you feel more comfortable adding people to your circles. Thanks for listening, I’ll see you on Google+!
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+John Costigan For those of us who have used names like mine for over 10 years locally in my area and on the Internet, how can we qualify for this service +Wen-Ai Yu writes about?
Ok, but make sure you take into consideration those of us who are deployed so make sure you can use other methods other than calling, I mean it would really upset me if i couldnt get verified because I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan and have been a Google user with a Google checkout account for years and well almost every google product i can think of I've used or am using... I would find it quite insulting if I couldnt be verified as myself after all this time on google...
+Wen-Ai Yu Any update on those of us who have Google Apps accounts? Profiles were said to be coming months ago.
i Cjay
+Wen-Ai Yu I have been verified by Google with a State photo id and I have 1688 followers. I would like this to be added to my account profile, please and thank you. 8D
at first I couldn't see the check. Then realized it is because I use Plus Minus extension for Chrome, people who are using such extensions cant see this now. Hopefully the extension makers will fix this issue, but I wonder why it would hide the check?
edit: nevermind, disreguard, it seems to work now, don't know what the issue was before
So, just wondering... Can anyone have their name/account verified? Or only people that need to be verified? I understand Google+ already has over 10 million users and it isn't even released yet, but I'm curious as to how you all at Google+ will handle this.
It kinda bugs me that the end of the verified name strip is squared and not rounded O.o - is it just me?!
Where is it on your profile?

Please allow us regular folks to verify using a credit card, like Amazon does.
It should really have the check mark in the hover card so I don't have to go to the profile.
Just noticed I'm verified, sweet!
Curious can us regular folks get a badge so people know we are real too?
It just seems like "real" account badges are sought after, but only "celebrities" of "Internet Famous" people get them....
So, +John Costigan if the naming policies haven't changed, you can assure us that the posts from verified profiles are coming from the person themselves and not some staffer impersonating them?
There is an easy way for grassroots to verify their friends. Suppose A has B's Gmail address in A's Gmail addressbook and B uses that same Gmail address to log in with G+, then G+ can display that Gmail address on B's profile when A visits it (note that this is only visible to people who already have B's Gmail address in their Gmail addressbooks, such as A). Then A will know B is the real B because he carries the same email address as found in A's addressbook.

Simply put, G+ can tell me that a G+ friend or stranger "owns an email address as found in your addressbook:".

That is called "verification by email address". There is another approach: "verification by middleman" -- see how many "people in common" there are between you and a purported friend. But I've found G+'s "people in common" can be easily manipulated by an attacker: a real mutual friend between A and B must be someone who circles A and B and is circled by A and B. Currently G+'s definition of "mutual friend" is someone who is circled by A and B (but doesn't necessarily circle A and B back). This gives a malicious attacker B an opportunity to just circle whoever A circles and unilaterally create a bunch of "people in common" between A and B, fooling A into believing many of A's friends know B.
Does Google want to verify ALL it's users? If so then why would the average joe even care to go through the hassle of verification?
Great feature! I'd like to see the check mark show up on the hovercard as well though. Having to click through to the profile is kinda annoying.
This could have been done long ago to stop the issue with the pseudonyms. Not taking it out on you, but when thousands of people asked for this to stop from being suspended, its pretty sad that you have to be famous to get this working for you.
Many people have left and wont be back because they couldn't roll this out earlier for us "average" people.
A shame really.
Would pay to hear Google phone Mark Z. to verify his G+ account... hehehe!
Glad to see verification doesn't start with those of us who have been here since day 1. Can't wait to see a list of who gets verified first. This will show us a lot about the future of Google+.
For now there is Britney S. and Paris H. and some more!!
How could former President of Peru +Alejandro Toledo verify his account? What is the process? I am helping and would like to relay this info.
Hey +Wen-Ai Yu cool but can we maybe change the color to like RED so it kinda stands out or maybe BLUE and heres a list of Public Figures & Celebrities I found I think most of the are real cause they tweeted .



