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A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman
I don't consider myself interesting, but what I have to share is interesting. Go ahead, CIRCLE me!
I don't consider myself interesting, but what I have to share is interesting. Go ahead, CIRCLE me!

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How to Watch LDS General Conference
Every six months like clockwork, I have readers flocking to my here to find out how to watch General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  (Mormon) online. Though I don't blog here as often I have in the past, I want to make sure yo...

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The Essential Need to Be Connected
All human beings have the essential need to be strongly connected to others for life, in order to experience meaningful relationships and ultimately to feel unconditional love. When this need is not met with some degree of satisfaction, a person will genera...

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How to Watch October 2016 General Conference Online
It's here... the 2016 October General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)! On Saturday, we enjoyed the women's session and this weekend we will have all of the general sessions, including the priesthood session. What conti...

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First Presidency Easter Message Needed Now More Than Ever
Now more than ever, we need Jesus Christ. This Easter week, as we contemplate the tumultuous world in which we live, we need to reflect upon the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope we can depend on because of His life and mission.  The Mormon Newsroom...

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Guest Post: In Response to Mormon LGBT+ Suicide Stats
R ecently a blog post citing a rise in suicides among LGBT+ Mormons has been circulating within my social networks. People can question these statistics ( as they have ), but that is beside the point. The reality is that there are people suffering, some of ...

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Not Even at Our Best Are We Near Perfection
Each time I read through the ‘War Chapters’ of the Book of Mormon I am astounded by the letters exchanged between Moroni and Pahoran – both righteous Nephites. Moroni, who valiantly led the Nephite armies in defense of their faith, families, and liberty and...

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Recent Policy Change is 'Will of Lord' Says President Nelson
During last night's Worldwide Devotional for Single Adults, President Nelson shared how the "prophetic process" to receive revelation works; then shared two recent examples. Of most interest, the policy update to the Handbook that affects same-sex couples a...

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LDS Church Shares Teachings of Joseph Smith to Clarify Position on Religious Freedom
While the official LDS Church takes a neutral position when it comes to 'party' politics, it's willing to get loud in proclaiming its strong position to preserve  Religious Freedom -- even bringing the teachings of Founder, Joseph Smith, to the table for cl...

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Prophet Writes Bold Letter to Unbeliever on Absolute Truth
Hat tip to Daniel Ortner for posting the link to an incredible First Presidency Message published in a 1978 Ensign -- a must share! The message is actually a letter that then president of the Church, Spencer W. Kimball, wrote to a non-believer (John), on th...

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An Outsider's Perspective on Mormons and Gay Marriage
This article was written by, Rod Dreher, not of the Mormon faith, and shares some really great insights as to why the majority of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will never accept same-sex marriage and not because we're all a bunc...
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