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Joy, joy, joy!
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Wellington Cordeiro

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This is a really cool photo. I love seeing artists enjoying themselves to other people's art.
Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin concert, in the 70's
@Historical Pics
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Hey everyone, please circle and check out my new clothing brand.+Interrobang Industries We're just barely starting out and would love some support! If we can get 10 followers I'll release the first female shirt pictures!
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My daily sketches so far. 
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This needs more exposure. The NSA is bribing companies to keep working with them. This needs to end entirely! It defeats the purpose of security entirely to add a backdoor for anyone, period government or not.
According to an exclusive report published by Reuters, there is a secret deal between the #NSA and respected #encryption company RSA to implement a flawed security standard as the default protocol in its products. #hackers #websecurity #encryption  
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And rsa claims their product is secure. 
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Definitely agree with this, I can't believe that the commercial even stirred up a controversy.
If you get your patriotism and sense of community from a marketing slot during a football game.... you're gonna have a bad time.

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Wellington Cordeiro

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Help us cultivate mass and give us a +1 and a follow. Once we reach ten followers we'll reveal our first shirt.
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Wellington Cordeiro

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This is David
Can you look in to his eyes and hold his gaze? Or, did you look away immediately? Do you wonder what his story is? Or do you assume some addiction or mental illness and move on? I struggle with these questions myself. Often. But I like to talk to people. In fact, I feel compelled to talk to people. I believe in the power of conversations. And in the power of sharing.
So I stopped to talk to David. And his story didn't involve drugs or alcohol and there were no signs of mental illness that I could detect (although the same can't be said for  many of the others I've stopped to talk to).
Yes, he is down on his luck and eventually asked for some spare change. Which made me laugh. Which made David look at me with resignation and a little disgust/shock until I explained that I was just about to offer him lunch and wanted to talk some more. Which made David smile. (And in hindsight, I wish I could have shared that but I hadn't even taken my camera out of my bag.) At the end of it all, I asked David if I could take a picture to share. He said "yes" and asked me "what do you want me to do?"
I said "show me the look you get from most people." 

David, and all the other "overlooked" people in our society don't just need spare change
or some spare food
They don't just need warm shoes or gloves or blankets.

They need to be noticed and respected
They need conversation, a joke and a warm smile.
They need your time.
And, of course, they need your help. Our help.

Help starts with awareness.
And a conversation.
Just a simple conversation.
In this case between David and I. 
It ended with both of us feeling a change (not just spare change).

I do this all the time. (And yes it's scary at times).
But it's important to me 
And I wish it were happening on a broader scale. 
Because the more conversations we all have
(I'm talking big conversations, meaningful conversations, transformational conversations) 
...the more change is possible.

Until then, I have pictures.
And words that rarely do justice to what I'm feeling.
Don't spare change. Make change.™

#dontjustsparechangemakechange   #portraits   #street   #streetphotography   #meaningfulconversations   #homelessness   #homelessness2014   #googleplusphotos   #conversationswithmykid  
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Hanging out with my buddy. #ShihTzu #Beards
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