PS can u verify me hahaha, if you need any help with the project be cool to help
Yay! :) But why a gray colored verification badge? I get it matches the rest of the gray Google theme being rolled out, but it gets lost and is boring. How about some color? Twitter does it great with theirs (even looks like a 'seal').
+Alan Peto totally agree they need a color to stand out I tink RED background and the Tick white
FYI: viewing your profile on the iPad does not display a verification badge (or if it does, I missed it).
Exciting! Can't wait to see an approval process rolled out! :)
Yes, would appreciate this being on the Google+ poptart .. uh.. I mean Hovercards as well.
+Daniel Sandstein Awesome! I haven't seen CircleCount yet. I've been using a number of others. Checking it out now! :)
So awesome. This is great news!
Can you help me get verified? Would help a lot on the + side of things. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. 
hmmm, just checked out these two profiles on the mobile verification badge displays! Considering more people use mobile only, it might be a good idea to add this feature (hint hint +Punit Soni).
If I find out, I'll let u know 
Would like to see the checkmark carry over to hovercards, and other places it's seen on the web. I think that will turn out to be very important.
+Samuel Wood that would be an EASY way for Google to allow anyone to have a 'verified' account, just do like they did for verification on Knol.
Can i get a badge too or do I have to be doly parton famous?
+Samuel Wood just meant for Google to implement that for everyone on Google+ :) It was great that you mentioned that! They removed the verification process from Knol, it just migrates you to your G+ profile page now :(
I'd also like to have this on the hovercards, without having to click the name to go to the profile.
When you roll this out to the public, please make sure it's available worldwide and not just in the USA.
+Wen-Ai Yu 有了这个认证服务很好,谢谢!
+Wen-Ai Yu Thank you for making this possible. How can I get my profile verified? In Germany we have federal issued ID Cards. Thanks for any suggestion.
+Wen-Ai Yu do you know when the verification badge will be visible on the Android mobile app? At the moment the verification badge is visible only in the desktop version, so when I am using the mobile I cannot know if a G+ profile is verified or not.
+Robert Krauss You can't verify yourself by now. Like the text in the post says: "For now, we’re focused on verifying public figures, celebrities, and people who have been added to a large number of Circles." It'll take a little time until everyone has it.

+Wen-Ai Yu Thanks for the verification. This is what Facebook is missing. No wonder they have so many user, when there are thousands of fake celebrity profiles. I'm looking forward, for everyone to verify. I always like to know that the person I talk to, is really that person.
Great! This is good. But it should say 'verified' in the dropdown auto-suggestion list? For example if I search for 'Charlie Sheen'? I shouldn't have to click all Charlie Sheen's to find out who is verified.
I think it's not ideal, that the verification badge looks just like the checkin icon. And it shouldn't turn blue when you hover. It makes you think it's clickable.
even the popup should have checkmark sign visible
I would love to see everyone who uses their real name be able to get their account verified on G+ as an incentive to keep it real.
I think that verification for public figures, figures associated with brands, and those with say over 1,000 people who have them in a circle, should perhaps be verified.
Ciao from Milano +Wen-Ai Yu I am so glad you are beginning this process as I would very much like to be a part of it too, I do not need another "me" out there! Have a great weekend and thank you for the update! Lovely to meet you!
Thanks for the update - this is a nice way to communicate with us ;-)
Too much work to visit profile just to see the verification badge. Can we not have a symbol appear right on a person's rectangular name badge that appears when you hover mouse pointer over their name in posts or circles? That's handy as the UI also presents 'Add to circles'. That's where I need to verify whether they are real!
+Charles Warren
+Wen-Ai Yu I am verified on Twitter. I'm technically a "celebrity" as a host & Executive Producer for VH1's Tough Love which is distributed in 30+ countries and premieres its fourth season in the US 10/2/2011. Can I please be verified? 
Interesting idea, I think this could be especially useful for ppl with common names. However how is it verified for the average person (e.g John Smith) to understand which John Smith they're adding? Profile description?
When will us ordinary folks have our profile verified
Wondering what a "large" number of circles is? Vague.
You can also let already verified celebrities verify their celebrity friends. That can reduce some workload on Google's part, isn't it?
I am less concerned about if + Dolly Parton is real (that was fun to swype in all its double entente but I digest), then when shall g+ come out with fully-functional apps for all mobile o/s in particular htchd2 under windows?
Verification is important - especially for celebreties to know if you got the right one. On the other hand, verification is also important for everybody, so you can be sure you have the person you wanted in your circle. Maybe it helps to include the verification from the Google profile? Looking forward to the feature!
Cool, would love you to verify me too:))
Good morning +Wen-Ai Yu, I just ran into your post and believe I fit the criteria of being verified if you would so kindly do so. Thank you :)
..what should be the nickname for 'Renato' if not 'Rene'... this is me..nobody..nobody but me....
I would like to be verified. I'm in the Army and would like my circles to know it's me and not someone else impersonating me.
I, like lots of private folk, had a verified Google profile pre G+; I was surprised that was dropped during the transition to G+....
Would love to get "verified"!
I can see this being a tremendously useful feature for a wide range of folks, whose influence either in cyberspace (following) or physical space makes them vulnerable to misappropriation of their good name. My friend and colleague Dr. David Kaiser recently had this done to him (see to advance a political perspective that is pretty much THE OPPOSITE of what he feels history actually supports. In addition to the categories you're already working on, perhaps scholars and national security leaders should be early additions.
An interesting feature. I'm sure this is of most use to people whose notoriety might inspire cloners and fake profiles, although it could be helpful for those being stalked or trolled as well.
Nice, but most important would be the implementation of a tag feature!
No bagde visible in iPhone web interface. Neither in your profile nor Dolly Partons... Bug, or not finished yet? Or maybe you are both impostors? ;-)
I think verification is an important step and it's great to see Google is staying pretty agile on this project. I'd love to see this rolled out all the way if a practical system can be put together, provides a sense of 'reality' to social networking
Remember that Google originally offered verified profiles thru Google Knol authorship and I was one of the first in 2009. That option was taken down as G+ rolled out a month ago.

Glad to see you have followed suit and verified my name today +Wen-Ai Yu

Also noticed one of my friends +Justin Taylor... another Knol verified author and +Jack Humphrey too, also show the verified names checkmark. So, it seems to me, those who took our advice to verify their profiles thru G Knol back when it was available and again when Buzz was launched are profiting now. Cheers and thanks Google, most needed feature!
+Wen-Ai Yu, can you please show the 'Verified Arrow' next to names when doing a search for someone? This helps tell the real ones from the fakers while searching. It saves having to go to all the profiles to see who is really verified.

Also when searching for people, could you also include a tiny snippet of where they work or their profile to be able to distinguish people when they have the same name?

Great job! This was really needed.
How about being able to verify using Facebook Connect?
Great idea, but why does a regular person such as myself need to be verified? 
+Wen-Ai Yu how do we stay under the radar and avoid being verified? Will hiding our followers help?
+Timo Kataja Not yet! In fact I have a problem with my own self created fakes in facebook and other sites where I created many ids to overcome some artificial limits.
Great! Put me into the verification cue, please.
Thanks a lot!
Add a "Search Verified" option please!
I'd definitely appreciate being verified as me, because of my work with uncovering hoaxes and sockpuppets and because of the way geekfeminism work tends to attract trolls. Cheers!
Thanks for being so quick on this, it's great knowing I have a way to verify whether i'm adding my favorite celebrities or just posers, keep up the amazing work
I definitely think this is a good move. You can't really verify someone on Facebook any more!

Anyway to find people who are already verified? A tab somewhere or in the search result?
Interesting, I read that you verify people often without talking to them, just when they either have alot of followers or are of celeb status. I have alot of Twitter does that count LOL @FuelOnline
hey! what about the socially inept geeks? do we not get a badge? :)
Hi there, can you please verify my account. I am a well known latex fashion model. Google me, visit my official site and on there is a link to my google+ profile, or if you need anything further from me, please let me know! Many thanks! Saffron Taylor
Its Really awesome.Verify me please :)I need a verified profile.
Niceee! Definitely a great new feature! Cant wait to be verified! ;)
The check mark only shows up on the profile page and no where else. Unlike twitter, that means every time you see a persons name in search results, or “people to follow”, you won’t know if the account if verified unless you visit every sing profile page. ANNOYING!
kudos to pete. why wasn't i, a private citizen, given the option to opt out?
let me be clear: u promise to forever protect me from spam, for all time, and i might acquiesce to ur 'verification' "process". until then, u don't have THE RIGHT to assume so much as the possibility of my agreement to ur proposal.
Eu Quero que a minha conta seja verificada.
Assim a 3º pessoa mais circulada no Brasil segundo o
Can i get one? Maybe get verified if you got your mobile number in the system?
How to vertify me? Plz check my account ,thx~
@Google team: well done on such an early implementation of this feature.
Could you please add the verification badge to my profile as well? Thank you, I appreciate it :)
Hi +Wen-Ai Yu, Would greatly appreciate verification on my profile thank you.
How do I verify My name on Google plus??
If two persons having the same name, then How can you verify both the persons??
Okay I got it now this verification is not for all, this is only for celebrities, public figures and for some specific person.
Okay Thanxx a lot
Verification sounds great. What about people that deal with the public, but not a public figure? Great video explains things nicely.
I think it's awesome, I am kind of tired of having to write DCMA's to have profiles taken down when people steal my pics and claim to be me.
Where is the verification process described, so that I can take the required steps to get my profile verified?
Wow, Wen-Ai! How do you prefer to be addressed? Wen? Wen-Ai? Between that pleasant smile of yours and seeing that huge slice of yummy pizza, I couldn't resist the thought of not adding you into my circles. It's a pleasure to see how Google+ is making improvements such as this verification badge idea. I look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks!
Hi, Wen-Ai, I have some technical questions.
Is there any API of verification badges ? Can Google open it ? How can 3rd party use the API ?
How can I avoid being verified?
Methinks that this whole verification process is too specific (only celebrities?), prone to error, and labor-intensive (fax a driver's license?).

I'm surprised that Google, the algorithm-besotted giant, didn't think of a simple crowdsourced solution: seed the network with verified, trusted people, and allow them to verify others.

To keep 'em honest, revoke anyone's verification if they in turn verify a fake. Then hand out "bounty hunter" badges to fake-busters; just kidding... a bit.

While you're at it, have the verification include a crypto certificate, and then G+ would emerge as the first, large-scale, ubiquitous PKI infrastructure. (Even if the revocation lookups would tend to be mandatory for it to be at all useful :)
Don't do that. We already know who we are.
Is that the rationale behind the real names policy? So someone can’t pretend to be Larry Page? I don’t give a damn whether a person contacting me is the person that Google knows as Larry Page; I want to know whether they’re the person that I know as Larry Page, and as far as I can see, this doesn’t help with that.
It would help if you allowed users to automatically verify something that’s more unique to them: email addresses and phone numbers. That would be an easy step towards letting everyone create a verified identity on Google+, not just celebrities (and not just people who choose to use their real name).
Well, I'm still the same real person I've been since my oldest still findable usenet post in Google Groups in May of 1983. Any chance I can be verified?
(What does it take? Credit card? My driver's license? My passport card? 20 people to swear I'm me? Some sort of proof posted on the multiple web sites I administer? What?)
It would have been nice if she has at least given us some idea of how they're going to do this.
What happens when two or more people are famous or well-known-enough to warrant verification and have the same name?
It would be nice if something unique was verified, rather than a name. It adds value now when it is just celebrities being verified, but as soon as everyone else with the same name is verified as well, that value disappears.
Oh, and while I'm at it, yes; I think the verification idea stinks. Verify anyone who wants to be verified and ignore the rest. It doesn't seem like a smart choice for Google to make a decision over who does and who doesn't require it. That's essentially an editorial control. Any lawyer could easily argue that if there was any tort arising from error, negligence or oversight.
Thanks google plus team.... been waiting for this feature for awhile :D
I don't get it at all - if someone is posting frequently and has a set of close circles, family, friends and co-workers who know them and who they are interacting with, then you don't need verification. Besides in my normal circle of interaction. co-workers, friends and family I am commonly know as "Fordy" but I can use that here. It's crazy, nobody cares who you are, it's what your saying that matters.
+Wen-Ai Yu : Could you please verify me also? I am Gayle Hall and you can check me out on the web at Gayle Hall PhD. Google+ made me take off the title of "Dr" before my name and then when I put my title of PhD after my name, they made me take that off too. Very insulting. I am on Google, have my own website, am a real person, and have a gmail account. I would like to be verified, since I have a very common last name of Hall. Not too many people can call themselves a Dr. or PhD, so since that was stripped away from me, could you please verify my name on here for me? Thank you.
How can I get my profile a verified badge? I'm also verified on twitter (check my links) and I would like to have the same verification for my Google + account. Thanks.
When can we expect some proper form of business/employee account management?
Can I get one? I think I'm a celebrity. I know like dozens of people! And I'm an elected official. I demand google gives me a verification badge, ASAP!
If this is the way to solve the real name vs. pseuds issue, then thanks for finally making a move on it. Let those who need to show that this is their real name have a way to verify it, and leave the rest of us to handle names however we feel is best for us. Not everybody feels comfortable or safe online under their real name, and it's the main reason why a lot of my friends won't use Google+.
Domino's Pizza? Pizza Hut? where you bought the pizza from? lol
Mine is not verified too ! Does it take time ?!
I'm looking forward to "regular people" being able to get verified. That way I can verify who I am to my students who look me up.
Thanks, Wen-Ai and Google for adding a measure of honesty and safety to the "social" frontier. I've read and understood many of the fears expressed for the loss of anonymity, but I agree with those who value more highly the accountability badges offer.
+Wen-Ai Yu I want my name verified also. How do I help make that happen?

Glen Berry
Thanks to the Google+ verification program, I now feel assured that I am me.

I must admit this is a great relief to me, since for the past month of G+ usage, I've often wondered if I were somebody else. Perhaps I am you? But no, this badge proves it beyond all doubt: I am me, not you.

For those not verified by Google+, how can you be sure you are you? How do you know you're not someone other than you? How do you know you're not me?

These questions must surely keep you up at night.
I'd like to join this exclusive club of being verified. ;-)
how can I get verified I have more than 10000 followers
+Wen-Ai Yu how can I get verified I have more than 10000 followers
+Wen-Ai Yu Don't even consider to extend this feature to "normal" people, that makes no sense. Imagine that my real name is Paul Newman and I am an actor. I get verified and later change my profile picture to this one Two questions:

1. How will you stop me from creating this fake profile? Or in the case that I am not being dishonest, just happen to be an admirer of the other Paul Newman (therefore his picture in my profile), how can I stop being constantly reported as fake profile by other Google+ users?

2. How can my family and friends distinguish me from the rest of Paul Newmans in the world if we all get verified? Should I post my Social Security number in my profile or what?
Well... I should have chosen another actor... forgot he was dead :-(
Nicely done, +Wen-Ai Yu and the Google+ team. You've got hundreds of commenters champing at the bit for what amounts to a virtual trip to the DMV to fill out some paperwork with no tangible benefits, but a real tangible net loss of privacy.

Any time I use my ID of any form and its confidential details, not just but perhaps most notably online, I expose that information to risk of compromise. Google might be a relatively trustworthy entities to expose my information to, and so far as intermediary concerns go G+ security has shown itself to be great so far, but with no benefit but a check mark or the ability to us my own name in your space the increased risk of sharing any ID info that might or might not be stored is unacceptable. Training users that they should jump at the chance to share these things on the big bad Internet is worse yet.

If I'm somehow completely wrong about how you're verifying identities, and none of this in any way connects to the scans of photo IDs that have been collected when profiles were flagged as fraudulent, then mea culpa, but the criticism stands for any form of verification I suspect you're likely to be doing for "normal" users.
who cares about verification badges.
I want to embed flash on my profile.
when will you let us do more with profiles!!!!!!!!!
Are you Irish? Also please verify my cat Kima asap. Thank you Wen-Ai Yu
+Wen-Ai Yu I sent Google my drivers license. Google reinstated my G+ profile and my full name appears on my profile along with my YouTube Partner Account.
You know what would be great: if you allowed me the right to dictate my own identity, rather than having the nerve to say YOU dictate my identity.
+Wen-Ai Yu:

Is this U.S. Celebrities or is it International Celebrities (also the ones not born or living in the U.S.)?

You should add a note stating:

Large Number of Followers ≠ Famous/Celebrity

Famous/Celebrity ≠ Large Number of Followers
Anyway I can get a verification check when you start sharing them with non-celebs? I'd really love that actually.
This verification system seems almost random now, but there's no doubting that everyone - including me- wants to be "verified". The first status symbol Google has woven into Google+.
I wish you guys would do something about all our ability to report impersonators like +Lady Gaga. I know you've got your hands full, but the idea that only the person who is being impersonated can report an impersonator limits how we can help. I work in the entertainment industry and have numerous contacts. When I know someone is a fake, there is little I can do except call them out on their page. I'm the one who busted the fake Harvey Levin from TMZ and pressed until that person confessed. Please open it up a bit so if someone has verifiable information about a fake, it's easier to get that info to you.
Is there a way a staffer for a band on Google+ can get verified via a form? Or does the band's profile need to be asked to be verified?
Mark X
Public social name and naming policy would be doubt.
Weird. I've been testing G+'s new features lately, and I also noticed that my profile is "verified". I haven't been active on Google+, so I know I have not been added into many circles, and I'm not famous... yet. Must be Knol identity verification?
Google+ should use a commercial verification service like Aristotle Integrity and enable everyone in 150+ countries to get verified and not just celebrities and google employees. There is no way that uploading of ID documents is going to work for most people and the shear volume of IDs would not be able to be processed in any real time sense.
I never knew there was so many Chad Jones out there.
My wish comes true. Now a checkmark symbol appears on the name badge when you hover mouse on the name with hyper-link. Thanks +Charles Warren.
I am still not sure if it is the real Dolly Parton! I think it is though! And she sends good posts!
could u please add me in your circle
I want to get my account verified , will you be able to help me.
you guys are messing with my account and i am a DJ DX! Please
great idea ...but that other site was doing it before plus...
Fabulous to hear O Beloved One! Have a magical rest of your week. I hope I will be selected soon and verified. Google+ has brought everlasting joy into my life and I am blessed to be part of such an amazing new Social Networking site. Infinite blessings, best wishes and eternally stay scintillating in Oneness +Wen-Ai Yu!

Peace~Love/Light~Unity (At-Oneness)
Is there a google translate app for mobile phone, when you are in a foreign country, you often don't understand what is written on the signs of street, subway signs, and other public places where signs are not translate into another language, it's cool to have a translation app like this and translate the writings into our own language, by taking pictures, or by just sweeping ur phone on the sign
Thanks for all your efforts. ... Just wondering, I have over a thousand followers now, when do I get verified? Thanks.
Não sou famoso mas posso ter esse selo?
I think it was a mistake to roll this out to only "Select People" Your not treating everyone equally and that is disheartening. SHAME on you Google.
Aloha Wen, My name is Antonio Gimbernat & I came across your Post about Verified Accounts. In 2010, I was a Candidate for Congress here in Hawaii. I tried to get my Twiiter Account Verified, but Twitter never followed threw with my application. This made me suspicious, because I had been Nominated by 25 Vailid Registered Voters, So I was an Official Candidate for Public Office, Similar to Sarah Palin. So I wanted my Account Verified, & for some reason, Twitter was Uncooperative.) Anyways, if you can, Please Verify my Google + Account as I am planning on running again in 2012. I will attach this Youtube Link to my Campaign Video from 2010. Link: 2010 Candidate Antonio Gimbernat's Video Biography/Background If this might help. Enjoy =) & your assistance will be appreciated =) Mahalo & Aloha =)
P.S. The reason it is important for Candidates for Public Office to have Verified Accounts, is so that Voters can visit Candidates' Profiles with Confidence/Assurance that the Profile is not Fraudulant..., read the Candidates' Platforms & thereby Cast an informed Vote. I hope this makes sense to you. If you need Further Verification, Please call the State of Hawaii, Office of Elections at 1-(808)-453-8683. Aloha =)
+Wen-Ai Yu You should reshare this video for those new to G+,i reshare this lol
What a great surprise to see your smiling face on my Google+ page!! Hope you're doing well, Wen-Ai!! I'll be back in November, and hope to see you then!
Verifying someone's real name can't be that hard with a creditcard check.
you all are amazing over at Google+ Love the site. hope to become a Big Name one day from the site. :) have a good one. - Reve Dreamer
So, any news about verification, +Wen-Ai Yu? It is clear that you won't be verifying people in this discussion (you have no proof, after all), but any news would be nice. There are 50M people here already, you shouldn't stop with Google employees and world-class celebrities..
I don't really care about this feature if i can't get verification i have other ways to do that i will make the badge corner of my photograph and yes its verified i don't like to bag for things ;)
Very cool! Although I don't think I am quite famous enough to deserve my own verification badge..haha.
Free registration opened, before the appearance of fake pages (as in other social networks). Please Verify the profile.
Please pay attention to my message. Or verification is available for U.S. only? In order to avoid fake profiles I need verification.
+Wen-Ai Yu hello. I am a public figure (artist) I would like to be verified and my name to be changed to my public name "Kaysha". How do we proceed from there?
Why don't the old notifications in the notification bar disappear after opened?? They keep coming back.
+Wen-Ai Yu, There's a certain individual that has me in his circle and as well as I have him, and he is verified with half as many followers. I was told once you hit the 1,000 mark, you'll likely receive the badge, but I have yet to.
It's weird.
Google verified my email.
Google verified my cellphone number. (used in Google Calendar)
Google verified my home address. (Google Adwords coupon received)
So why can't I get verified on Google+ ?

Who do we need to f* around here to get that 'verified name' badge?
An elected State House Representative is a public figure, no?
Great idea! Anyway you can verify my name? :)

Thanks Chris
hi +Wen-Ai Yu when the verified name facility will be enabled for #Indians, since knol users can get verified to their names using SSN or Credit Cards.... When the facility will be enabled to outside US.
hi +Wen-Ai Yu I work for a very important company in Argentina, in the Social Media area, and we'd like to know how to get the verif badges. tks!
How is that people with a few number of followers have verified badges?
I want to know the same +Lucila Horton I have 1800+ people circling me, I only circle around 400 people, yet I have seen people with as few as 32 people circling them yet having 1000's of people they have circled and they have a badge.... The worst part for me is I am not the only bruce bates and people are beginning to get confused I actually had one person ask if I was the "real" me (which is stupid as I am the only bruce bates who is involved with marketing) and another person said they reported me for being a "fake" person. Whatever that means.

I jsut want a badge before these things get really out of control.
Hi +Wen-Ai Yu please help me verify my account on Google Plus. If I can get a verified account here I will certainly spend more time on Google+ and I will continue to promote G+ via my blog Cheers!
Heya, i have over 10k people circling me, am i able to get my name verified yet?
As an author, I'd appreciate the ability to have a verified name on Google+. Looking forward to seeing this happen.
Can a successful site owner can get this plz ?
Everybody is now internet famous - for 15 minutes. :)
i'm famous too! (kind of) ............. Where's my badge?
please give verified badges for my profile
can you pllleeeeeaaaassseee verify my name pllleeeaasse thanks
What a strange, strange thing. Ok, raise your hands -- how many think that asking here will get Google to do something about their personal verification?
I wonder +Wen-Ai Yu will +Google+'s change in policy to allow #pseudonyms, have an impact on the policy for #Verified name status for G+ personal profiles or not?
+Garin Kilpatrick <------- LOSER!!
Hi +Wen-Ai Yu please help me verify my account on Google Plus. If I can get a verified account here I will certainly spend more time on Google+ and I will continue to promote G+ via my blog
+Liz ℚuilty <--------LOSER!!
Heya, i have over 10k people circling me, am i able to get my name verified yet?
And all the rest of you groveling to get a little check mark next to your name. HOW PATHETIC!!!
+Mark Garrett What, are you like 10 years old? Bullying and being a dick stopped being popular back in primary school
+Liz ℚuilty LOL! Well apparently ass-kissing and low self esteem are still going strong! Sorry if I hurt your feelings. There's at least another couple of hundred equally deserving narcissists with over-inflated egos in this thread alone!
+Mark Garrett not sure where i saw any ass kissing or self esteem issues, i saw a few people requesting things politely. You realize name verification is not just because you are wanting attention right? its a way of verifying who you are if you are well known publicly, so people can't impersonate you, which can cost money if you are a public figure.
I think its a touch disturbing that you felt the need to go and insult everyone calling out loser rather than moving on.
+Liz ℚuilty has got it right in my opinion, wanting to claim your digital identity and have it verified to remove doubt as to who you actually are. This is a noble ambition, also somewhat ego centric but we are all self centred the difference between people is just a matter of our radius of interest in others.

Being involved in Public Life means reputation management will be important to monitor and engage with others authentically.
Hi +Wen-Ai Yu. My Google+ profile has all of the details demonstrating why I should meet the criteria for a verification badge. I've had account spoofing issues elsewhere, so verification would be awesome. I'd be happy to provide any details necessary to get this setup. Thanks! :) Not sure who else to reach out to about this, so I hope this is an acceptable channel?
Great idea, however, wondering why celebrities first, instead of people out changing the world? That is the "Google Way"!
Hi +Wen-Ai Yu, I write for the Independent here in the UK and due to my high content being quite high profile, I have struggled with users creating fake accounts pretending to be me. This has had a huge effect on followers due to abusive content being posted by impersonators. Is there a page I can use to request verification to clarify that I am the real Alex Masters of the Independent?

it's looks like if i post here asking whether i can get that badge or not, it won't help and won't get her attention at all. but ...
+Wen-Ai Yu  are you married ?
Wes Lum
Hi +Wen-Ai Yu, is there any change on how we might be able to verify our accounts?  Thanks!
I‘m real name...I'm not verified...
I want +customURL...
Thanks a lot
i need Verified Badge ....... :(  well im not celebrity, but i have 3k followers .
Is there any way for a business to apply to be verified? Or is it just ad hoc at this point? Looking to get +Trend Hunter  added to the list! We're verified on Twitter (@TrendHunter).
+Wen-Ai Yu , Why do I continue to run into road blocks when attempting to become verified on Google+ and also obtain the custom URL for my name?

+Wen-Ai Yu can you get invited to get your profile verified. The only reason I need it is for the work I do.
can current users verify their own profiles? or that's actually only for celebrities, famous people, groups...?
"We’ve reviewed your verification request. Unfortunately we’re unable to verify your page at this time." - Google+ support case yesterday [4-5814000000547]
+CircleCount ranks me #116 in interaction on G+:
Jeff Sullivan  1,211,645 followers, 45 comments per posting, 49 reshares per posting, 487 +1's per posting
Ranking: 116
Rank history:
02/07/2013: 116
01/31/2013: 172
01/25/2013: 182
Yes it would be nice to verify my personal profile. Hey I'm not famous. but it would be nice anyway
Nice video Wen-Ai :) Found this old thread via a blogpost on verification. What's the current status of verification? What should I do to get verified?
"(...) we're working on expanding this to more folks" - really looking forward to that. Any new information on this? :)
I'd be really interested in hearing more on the verification badge and the progress you're making in that dept. Kind rgds. Einar
Please verify people that have the same name, like mine. I counted over 15+. Does it help find lost people or does it help find lost relatives?
I think +Wen-Ai Yu​​​ knows people want verified name status +Jonathan Ballard​​​ you do have alot of views and +Veli Erdem Karakülah V.E.K​​​ has a good case, although +Google+​​​ I think would suggest using a page for the band and verifying that page. I am not sure having a verified Facebook page is enough to be Verified on G+ as I have one here... and I am yet to achieve verified name status on Google... ::Shrugs::
Hello +Wen-Ai Yu
There is a Profile has the verified name with less number of Followers too little than 1 million and 2 or 3 subscribers for YouTube channel,
How did those profile get the verified name?
noting that the profile is not older of joining date Google+ network.
Thanking your cooperation,
Awaiting your reply we remain.
Faithfully yours.
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